Vocabulary is an important component of language use. It helps us to communicate effectively, express ourselves and understand others. A well-developed vocabulary provides the tools needed to express ideas, opinions and feelings in a meaningful way.Vocabulary can be divided into two main types: general or everyday words used in normal conversations and specialized terms used in specific circumstances such as academic papers or business communications. Having a good command of both types of vocabulary is essential for effective communication. There are several ways to build one’s vocabulary including reading extensively, using mnemonics techniques to remember definitions, playing word games like Scrabble or crosswords, keeping a personal dictionary with new words you encounter and even listening intently for unfamiliar words that may come up during conversation. The best way to learn new words is by actually using them in sentences so that their meanings become clear. In addition to having a wide range of vocabularies from different areas of life (academic, professional etc.), it is also important to pay attention to the nuances between synonyms which have subtle differences in meaning but are often mistakenly interchanged due to their similarities. Having a varied set of vocabularies will enable you make more precise statements when communicating with others which will ultimately lead to more effective communication overall.

Understand Children and Young Person’s Development Essay Example
1826 words 7 pages

The procedural child and young people development which is also known as development milestones is vital to process every child goes through. Right from birth to adulthood, children develop, grow and learn (Keenan, 2016). All children and young people tend to share a similar pattern of development; therefore, development milestone is roughly the same. However, […]

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Child Development Child Observation Dyslexia Erik Erikson Vocabulary
Homework and Increasing Student Achievement Essay Example
1707 words 7 pages

Homework for students in schools or colleges is an activity in which is carried out the tutors or lecturers for the purposes of engaging the students in all levels of learning. According to definition of the word homework, it is the take-away activity or work the students or scholars have to take home and complete […]

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homework Vocabulary
Child Development: Symptoms of Dyslexia Essay Example
1262 words 5 pages

Dyslexia is health condition that affects a person’s reading and writing abilities. This condition is common in children, especially those attending elementary school. Whereas other kids have fun reading and writing, this is not the case with dyslexic children. Apart from reading and writing difficulties, other signs associated with dyslexia include inconsistent spelling, frequent confusion […]

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Child Development Dyslexia Vocabulary
My Personal Literacy Path Essay Example
547 words 2 pages

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and attended my elementary school in Maryland state school. My family still lives in Maryland, and my siblings all go to school there. We grew up a large family, and my dad was a senior lecturer at Illinois state university. My mother was a flight attendant and used to […]

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Biography Vocabulary
Education and Development in Early Years Essay Example
389 words 2 pages

In Interventions for Struggling Readers in the Early Years of Schooling, Reynolds, Wheldall & Madelaine (2011), examine the various reading intervention methods that can be adopted by teachers to ensure that struggling readers can improve their reading accuracy. Besides, proper intervention techniques can assist the students in becoming fluent in both reading and speaking. While […]

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Education System Vocabulary
Understanding of Early British literature Essay Example
325 words 2 pages

The early English literature is the English writing from the primitive period up to the eighteenth century. The rise of vernacular literature due to cultural and imaginative forces has made the early British literature significant. The writers in early British times used several forms like prose, drama, and poetry. They also made use of many […]

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Genre Masculinity Vocabulary
Critical thinking and Critical Reading Essay Example
3375 words 13 pages

Competence refers to the ability of a person to do a certain job in a proper way. In other words competency can be defined as a set of behaviors that give a well-structured guide enabling the evaluation, development and identification of the behaviors in the individual employees. In fact, everyday people face numerous decisions to […]

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Early Childhood Education in America, Japan and Africa Essay Example
1500 words 6 pages

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) asserts that early education, which takes place before the age of eight, is essential for children’s growth and development. This stage, as stated by Berk ; Winsler (2005), signifies a time of rapid brain progress beyond any other phase in their lives. The significance of […]

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Help in Life of Literacy Skills Essay Example
1059 words 4 pages

Literacy refers to one’s ability to read, speak, view, design and listen in a manner that will allow him or her to communicate effectively. Its power does not only lie on an individual’s ability to write and read, but rather in his capacity to make use of the skills to adequately connect, discern and interpret […]

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Literacy Vocabulary
Support Strategy for Exceptionalities Essay Example
950 words 4 pages

Performance levels for students who are at the same degree of study usually vary but normally, the difference is usually minimal. If the difference is not reasonable for some learners, there is a need for the instructors to evaluate them and assess their capabilities to determine if they can keep up with the pace of […]

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Human Development Vocabulary

Popular Questions About Vocabulary

What is the best way to learn vocabulary?
The best way to learn new words is to use them, play with them, listen to them, and apply them. While it is possible to learn new words out of context, like with flash cards, Vocabulary.com, or word of the day calendars, to actually stick in a child’s memory you need to add repetition and application.
How to learn vocabulary?
One of the best ways to learn vocabulary is take your own tests. By taking your own tests, a person can easily evaluate the areas where he needs to work harder. Taking your own test will highlight your weaknesses and the corrective measures can be taken.
What is a good vocabulary?
A good vocabulary also improves logical thinking in the context of a certain language. Learning new words and what they mean makes it easier to explore new ideas and understand concepts that you would not otherwise understand without adequate vocabulary. Quite simply, vocabulary really opens your mind to new ideas.
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