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An of import factors for life


Automobile plays a really of import function in the day-to-day life of the people in Bangkok, or it can be called as the 5th of import factors for life as it is convenient to go from topographic points and besides indicates the societal position. The public transit in Bangkok still non sufficient and does n’t non cover all the little countries, even though now it ‘s much easier to go through sky train or metro, but it is merely chiefly in the centre of the metropolis and non all about, therefore the demand of personal car has increased each twelvemonth in which consequence in the rapid addition of gross revenues and production of the car industry in Bangkok.

In the twelvemonth 1961, pickup truck took about 50 % of the car market as it ‘s normally the first pick of auto for a household to purchase because of its low monetary value. However, when the budget auto, monetary value get downing with 400,000 tical, was released to the market, a group of pickup truck users have turned to this and the Numberss of the clients in this section have been increasing each twelvemonth, particularly in Bangkok and large metropoliss.

However, apart from the budget autos that are popular among people in Bangkok, luxury car is another section that grows along with the full industry, as the demands of the imported autos or in the other words luxury autos increased.

To research new and developing the new tendencies for the retail merchants as of consumer purchasing behaviour, Capgemini automotive survey has extend the range and deepness of their research each twelvemonth. The elaborate analysis is being done to larn the consumer demand, tendencies and client trueness for several old ages in the past and in the twelvemonth 07/08, Cars Online has included the environmental issues into the range of findings, together with fuel-efficient and alternative-fuel vehicles. The consumers besides start utilizing on-line research as a manner to obtain information before doing the purchase ( Cars online, 07/08 ) . As consumers purchasing behaviour are being influenced by several factors and maintain changing, it is better to acquire closer to the consumer in order to react rapidly to consumer demand.

Car industry in Thailand

Over hundred old ages ago, the first car that has enter Thailand was an extraordinary thing on the route and cipher of all time think that it would go an of import type of transit and finally go one of the five of import factors needed in life. As clip goes by, the vehicles going more and more popular and it was the point where aliens started to import the autos from Europe and North America in to Thailand for sale. ( http: // )

In the present, the car industry is the 3rd largest industry in Thailand. Thailand economic crisis in the twelvemonth 1997 has been healed and recover by the car industry that has been “ one of the large drive forces ” in the recovery. Thailand has become the universe ‘s 2nd largest pick-up truck market and the largest car market and assembly programs in ASEAN. Car manufacturers from all over the universe have invested in assembly works in Thailand and finally it becomes the chief production base for car exports in South East Asia ( Danish Trade Council, 2006 ) . However, the automotive that has been produced in Thailand are largely low cost or budget vehicles and hence, the high category or luxury vehicles are still in demand and it is where the concern of importing autos have begun.

The automotive industry in Thailand is turning and even the universe economic crisis could n’t defy the growing of the industry. Harmonizing from the thirtieth Bangkok Motor Show which is held in Thailand in 2009, this event has achieved the gross revenues of more than 15,000 vehicles which is near to the gross revenues made last twelvemonth even though the universe is still undergoes the economic crisis and so do Thailand still traveling through the political jobs. Government has announced merely before the event that the exercising revenue enhancement for autos will non be cut down and therefore the client did non waver as they did non hold to wait for the revenue enhancement decrease, and at the same clip, the traders have introduced several run and publicity to excite the gross revenues as the automotive market was really level in the beginning of the twelvemonth. ( http: // )

However, to acquire the run or publicity that fits the demands of the client and do the gross revenues traveling wholly along, it ‘s non merely the money that ‘s affair but a batch of factors are besides required in order to excite the gross revenues. Business need to develop several selling schemes and understand these factors in order to do the right attack to the clients. Marketing research so becomes an of import manner to happen out and move as a tool to assist the concern.

Types of imported car trader in Thailand

  1. Authorized trader
  2. The caput company of the car has authorized this type of trader to administer its vehicles in Thailand and each of these traders can merely administer the certain trade name and theoretical account that they have been authorized. Most of the vehicles distribute by the authorised trader would be standardized ; the extra option would be need to be fitted in subsequently after the purchase with the costs to follow with.

