Case study of murphys suit in cork Essay Example
Case study of murphys suit in cork Essay Example

Case study of murphys suit in cork Essay Example

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  • Published: August 12, 2017
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In what is an highly interesting topic, household concern endeavors such as Tom Murphy 's located in Cork have to cover with many issues where I have chosen the issue of struggle through sequence within a household concern. The layout of this issue includes a Literature Review, a Case Study, Applying Theory to Practice and Recommendations for Research for household concerns. In the get downing an lineation of what a household concern is, a brief definition of sequence and struggle is besides given. Conflict is inevitable in any concern, and frequently it 's non a bad thing. Few people in concern enjoy struggle but without it a company may non hold the drift to alter and develop.

Throughout my reappraisal of my chosen issue of struggle within the issue of sequence I examined three issues associating to conflict, a de


ficiency of communicating, sibling competition and alteration in civilization within a concern. I reviewed the literature chiefly through books on the subject and backed up my some diary articles that were available to me.

A instance survey was carried out on Tom Murphy 's Formal and Menswear located in Cork through an observation of the concern and interviews carried out with Michael Murphy and Tom Murphy Jr, two of the current three household members working in the concern. An lineation is given of the history of the concern which is in its 3rd coevals presently.

In what is an interesting country I underwent seeking to happen any links or spreads between my research and instance survey, I highlighted the three issues of struggle and what links were associated with my instance survey being able to happen a nexus with

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all three chosen issues of mine, nevertheless non stating that is there is no spread between the theory and being able to set it to pattern.

I aimed to give a twosome of recommendations for research within the household concern field foregrounding what I feel at that place to be a deficit of research done on different sizes of household concern. Besides I stated that more research could be carried out in separating the difference between the function of the household and the concern due to the alteration in the construction of the household. Finally I recommend some points in relation to a successful sequence program.

In my decision I province that Conflict is inevitable in any concern, but unsettled struggle in household concern may lend to the high mortality rate of these family-owned houses. Therefore it is enormously of import to household concerns to understand the function struggle dramas and how struggle is non ever a bad thing as it can convey about alteration.


The household concern in which I have carried out my research on is Tom Murphy 's Menswear located on Patrick Street in Cork metropolis, as a group we chose sequence as our subject where I have chosen struggle as the issue within this subject for the footing of my study, here I have carried out research on the issue where it deals with household concern. I find it to be an interesting issue from the point of position of witnessing it from working in my ain household concern over the old ages and how it has affected Tom Murphy 's through the concern making its 3rd coevals of successfully running the concern. I

will be analyzing what are the cardinal points of struggle, what causes the struggle and how struggle can be dealt with through the literature that is available on the issue. The manner in which I will transport out this research will be laid out as follows and include a:

Literature Review

Case Study

Using the Theory to Practice

Recommendations for Research/ for Family Business 's

Before traveling any farther I want to give a brief description of what is a household concern, the definition of sequence and the issue which I have chosen. A household concern is a concern in which one or more members of one or more households have a considerable ownership involvement and considerable committednesss toward the concern ' overall wellbeing. Family concerns may hold proprietors and directors who are non household members ; nevertheless, household members are frequently involved in the operations of the concern in some capacity and can be senior officers and directors, this is my sentiment of a household concern as it is universally agreed that no definition exists. Lansburg ( 1998 ) defines sequence as `` taking the readyings necessary to guarantee the harmoniousness of the household and the continuity of the endeavor through the following coevals '' . Besides as I research my subject of struggle I will be interested in the literature that deals with struggle direction, struggle declaration and the causes of struggle and will take to foreground these issues. As Beckhard and Dyer ( 1983 ) have described conflict direction as `` possibly in no context is the direction of struggle more critical or less understood than in a household house '' . Within my literature reappraisal subdivision

I aim understand the cardinal points of struggle and what deductions it has on the concern which is apparent in the instance survey. It is an of import issue to be cognizant of for a household concern as I feel that holding an apprehension of the different signifiers of struggle that can originate within a concern so that it can be successful and go on to turn from the footing of holding a strong household by covering and understanding this issue. Conflict is inevitable in any concern, and frequently it 's non a bad thing. Few people in concern enjoy struggle but without it a company may non hold the drift to alter and develop. However many suggest that the failure to adequately command struggle in household concern may lend to the high mortality rate of family-owned houses.

