Academic Theory Verses Experiences in the Security Forces
2330 words 5 pages

Firstly we should understand the meaning of success as far as security is concerned, to be able to improve it. A security troop cannot determine its output regarding sales or profit thus it must set goals, these may involve curbing loss or preventing security failure (Bowlby2005). A failure in security can be defined as an […]

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College Education is Worth the Money
1266 words 3 pages

According to data presented by the National Center for Education Statistics in the 2011-12 academic years, college education costs between $7,701 and $27,686 for public and private colleges respectively (Zimmerman, 2014). These figures have been interpreted differently by various people. In the recent past, there have been widespread critics arguing against the need to meet […]

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Policy Violating and Academic Integrity
1413 words 3 pages

Academic integrity policy plays a major role in student’s education by leveraging the honesty and responsibility in scholarship. The assignments given to students are meant to show the student’s own understanding and effort without any form of cheating. In this scenario, university administration decided to engage the students in the development of the literacy but […]

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Education Making the World a Better Place
1252 words 3 pages

In the modern world, education is an imperative factor to achieve success, and it has significantly improved humankind life. In essence, education is one of the instruments that help to reduce poverty hence making the work a better place for humanity. Most people in the world progress their living standard through acquiring better education. In […]

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Goals of My Pediatrician Career
1427 words 3 pages

My long-term goal is to become a pediatrician. This is my career goal since I was young, which is driven by the passion and love I have for small babies. For me to establish myself as a pediatrician I will have to become a registered nurse; this will help me understand more about infants and […]

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A Biography of Seyyed Hossein Nasr
4698 words 10 pages

Professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr, one of the world’s leading experts on Islamic science and spirituality, is University Professor of Islamic Studies at George Washington University. Professor Nasr is the authour of numerous books including Man and Nature: the Spiritual Crisis of Modern Man (Kazi Publications, 1998), Religion and the Order of Nature (Oxford, 1996) and […]

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Academia Biography Philosophy Religion
1931 words 4 pages

Take a look around yourself. What do you see? Maybe books, chairs, a television, or even your clothes. All the day to day things that are man-made, you can be sure that an engineer helped make it. Engineers have shaped our world as we know it. There are many different kinds of engineers from chemical, […]

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Academic Degree Bachelor's Degree Education Engineer engineering
Ghshrt – College
573 words 2 pages

Sir Alexander Fleming was born at Lochfield near Darvel in Ayrshire, Scotland on August 6th, 1881. He attended Louden Moor School, Darvel School, and Kilmarnock Academy before moving to London where he attended the Polytechnic. He spent four years in a shipping office before entering St. Mary’s Medical School, London University. He qualified with distinction […]

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Academia College Health Care Science
Mis Core Concepts 18208
4291 words 9 pages

What is a Management Information System (MIS)? There is no universally accepted definition of an MIS and those that exist reflect the emphasis – and prejudices! – Of the particular writer. The term MIS has become almost synonymous with computer based data processing and indeed many Article with MIS in the title turn out to […]

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Academia Database Education Literature
The Most Exciting Time in My Life
746 words 2 pages

It was August of 2007 and it was the most exciting time in my life. And I’m saying this taking into consideration that I had been in a car accident six months earlier, it caused me physical disabilities but my will was stronger than ever. I was about to enter college with an intent to […]

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Academic Degree Education Learning Life
Professor Ramlan Abdul Aziz Chemical Engineering
323 words 1 page

In October 1991, he was promoted to Associated Professor and later in 1997 to Professor. During his career he has been awarded the University’s Excellence Service Award in 1993 and the Faculty Excellence Service Award in 1999. He has published over 80 papers at the international and national levels in refereed Journals and proceedings. He […]

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Academia Chemistry Engineer engineering
Marshall School of Business
1196 words 3 pages

I am planning to transition from a diagnostic imaging towards operations management field in healthcare. As operations management covers all divisions of any organization, it requires deep understanding of business aspects. Since my medical background has not provided me with business skills, I strongly believe that MBA at a school of such caliber as USC […]

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Academic Degree Bachelor's Degree Business Economics School
Sociology Essay Example
8721 words 17 pages

