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Sociology Essays – Comparative Study
Sociology Essays – Comparative Study

Sociology Essays – Comparative Study

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  • Published: July 28, 2017
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We undertake comparative survey because, notwithstanding the troubles of this exercising, there are clear benefits ' Discuss utilizing illustrations to exemplify your statements.

Comparative survey is an country where hazards and benefits are really often mentioned. Today, Comparative survey has grown into a really major field that could be applied to most of the topics, and particularly so, for Sociology and other Social Sciences. The field of Social Policy had been vastly benefited by the comparative survey, as this has facilitated to compare the societal policies and ways of working with those of other states. There is a long tradition of captivation of comparing one thing with another of similar place. Social research has a long and healthy background. Through systematic survey, Montesquieu wished to see how, in ways antecedently unsuspected, society signifiers people as 'social animals ' . At the same clip, he did non see society in footings of imperfect development, but one of progresss and setoffs in the way to liberty and all that was 'good ' , says Tim May, ( 1996, p. 15 ) .

Benefits belong to the fact that merely a comparative survey could trust to place the factors that are specific to national wellness attention systems, as distinct from being common to all such systems. A comparative position can widen national thoughts about what is possible and at the same clip provide the apprehension that must predate prescription.

Comparative survey is an of import portion of diverse subdivisions of Social Studies. For old ages now, empirical and comparative surveies, have formed built-in portion of any on-going res


earch of Sociology. Comparative survey as a tool of research in most of the topics has come to be accepted over the old ages. It can convey out elements that could offer an overpowering survey.

Before analyzing the negative and positive points of the comparative survey, focal point should be on the preliminary inquiries that have to be answered.

Specifying the degree of comparing is the best manner of get downing a research on comparative footing. A research worker might offer many degrees or might aim the lower limit degrees needed for the comparing. Levels of comparing may be internal, like comparings with one local authoritiess and another, or intra-organisational comparings, taking two or three administrations for this intent. Or comparings could be between different systems like international comparings, private and public sector comparings. Surveies have to be concerned with similarity or unsimilarity. The marks of survey should be straight or indirectly comparable. If comparison could non be established, it is hard to carry on even an ill-defined and incoherent comparative survey. Target groups should be clearly defined and the research worker should hold complete cognition of his research subjects. The way in which his research is heading should be crystal clear to the research worker. Validity of comparing should be an recognized one. This would assist the bookman, as the credence of his theory through the survey would be really of import to him. Comparative rating, which possibly might be the last end of the research worker, should be clearly defined and the survey should be conducted with this

Troubles had

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been blighting Comparative Study from the beginning. The units of the comparing of organizational systems or even the sub systems can non be the same and this had been the grouse of many societal scientists. Risk besides lies in the enticement of societal scientists to seek perfect solutions to national jobs in the experience of other states. This is non a cagey manner of carry oning research, because the distinguishable distinctive feature of such a state of affairs could non be emulated for the intent of surveies. Each state 's experience will be alone and diverse under the distinctive feature of given fortunes and such a 'strangeness ' could non compared with another one, with possibly a singularity of its ain. This societal, political and economic eccentricity could be the merchandise of that peculiar state and civilization and can non be cosmopolitan.

Harmonizing to some of the research workers, theory dramas really small portion in the comparative survey. No uncertainty it is at that place, but it figures as a really little portion of it. But theory does non do as large a part as it should do. This had been a faltering block of all time since the comparative research has become popular. Another job that surfaces really frequently is that comparative survey has become excessively common. Get downing from ordinary market studies, public sentiments or any smallest thing possible, has come under comparative survey and therefore, this has become a really common manner of research. There is no freshness left in it, and it has become stale. The methodological analysis has been used excessively many times with excessively small satisfaction. This had been the statement of many societal scientists.

There is another statement that a cosmopolitan societal scientific discipline is emerging due to over usage of the comparative survey. In a historical survey of development of comparative societal research Scheuch shows how the commercial institutes for market and sentiment research went into cross-national comparings every bit early as in the thirtees, ( Oyen, p.6 ) . This would wipe out the distinctive features and differentiations of assorted societies taking to a unvarying sort of society without any distinction and that would be the ultimate human calamity.

Another disadvantage lies in the sampling and sometimes the impossibleness of it. Sampling might endure due to miss of assortment. And so dimensions might differ. Particularly in surveies of ethnicities, this could be a job. The singularity, distinctive features, unfamiliarity of one state might non be identified in another state. It is non possible to follow the counties who have the similar cultural distinctive features. Peoples excessively would hold their ain distinctive characteristics and this makes the survey more hard and less clear.