Literature Review

About every academic subject has its theoretical attack of understanding struggles, economic experts are fixed on game-theory and decision-making, psychologist expression at interpersonal struggles, sociologists take position and category struggles as the focal point, while political scientific discipline is centered on intra-national and international struggles. Therefore to reexamine the struggle literature as a whole is an about impossible undertaking in covering with household concern as I feel there are several angles at which I could near it. However, my household concern struggle reappraisal will seek to foreground what has been said on what I think are some chief issues covering with the subject of struggle. Conflict is inevitable in any concern, and frequently it 's non a bad thing. Few people in concern enjoy struggle but without it, a company may non hold the drift to alter

and develop. What is struggle? Tillett ( 2001 ) says struggles relate to deep human demands and values. Sometimes they are expressed through jobs or differences, which may be superficial manifestations of a struggle, and unless the struggle is addressed, the difference or job will go on, or new differences or jobs will originate.

Conflict seems to be an of import feature of household concern. This repute may hold come from extremely exposed household differences in which volatile struggles destroyed households and concerns ( Levinson, 1971 ) . Although many household concerns find ways to pull off struggle ( Lee & A ; Rogoff, 1996 ) , really small is known about how it is managed and the impact of conflict direction schemes on either the concern or the household as I saw in my research. The concern was endeavoring even though jobs kept demoing up but seemed to be managed successfully. Assorted writers agree that pull offing struggle is of import to the success of a household concern ( e.g. , Dyer, 1986 ; Kaye, 1991 ; Ward, 1987 ) . Conflict direction requires an apprehension of the alone nature of struggle in a household concern, a important difference between household and nonfamily concerns is that household concerns are concerned about both concern and household results ( Dunn, 1995 ) . They are concerned about a profitable concern and, to switching grade, about household member engagement in and satisfaction with the concern. The inclusion of household in a concern makes deciding conflict unique in a assortment of ways.

My initial stairss in researching the literature were chiefly from household concern books and from journal articles that

I sourced on the cyberspace. It was n't an easy procedure ; nevertheless I aim to foreground what I believe to be the cardinal issues are associating to a household concern through the literature that is available.

`` Nothing distresses a business-owning household every bit much as struggle among household members or frustrates it so much as the inability of household members to pass on with one another satisfactorily. '' This is a cardinal point, from my research a deficiency of good communicating will doubtless take to jobs originating within a household concern or any concern for that affair, nevertheless as your covering with the household as an entity on its ain it can take to many jobs and highlight struggle within the concern. `` When a household allows unsolved or repeating struggles to decrease communicating and trust in the household, it becomes hard for household members to portion thoughts, discourse issues or do determinations efficaciously. '' Without uncertainty throughout the literature the deficiency of communicating within a household concern can take to all kinds of struggle, struggle in the concern and struggle at place which could easy take to the failure of a household concern if non managed right. `` The cardinal difference between a successful concern that prospers and one that laminitiss and ceases to be is frequently the ability to pull off the differences in the complex relationships between and among these persons. Directors in in private held and family-owned and operated concerns know that the emotional cost of struggle has a really existent fiscal constituent. Geting along to maintain the company focused on reciprocally defined aims will assist them get the better

of many if non most external competition. You and your company will be better off if you become Certified in Pull offing Workplace Conflict. '' From the literature I have learnt that an first-class apprehension of good communicating is required in order for a concern to win particularly in a household concern sense where the concern can be passed from coevals to coevals, hence a good apprehension of how to pull off struggle can merely be good for a concern as I have noticed from the literature. Besides through my research pull offing struggle leads the household into confronting up to jobs, seting a strategic program in topographic point and a household fundamental law in topographic point which seems to work good for household concerns. This has been common subject of the research that I have done.