  3. Grey market trader
  4. This type of trader imports vehicles independently. The trader imports vehicles of any trade names and theoretical accounts that clients want. Many times, these vehicles would be made to order with specific options harmonizing to the order that either the marketer prognosis that would be able to sell or the order get from the client straight.

Anticipating Consumer Changes

“ Research workers viewed consumers as rational people who used extended decision-making procedures in buying merchandises. `Consumer Behavior ‘ incorporates more recent findings which illustrate the impact of emotions and feelings, non merely for mundane consumers but for industrial consumers every bit good. ” ( “ OSU Professor Probes Consumer Behavior. ” THE JOURNAL RECORD. Dolan Media Company MN. 1992. HighBeam Research. 18 Oct. 2009 & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: // & gt ; . )

An apprehension of consumer behaviour is of import as it is the lone manner for the makers or retail merchants to understand the demands and wants of the clients. Therefore, in this paper the writer would gives the findings and analysis of consumer purchasing behaviour of imported autos in Thailand as to hold an thought about the tendencies and forecast the merchandises that importers would import in the hereafter.

Harmonizing to Kotler & A ; Armstrong ( 2001 ) , selling research is a the manner that is designed to roll up, analyse and describe the informations on the specific country of research to the organisation, and in this research, it ‘s the consumer purchasing behaviour on the imported autos in Bangkok, Thailand.

Solomon ( 2006 ) has said that consumer behaviour is the surveies of the manner people make the determination to take, purchase or utilize the certain merchandise which is being influences by several factors.

Identifying consumer purchasing behaviour of the imported autos in Bangkok, Thailand, would let the Sellerss to foretell the tendencies of the concern in the car industry would be in the hereafter. This research focuses on the luxury autos of the Grey market to happen out the effects and concern of the clients while doing the purchase, and their demands and satisfaction on the services provided.

With the consequences of the research and anticipation, the Sellerss would be able to accommodate themselves to the alterations in clients ‘ attitudes and can choose the merchandises to import that fit the demands of the clients.

The intent of this research is to place the attitude, life style, personality and mobility factors that affect client ‘s purchasing determination on imported autos.

Review of related Literature and surveies

Related theories of the dependant and independent variables of this survey are included in this chapter. The theories and theoretical accounts are so use to develop the conceptual model of the research, concentrating the factors influences consumers purchasing behaviour.

Related Literatures

Consumer behaviour

Harmonizing to Foxall ( 2007, pp. 3 ) , consumer behaviour is an of import portion of academic selling as there is no hole regulations but application country that depends on the subjects like economic sciences and psychological science that provided with the attitudes, methodological analysiss, theories and techniques.

The concluding determination procedure of the family consumers normally involved rating, purchasing, ingestion, and they manner and monetary value that they would acquire to acquire rid of the merchandises in the hereafter.

With the purchasing of car, there are a batch of factors involve in the determination devising such as monetary value and extra costs, need which are the basic factors. However, there are besides several factors that client normally take in to consideration before they really make the purchase, taking the franchise, auto theoretical accounts, methods of payment, designs, options, and so on.

Harmonizing to this instance of buying an car, the generic theoretical account of consumer determination devising is can be apply to as it consists of:

  • Need acknowledgment
  • Information hunt
  • Evaluation of options
  • Purchase determination
  • Post-purchase behaviour.

In the instance of imported car, it is normally beyond the demand as the simple, cheap, made in the state can suit the demand, whereas this imported car is a luxury merchandise and so it ‘s more of the wants, desire and manner or tendency. People buy an car because they need it, but so they choose the trade name, theoretical account, etc. However, to analyzing the rightness of the above theoretical account does non truly involvement the research workers but it ‘s the factors that influence on the generic theoretical account that would work.

Influences on Decision-making

External factors

Group such as civilization, household, friends, the referrer

Environmental factors such as clip, temperature, etc.

Internal factors

Lifestyle, personality, determination devising procedure, motive, etc.