Indirectness of the observations is non appreciated by many societal scientists. They feel that survey becomes instead impersonal and lack luster. They argue that surveies conducted on Sociology should be more personal and connected to humanity, alternatively of raking up a bunch of figures.

Comparative survey has emerged as one of the biggest and much used tools of sociological research. While carry oning either an rating or survey, it is much easier and clearer

to hold another criterion to compare it with. If there is no manner of mensurating it, the survey does non go clear. As it is, Sociology is such a subdivision of survey that faces unfavorable judgment, as everything in it is limpid and a sort of myth devising. These surveies provide a steadfast footing against which the other inside informations could be checked and they provide a checking point.

Survey by comparing has its ain drawbacks. Fortunes may non be similar. Objects may non be similar. End merchandise could be different. Atmosphere could be different. Fortunes could be altered every now and so. It is non possible to maintain the same sort of fortunes infinitely as these surveies could travel on for old ages at times. Social ambiance had been erratic and it is excessively much to anticipate that they would stay inactive to compel the societal scientists. The standard set may be a hard one. It might change subsequently or many more alterations and changes could be demanded. There might non be much similarity between the fortunes. Comparative cultural surveies is one of those countries where it is impossible to happen a similarity between the communities and yet, a research worker is forced to happen some similarities at least. But it is an recognized fact that cultural societies could ne'er hold similar imposts or background. Tensions, lineage could ne'er be the same, even though the hereafter societies might be heading towards a cheerless similarity.

There is no survey in sociology, which is non at least remotely compared with something else. It has become a regular pattern of most of the appraising surveies. There are negative points. All the clip, it is non easy to happen exact or even passable comparings. But societal policy has made comparative survey a necessity, as the Social Policies of other states are compared with it either to its advantage or disfavor all the clip. It is impossible to happen exact similarities so that the comparings could be disposed. As a consequence, the consequences can non be accurate. Consequences would be more of bad or conjectural nature, than concrete one. Different types could be compared at the same clip and clip would be saved. All need non be given explanatory inside informations. If one is given and the remainder of them are merely shown in the symbolic manner, it should be adequate. And this advantage makes the remainder of them to be compared with one point and that manner it is less confusing and more genuine.

There are several ways of deriving an entry into the comparative method but none of them are simple and outright satisfying. Chiefly it started with cross-national surveies. Some of these beginnings are located outside the sphere of sociological research. There are many internal and external forces at work in a comparative survey. The recent internationalisation has led to many sorts of societal, political, cultural and economical interaction beyond the boundaries of states and states. Intense mobility has taken over and people are non committed to one land any more. Internationalism could be seen in every field. In the same manner, jobs that

used to be internal have got globalized. Very few internal jobs have remained today and most of the jobs are internationalized and sensationalised.

Some people who are originating the studies may be holding involvement in more than one state and possibly they would wish to see if they could acquire a cross-country comparative survey, which would be positively helpful in their ain work. Politicians call for such surveies to sum up their accomplishments. Comparing their accomplishment with another state might do them experience smug, if the other state 's accomplishments are relatively undistinguished. Politicians would decidedly experience that their position internally and externally grows with that sort of comparing. Comparison survey is besides based on the theory of pluralism and non on dictatorship.

Another country that is coming under comparative survey really frequently nowadays is the international eco system. After the preservation and concern for eco system have become a universe concern, comparative survey on this scientific discipline has become imperative. Even though we do non hold other universes to compare the eco system with, comparing with assorted parts of the universe and their eco systems have become a fruitful survey that gives chance non merely to better the mistakes, but besides to analyze the consequences of conversation activities. Still more precise comparative surveies in this country are needed. This has become a major country of research based on comparative rating in recent old ages and this would travel on bettering. Even the dependability of these surveies is bettering fast.

The national and international studies and surveies have filled up the databanks in every topic. New Techniques and methodological analysiss have been employed late. Social scientists have become more and more aces in their surveies and Sociology, from more or less an abstract topic, is fast going a precise country. That is one more advantage of comparative survey. It is capable of giving clearcutness into any obscure topic. New package of recent engineerings could be used for the comparative survey more easy. Technical issues involved in cross-national surveies could be researched and evaluated without complication.

Cross-national research has adopted assorted forms and relationships. Comparative survey has brought topics like Sociology from the theoretical manner.