LECTURE NOTES For Health Science Students Research Methodology Getu Degu Tegbar Yigzaw University of Gondar In collaboration with the Ethiopia Public Health Training Initiative, The Carter Center, the Ethiopia Ministry of Health, and the Ethiopia Ministry of Education 2006 Funded under USAID Cooperative Agreement No. 663-A-00-00-0358-00. Produced in collaboration with the Ethiopia Public Health Training […]

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Academia Research Science Sociology
Hackers 18570
10122 words 20 pages

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Methodology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 What is the Computer Underground? . . . . . […]

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Academia Computer Hardware Methodology Science Social Science Sociology Technology
What next, Ubicomp Celebrating an Intellectual Disappearing Act
297 words 1 page

Gregory D. Abowd speaks about Weiser’s landmark Scientific American article which boosted the exploration of exciting socio-technical vision of the third computing generation. Nowadays ubicomb is not considered to be the niche of research. The author highlights the contributions of ubicomp community, speaks about remaining intellectual challenges, and formulates new visions of computing. As the […]

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Academia Research Science
Guest Lecture
292 words 1 page

Distinguished Guests Students and Participants Ladies and Gentlemen Good morning. I am really privileged to have the pleasant task of welcoming the distinguished gathering for today’s guest lecture {on ‘HUMAN RESOURCE APPLICATION IN ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY’}. On behalf of ———– and on my own behalf, I warmly and respectfully welcome the Chief Guest, Hon’ble ——————. […]

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Academia Education Learning
Government Argumentative
280 words 1 page

Government of Jammu and Kashmir Civil Secretariat, Education Departmen. Subject: – Placement/Postings of P. G. Masters as I/C Lecturers in the discipline of Chemistry. Government Order No. 475-Edu of 2008 DATED: 23-09-2008 With a view to filling up the available vacancies of Lecturers in Chemistry discipline, the P. G. Masters/Teachers figuring in the Annexure “A” […]

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Academia Education Government
Francis Cecil Sumner – a father of Black American Psychology
1509 words 3 pages

Some African-American psychologists have made significant contributions to the development of educational issues and to improving the level of psychological awareness of black students. Some key positions of Francis Cecil Sumner, Kenneth Clark and Mamie Phipps Clark influenced not only African American Community but a whole American society. Baldwin defines Black psychology this way: African […]

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Academia Education Father Psychoanalysis Psychology
Notes for Mpp Subject of Mba 1st Sem
588 words 2 pages

In the words of George R Terry – “Management is a distinct process consisting of planning, organising, actuating and controlling performed to determine and accomplish the objectives by the use of people and resources”. According to James L Lundy – “Management is principally the task of planning, co- ordinating, motivating and controlling the efforts of […]

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Employment MBA Personal Goals Policy
Misused of Internet
4594 words 9 pages

Unfortunately, too often the information obtained from the Internet is being misused or abused by students and faculty, with related legal and ethical implications. Perhaps the biggest problem related to this misuse involves plagiarism. A number of studies report that the incidence of plagiarism has reached epidemic proportions. Less recognized is the fact that plagiarism […]

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Academia Education Internet World Wide Web
The Changeover from High School to College
563 words 2 pages

High School vs. College One of the mainly widespread misunderstandings of the changeover from high school to college is the consideration of them being matching in experience. But High School scholars are barely acquainted with the notion that College is particularly dissimilar in a huge number of ways, counting cost, presence, and duty. Students ought […]

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Academia Change College Education School
Dr. Leonel Fernandez Reyna, President
1319 words 3 pages

Leonel Antonio Fernandez was born in Santo Domingo on December 26th, 1953, to Jose Antonio Fernandez Collado and Yolanda Reyna Romero. Dr. Fernandez went to public schools in New York City for the primary schooling of what would later on bloom into a brilliant professional career Upon his return to the country, he entered the […]

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Academia Latin America Mexico President
What is the difference between academic and academia?
As a noun, academic means an educator who works at a college or university; that is, a member of an institution of learning. ... Academia, on the other hand, refers to the academic world; academic life, scholars and students of the academic world and their activities; we also refer to this as academe.Dec 4, 2017
What is an example of academia?
The definition of academia is the world within an educational community. An example of academia is a college, its students, and its teachers. The academic world; academe. ... The academic community; academe.