Word of oral cavity

Harmonizing to East et Al. ( 2008 ) , designation of the people who give advice is the 3rd concern of market research workers as to aim this group of people as there is grounds that word of oral cavity can be a really effectual scheme in which a batch of companies offer inducements to promote the referrals ( Buttle, 1998 ; Danaher and Rust, 1996, cited in East et al. , 2008 ) . However, it is non clearly place if the people received the message would reconsider, cognizing that the referrers are incentivized.

Demographic factors

Kotler ( 1997 ) mentioned that demographic factors influenced client ‘s purchasing determination are the internal factors including gender, age, income, instruction degree and household size.

Kotler ( 2000 ) commented that the market is divided based on factors like age, gender, income, business, instruction, household size, and faith, race, coevals, nationality and societal category. These factors are the basic factors to distinguish client groups as the client wants, penchants and use are normally involve demographic factors.


Age is one of the demographic variables that frequently use to split the market section as it helps sellers to understand and maintain themselves up to day of the month of the altering life rhythm of each coevals ( Dibb et al. , 2006 ) .

Harmonizing to Flynn ( 1995 ) , age is a really of import demographic factors that influences on the determination doing procedure on the purchase because natural factor, easy to mensurate and utilize it a batch of societal scientific discipline theories. Kotler ( 2000 ) mentioned that the different demands and wants are different in different age groups. Peoples of different age have different demands and wants and purchase different goods and services over their life clip.


Mentioned by Dibb et Al. ( 2006 ) , gender is another common factor that ‘s being used to distinguish the markets, whether is apparels, intoxicant, magazines or cars. However, there are still several merchandises that are purchased by either work forces or adult females merely.

Education degree

Skinner ( 1994 ) has mentioned that educated clients tend to happen more information on the merchandise they are buying and demand better quality merchandises and so education becomes one of the factors that influences the determination devising procedure.

Solomon ( 2006 ) stated that the degree of instruction might be related to the income degree and business as the certain instruction degree will be accepted by a certain societal category in which instruction is besides one of the factors that ‘s being utilize to place the societal category in some country.

Harmonizing to Dunne and Lusch ( 1999 ) , the achievement in the instruction field is the most dependable index for the income potency, attitudes and the manner of disbursement of a individual. For illustration, alumnus pupils have different purchasing behaviour comparing to the undergraduate pupils even though they might stand in the same age group. They are more witting of the quality, monetary value and services.


In conformity with Kotler and Armstrong ( 2001 ) , the purchase made for goods and services are affected by a individual ‘s business. Identifying the occupational groups harmonizing to the involvement in their merchandises is an of import thing for the sellers to make as a company will be able to concentrate on the mark clients or even specialise on a certain merchandises that will suit with the clients ‘ demands.

Hawkynss, Best and Coney ( 2001 ) mentioned the differences in devouring the merchandises and services among the different occupational categories, whether it would be normal food market like soap or nutrient or even the electronic merchandises like nomadic phone or computing machine. It ‘s non merely the differences in the ingestion, but besides the media penchants and shopping forms.


Harmonizing to Statt ( 1997 ) , income is one of the variables that is used to place the position of a individual. It is considered to be one of the most of import socio-economic position variable as the quantification can be easy done and oblige the entry to some markets. Peter and Oslon ( 1996 ) have indicate that the different in the income degree of people has influences on the value, behaviours and life styles.

In understanding with Solomon ( 1999 ) , the purchasing power and market potency is besides define by income of a individual, as people obtain goods and services that they need to demo their picks, in which more money will be required to make so.


Harmonizing to Solomon ( 2006 ) , civilization is a society ‘s character that includes theoretical thoughts like values and moralss and physical affairs and services like car, apparels, nutrient, athleticss, etc, that are delivered or respect by a society. In the other word, it ‘s a set of belief, norms, values and traditions that portion among the members.

Culture is being learned and has a long consequence on the behaviour of an person. As an illustration of cultural influences, see how the sales representative in a auto salesroom in England should near the different twosomes of clients that visit as in some civilizations the hubby will be the one doing the determination, while in the other it ‘s the married woman.

Social Class

This can be merely defined by set of factors like income, household background and business.