Throughout the period during which we have been fighting with comparative research, one lesson learned is that whatever we do in the manner of cross-national comparings must be theoretically justified - and cutting into states theoretically is a complex procedure of the beginning of which we have merely caught a glance, says Oyen, ( 1990, p. 3 ) .

Hence, comparative survey does non cut down Sociology wholly to a topic of statistics and figures, but keeps the theoretical portion of it every bit of import. Looking from that point of position, it could be stated that comparative survey furthers the topic without harming its traditional cloth. It is an extra plus and decidedly non an supplanter. Cross national research using comparative survey as a tool is chiefly done to cut down discrepancy that had been remained hitherto unexplained. Sociologists excessively are demoing more and more penchant towards conventional ways of research. Even though new methods are adapted, they are against abandoning

the traditional ways of research. Macro sociological analysis and micro sociological methods combine both theory and pattern.

Normal behavior and norms can non be studied without admiting divergences from the normal. Actually, no societal phenomenon can be isolated and studied without comparing it to other societal phenomena, harmonizing to Oyen ( p. 4 ) .

International societal scientific discipline has come a long manner, chiefly due to comparative survey. After the coming of globalization, societal scientific discipline has non remained curtailed to peculiar states any more. It has become portion of the universe societal scientific discipline. Now Comparative surveies have emerged winning conveying the universe societies together. This has brought up another advantage. Any sort of cognition anyplace in the universe is going the common belongings of the universe in no clip, and based on that, farther cognition gets built up continuously. The cognition of the present coevals, compared to the earlier coevalss is turning really fast.


The instance of get rid ofing child poorness: Child poorness is a cheerless phenomenon, which is blighting all the states in the universe in some manner or other. Child poorness is connected with the parental poorness and so, the criterion of life has to be improved to sabotage the kid poorness. At the same clip, there are orphans, deprived kids and it is non practical to link all of it to the parental poorness. Child poorness is really different from state to state depending on the criterion of life, resources, authorities attention and many other societal, economic and political causes. Still a comparative survey of assorted states would give utile consequences for the on-going battle against child poorness. There is strong grounds that unemployment, even if non accompanied by poorness, has serious secondary effects. A recent Danish survey shows that it doubles the opportunities of household break-ups, and much later, of unemployment among the kids, ( Esping-Anderson, 2002, p. 54 ) .

Gender inequality: To a certain extent gender inequality exists in all societies Western or Eastern. In Western societies, it is found less deadly, whereas in traditional societies, it assumes baleful stature. A comparative cross-nation survey, on the face of it, might look perfectly unneeded and ambitious. But it does assist. Taking other factors into consideration, uniting the backgrounds and politico-social elements of each society, a cross national survey would assist the bookman to organize a balanced position of the gender inequality of the full universe and that would give a proper position to his ain research.

Social Policy: Over the old ages, societal policy, particularly in Western societies, has become an compulsion and necessity. Other that states like America and Canada, most of the Western states are little in size with less population. Concentrating on this population 's public assistance, combined with the wealth these states possess, it had non been impossible for them to concentrate and germinate an effectual Sociable Policy. This does non intend that it is without defects and drawbacks. But for the former settlements, it is still an acclivitous undertaking to feed their tremendous population, educate and dress them while fighting continuously to better the criterion of life. So, they are

wholly dissimilar to each other. Still, through comparative research, it is noticed that there are many Fieldss where the experience of one state could be used really efficaciously by another state to tremendous advantage. Comparative surveies on societal policy comparing the Western states to each other, comparing them jointly with other developing states, comparing the European societal policy system with that of Canada or USA had been a uninterrupted, booming subdivision of the survey for societal surveies. These surveies should non be dismissed lightly. They form the footing of farther betterment in societal civil orders of all states. They combine many factors available in all states and even the alleged extremely advanced states could deduce plentifulness of benefits from the practical cognition of other lesser-known states. There are different medical systems, hitherto non truly popular. Bringing them to the head and carry oning farther research on them could be extremely good to other systems. They could be complimentary to other systems and efficaciously make full the cognition spread. There is no such thing called perfect and ultimate cognition and there is ever something to larn even from the most ancient societies. Comparative surveies have unfailingly pointed out this wisdom.

We are in an epoch in which rival forces, one time once more, promote their designs for a Good Society. Indeed, much suggests that we are heading towards yet another historical government displacement, harmonizing to Esping-Andersen, ( 2002, p.2 ) .


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