“ Social category is a much a province of being as it is of holding: As Phile saw, category is besides a affair of what one does with one ‘s money and how one defines his rold in society ” . ( Solomon 2006 )

However, it is mentioned in Solomon ( 2006 ) as one affluent adult female observed when she was asked to specify societal category:

“ I would say societal category means where you went to school and how far. Your intelligence. Where you live… Where you direct your kids to school. The avocations you have. Skiing, for illustration, is higher than the snowmobile… It ca n’t be [ merely ] money, because cipher of all time knows that about you for certain. ”

Life style

“ Lifestyle is a individual ‘s form of life as expressed in his or her psychographics. It involves mensurating consumer ‘ major AIO dimension activities ( work, avocations, shopping, athleticss, societal events ) , involvement ( nutrient, manner, household, diversion ) , and sentiments ( about themselves, societal issues, concern, merchandises ) . ” ( Kotler and Armstrong, 2001, PP. 181 )

Harmonizing to Kotler and Armstrong ( 2001 ) , lifestyle is non merely all about societal category or personality, but it involves the full life of a individual. Peoples from the same household, societal category, or income degree can hold wholly different life styles.

Types of purchasing determination behaviour

Harmonizing to Kotler and Armstrong ( 2001 ) , the procedure of purchasing differs from each merchandise or service, a bottle of shampoo, a tennis racket, an expensive Mobile phone or computing machine and a new auto. The harder the determination, it ‘s normally the more expensive the merchandise is and hence necessitate largely more people and clip to see before doing the determination.

Purchase determination procedure

Harmonizing to East ( et. Al. , 2008 ) , the purchase determination procedure is the basic attack to consumer behaviour ‘s jobs. However, Ehrenberg ( 1988, cited in East et al. , 2008 ) has identified that there ‘s less avidity for such theoretical accounts as they are difficult to prove because the satisfactory steps for the constituents can non be easy happen.

East ( et al. , 2008 ) said it has been accepted that most repeat purchase are done as a wont. “ Often, this scope of decision-making from rational to automatic is related to the grade of engagement. ” When the results of the determination are of high-value or the thing is new to them, people are more likely to acquire involved and frequently think more. The three theoretical accounts of consumer determination which are used to explicate the decision-making in inside informations are:

  1. Cognitive – taking purchase in such a manner that it is the result of rational decision-making procedures.
  2. Reinforcement – taking purchase as the acquisition and modifying behaviour as a reaction to the chances, wagess and costs present in the consumer ‘s environment.
  3. Habit – taking purchase as the learned behaviour which being brought out by specific incentive in the consumer ‘s environment.

The purchaser determination procedure

Need acknowledgment a information hunt aevaluation of options apurchase determination a station purchase behaviour

Figure 5.6 purchasing determination procedure chapter 5 pp 193, kotler and Armstrong ( 2001 )

Previous Research

Harmonizing to the automotive survey done by Baltimore, Md. in 2005, the ground that consumer decided to buy a new auto is merely because they want. The Vertis Customer Focus ( R ) 2005 has given the factors that influences grownups to purchase new autos ; 8 % claiming that their current car has jobs, 11 % need one for work, 4 % has a new driving member in the household, 3 % want new one as they can afford a better auto and 5 % are motivated to acquire a new auto because of the lower monetary values, lower interest/financing or monetary value inducements ( Business wire, May 2, 2005 ) .

With the economic crisis all over the universe, Thailand automotive market has besides been affected in the first half of the twelvemonth 2009. However, harmonizing to the Thai Farmer Bank Research Center, Thai economic system seems to be acquiring back on path together with the other states. ( Smartfund, 2009 )

The Bank of Thailand has reduced the involvement rate on the loans in which helps to drive the state ‘s economic during the twelvemonth. At the same clip, the reduction in the gross revenues of the autos has affected finance company and hence these finance companies so get downing to be more indulgent with the purchasers by offering lower involvement to courage more gross revenues which can so be place that involvement rate is one of the most of import factors that influences the purchasing behaviour of the client towards the car. ( Smartfund, 2009 )

However, the positive factors is being obstruct by the negative factor like fuel monetary value that ‘s been increasing and which unluckily consequence the determination of the clients in purchasing the new vehicles, whether or non to purchase or reconsider about the theoretical account and size of the vehicles they traveling to purchase. ( Smartfund, 2009 )

The study consequences from in 2005 besides reveals that 20 % of adult females consider fuel efficiency as one of the most of import factors in the car-buying procedure. ( PRNewswire, November 15, 2005 )

Communication research besides discloses that the on-line auto gross revenues in U.S. is increasing. Economist Intelligence Unit ( cited in NUA, 2000b ) mentioned that it is improbable to utilize the cyberspace as a channel to sell autos when Mintel ( 2000b ) mentioned that merely 5 % of grownups would purchase autos on the cyberspace ( Molesworth and Suortti, 2001 ) .

However, people happening cyberspace to be utile for larning about the merchandise in the early phase to larn about the offer and advantage that they would acquire, but in the ulterior phase, people would desire to acquire back to the traditional manner of buying and acquire a trial thrust during the rating phase ( Molesworth and Suortti, 2001 ) .

Resale values of the vehicles besides become one of the factors that influence people to purchase a new vehicle. Bill Drew, president of Drew Auto Center in La Mesa mentioned that he has made 25 gross revenues on the first twenty-four hours that he started offering the trade-in autos. G. “ ‘Cash for Clunkers ‘ rpm up auto purchasing. ” San Diego Business Journal. CBJ, L.P. 2009. HighBeam Research. 13 Nov. 2009 & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: // & gt ; .

Harmonizing to Edwards ( 2008 ) , strategic vision ‘s president of car, clients are now looking for the quality of the merchandises they are buying, which has the long term value with the best monetary value, even with the luxury vehicles. She mentioned that it is of import for the makers to concentrate on bettering the merchandise quality when the economic state of affairs is favourable.


The aim of this chapter is to depict the research methodological analysis and the stairss taken in this research

The writer collects the information for this survey from 86 questionnaires that have been distributed to both bing and new clients of company A to larn the factors influences the purchasing behaviour of the clients such as, lifestyle, personality, mobility, budget, etc.

The informations aggregation technique, method, trying design and sampling size are parts of the research methodological analysis that explains the research design, trying process, and other technique used to roll up the information which is followed by informations processing and analysis.

Research method

The survey is based on primary informations as the writer used the study method as a mean to roll up the information in this research. The study is a research technique in which information is being collects from a group of people utilizing the questionnaire. The information is collected by pass oning with a representative group of the mark respondent. ( Zixmund, 1997 )

The writer decided to utilize this method in this research as it is best fit method in this context. It is fast, inexpensive and efficient and acquire the informations straight from the mark group. The intent of the questionnaire is design to larn the relationships between variables, which the information collected is usage to analyze for the survey of this research. The questionnaire is being divided into two major parts, in which the first portion collects demographic factors and the 2nd portion collect the sentiments sing the different factors that impacting the auto purchasing determination of the clients.

The writer used a five point Likert graduated table to acquire the responds from the consumer, runing from strongly differ to strongly hold in the 2nd portion of the questionnaire ( Saunders et al. , 2007 ) . The responds are from the different statements sing the different factors impacting luxury autos purchasing behaviour of the clients in Bangkok, Thailand, which were created on the footing of literature reappraisal and the sentiment from the expert in this country. However, in this research, the graduated table is rank in such a manner that respondants could rank their sentiment in an order of importance. The SPSS package is being used to analyze the information collected. The statistical analysis methods used was factor analysis.

Respondents and sampling processs

Target population

The mark population for this research is both males and females of different age groups, instruction degree, business, income degree of the clients that bought the imported autos from the gray market trader in Bangkok, Thailand.

The questionnaires are distributed by the gross revenues individual of the gray market trader to both bing and new clients in the country of Bangkok. The mark population of this research is persons, so the sampling unit is the same as the population component.

The questionnaires have been distributed to 100 clients of the company A from different countries in Bangkok and 86 questionnaires are right completed and can be use in this research.

Sampling design

The procedure of utilizing a little figure of points or parts of a larger population to do decision about the whole population is called sampling ( Zikmund, 1997 ) . The trying design is classified in to chance and non-probability sampling design.

Zikmund ( 1997 ) besides mentioned that non-probability sampling is a sampling technique that choice of units of sample is based on personal judgement or convenience and the chance of peculiar member being chosen is unknown. This research used a non-probability design by usage convenience trying where the information is obtained from the people who can be easy attack. The writer has selected a subgroup of population based on the available information, in which the group of population can be the representative of the whole, in this instance is the clients who have bought or interesting to purchase the imported autos from the gray market trader. This method takes less clip and reduces the cost.

Sampling size

Harmonizing to Saunders ( et. Al, 2007 ) , the larger the sample ‘s size, the hazard of mistake is lower, and this is the procedure of chance trying which is based on statistical chance. However, the imported car group of clients is targeted and focuses as this is the high-end market which is non really big.

As the questionnaires are being distributed by the gross revenues individual of company A in Bangkok,

Research instruments

The writer used questionnaires design to roll up the information on consumer purchasing behaviour of the imported autos in Bangkok.

There are several research schemes and the method that ‘s been choose for this research is the study which can be done by different ways such as personal interviews, telephone interviews, observation and questionnaires.

However, the writer chose questionnaire as a method to utilize in this research. Harmonizing to Saunders et Al. ( 2008 ) , questionnaire is the informations aggregation techniques where the people would make full in the reply to the set of inquiries in order.

Dutka ( 1993 ) mentioned that questionnaire is a important procedure for research. The consciousness of clients should be quantifiable in order to mensurate the behaviour ; hence questionnaire is an of import portion of the research.

The questionnaire used in this research is the self-administered questionnaire where the questionnaires are completed by the respondents. The writer has issued the questionnaire to clients and people around by the mean of cyberspace and direct contact with the aid of gross revenues individual from company A ( Saunder et al. , 2008 ) .

In conformity with Saunder et Al. ( 2008 ) , there are several assortment of factors related to the inquiries and aims that influenced the pick of questionnaire. Some of the factors are as the specific group of the respondent from which the research is concentrating on in which this research focuses on the people who drive and themselves of their household own at least a auto. The questionnaires besides being distributed to the people in Bangkok country as the writer have picked up this geographic country as the focal point of the research.

The other factor is the mean to acquire to the respondents, and in this instance, the writer has asked for the aid from the gross revenues individual of company A to administer the questionnaires to the clients. The gross revenues individual would convey the questionnaires with them to see the clients and inquire them to make full in and roll up them back instantly. The writer besides sent out the questionnaire through electronic mail to several people knows and have a auto.

The questionnaire for this research has been divided into 2 chief parts. The first portion of the questionnaire will inquire and roll up information sing the demographic factors of the clients such as gender, age, position, instruction degree, income degree and business.

The 2nd portion of the questionnaire collects the information from the respondent sing the factors that influenced them when purchasing a new auto. At the same clip, there are besides inquiries sing the clip they take to do the determination and the clip they consults and see the merchandises before doing the purchase.

Collection of informations

The research worker uses both primary and secondary informations for the research. The primary informations are collected through the study method by utilizing questionnaires that are distributed to the sample of 100 respondents populating in Bangkok and ain at least a auto in their family, where 86 respondents have right completed the questionnaires.

The research worker obtained the secondary informations from text editions, articles, diaries, newspaper, old surveies and the information from the Thai Custom Department for the figure of the autos imported into Thailand. However, the questionnaire was so selected as it is the best manner to acquire the most current of client ‘s positions. The information from the secondary beginning will so be usage to compare to the result of the questionnaire sing the trade name that is most popular among the Thai people.

Statistical intervention of informations

The SPSS plan is use to analyze the statistical informations obtained from the respondents through questionnaires. The needed informations from the questionnaires are summarized utilizing SPSS. The information from the 150 questionnaires are being codification into the symbolic signifier that is used in SPSS plan, which will show the information in an easy interpreted format.

The demographic profile is being described utilizing the descriptive statistic of frequence distribution like per centum, mean and standard divergence.

Methodology: Analysis Techniques: 1. Dependability 2. Factor Analysis 3. One sample t-test 4. Indepentdent sample t-test 5 One manner ANOVA 6 Chisquare trial of independent

The Pearson Correlation Coefficient is besides usage to analyze the relationship between two variables, which is being referred to as simple correlativity, bivarate correlativity or simply the correlativity coefficient.

As described by Zikmund ( 2000 ) , the simple correlativity is a statistical measuring which measures the covariance or association between two variables. The followers is the expression for ciphering the correlativity coefficient for two variables X and Y.

The scope of the correlativity coefficient is scope from +1.0 to – 1.0. The relationship between the two variables are stronger, the larger the absolute value of correlativity. For illustration, if r = 1.0, it indicates that the relationship between the two variables are perfect positive while the relationship is perfect negative or perfect opposite if the value of R = -1.0. If r = 0, the correlativity between the two variables do non look. The magnitude and the way of the relationship are demonstrated by a correlativity coefficient.


This chapter is traveling to concentrate on the analyses of informations which has been collected from 86 questionnaires by utilizing the aid of SPSS plan. The information analyses will be presented in to two major parts which are the descriptive analysis and trials of hypotheses.

Descriptive Analysis

Harmonizing to Zikmund ( 2008 ) , the descriptive analysis converted the natural information into existent figures that can be understand and interpret easy where the frequence and the per centum distributions are being present.

The descriptive analysis is divided into two chief parts, respondent features, and client purchasing behaviour for merchandise. The first portion consists of all the personal information such as gender, age, position, instruction degrees, business, and income degrees. The 2nd portion is the client purchasing behaviour for the merchandise which involves the information like the figure of vehicles clients own, section of autos clients own, brands that clients own most, the intent of purchase and the determination devising procedure.

Demographic features of respondents

The informations collected from the clients through questionnaires are break up in the descriptive manner presented in the figures below.

Descriptive profile of respondents ( n=86 )

Table.1 Frequency distribution of Gender of respondents

The respondents in this research are divided into 45 or 52.3 % of male and 41 or 47.7 % of female respondents. This implies that the bulk of the respondents reacting in this research are female.

Table.2 Frequency distribution of Age of respondents

The respondents of this research include 2 or 2.3 % of people whose age is below 20, 15 or 17.4 % stand foring those who ‘s age between 20 – 29 old ages, and ranges between 30 – 39 old ages, 40 – 49 old ages and over 49 old ages, severally. These figures so show that respondents whose age ranged between 30 – 39 old ages are the bulk group of respondents.

Table.3 Frequency distribution of Status of respondents

Table.3 high spots that the bulk of respondents of the research are married as the tabular array shows the figures of 51 or 59.3 % .

Table.4 Frequency distribution of Education degree of respondents

The tabular array shows the categorization of the respondents by their instruction with the frequence distribution. The bulk of the respondents in this research hold maestro grade in which the figures shown 40 or 46.5 % of the respondents while 35 or 40.7 % clasp unmarried man grade, 9 or 10.5 % hold high school – vocational or under and merely 2 or 2.3 % hold doctorial grade.

Table.5 Frequency distribution of Occupation of respondents

Table.5 highlights the categorization of respondents by business and its frequence distribution. The bulk of the respondents ‘ business is Business proprietor which is 43 or 50 % of the respondents. This can be due to the monetary value of the imported vehicles which are rather high and so most of the consumers are concern proprietor who have extra hard currency.

Table.6 Frequency distribution of Income degree ( monthly ) of respondents

The tabular array shows the categorization of the respondents by income degree and its frequence distribution. The largest group of respondent which is 23 respondents or 26.7 % of the entire respondents income scope from 300,001 – 400,000 Baht per month, follows by 16 respondents or 18.6 % which earned more than 500,000 Baht per month and 400,001 – 500,000 Baht, more than 100,000 Baht, 100,001 – 200,000 Baht, severally. As mentioned earlier, the monetary values of the imported vehicles are rather high and hence, the largest group of clients purchasing them is gaining higher income degree.

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