The differences among household members are non unknown. The intelligence is full of flooring narratives of Acts of the Apostless of aggression between household members. However, when struggle enters the concern sphere, the concern itself suffers every bit good as single household members. Levinson ( 1971 ) sets out four countries where familial struggle might originate in the household concern: the laminitis, father-son competition, brother-brother competition and intra-family clash. It is an interesting issue that arises throughout my research of struggle within a household concern ; it is an interesting country of struggle as it deals with most household concerns that have spanned more than one coevals and an issue that is to a great extent discussed as a major issue of struggle. For illustration, when a boy comes along, Levinson ( 1971 ) explains `` that the laminitis

may hold trouble giving up his babe, his kept woman, his instrument, his beginning of societal power, or whatever else the concern may intend to him '' . From my research it besides highlights how when two coevalss or more are working together, having and pull offing a concern creates the possible for struggle, it says that the senior coevals has to accept a alteration in their functions.

Throughout my research these signifiers of competition play an of import function in struggle arising for a household concern, non-family concerns are different in that this signifier of struggle does non originate as I have seen throughout the literature I have reviewed `` household houses must frequently cope with struggles non present in non-family concerns, such as sibling competition, kids 's desire to distinguish themselves from their parents, matrimonial strife and ownership scattering struggles among household members '' ( Schulze 2001 ) . This signifier of struggle through the issue of sequence is cardinal in the stuff I have researched ; it highlights how this competition is apparent in household concerns and how they must confront it because their work and personal lives intersect so closely.

Besides within this signifier of competition, the father-son relationship high spots how struggle arises through there being a successful sequence put it topographic point. It shows how both parties are at different phases of how they see the concern and how this causes conflict `` there can be struggles over personal or concern precedences between the coevalss. As senior stockholders mature, they become more conservative and their tolerance for hazard, personal motives and fiscal ends alteration. As they plan for retirement, their ends

become more focussed on fiscal security. At the same clip, the replacement coevals has most of its calling in front and is concerned more about concern growing and making future wealth. '' Without out a sequence program in topographic point you would anticipate a household concern non to win with so many competitions associated with household concerns in relation to non-family concerns. `` Change can further struggle in several ways. The faster the alteration, the more likely and more hard the struggle can go. Change besides produces chances, but even in chance there are many opportunities for dissension. Fear of dissension or struggle can do households defy alteration ; they may seek to avoid struggle at about all costs. ''

Finally through my research I looked at how successful sequence processes related to the alteration in civilization of a household concern through the displacement from one coevals to another and what possible struggle can originate from such alteration. I think the alteration in civilization from one coevals to another can foreground all the signifiers of competition from father-son, brother-brother and family-non-family competition through a alteration in civilization through the coevalss. The literature I researched that the passing of a concern from coevals to another necessarily leads to a alteration in civilization of the concern, as the civilization of the concern is altering with the procedure of sequence, struggle is said to originate while this is go oning. `` Despite the modernisation of certain facets of the concern, the basic and cardinal civilization attacks, such as unity, honestness and difficult work of all concerns should ne'er be replaced '' . ( Justin Gooderl Longenecker, Carlos W. Moore,

J. William Petty, Leslie E. Palich 2003 )

The most seeable degree of civilization is artifacts and creative activities, the constructed societal and physical environment. This includes physical infinite and layout, the technological end product, written and spoken linguistic communication and the open behavior of group members, from researching civilization and the impact it has on struggle I have noticed an implicit in subject of how this materializes at a clip of one coevals wining another where alteration is found hard to be accepted. `` The effects of struggle in household concern can be utmost, ensuing in behaviors destructive to both the house and the household, and struggle within the household frustrates equal planning and rational determination devising ( Levinson, 1971 ) . '' Finally through the literature reviewed Beckhard and Dyer ( 1983 ) sum up how of import the function of struggle dramas within a household concern and how it can consequence the concern and the household `` that the failure to adequately command struggle may lend to the high mortality rate of family-owned houses. Family concerns are, in fact, instead fragile. Roughly two-thirds of family-owned and family-controlled concerns do non last the laminitiss ' coevals '' `` with merely 10 to 15 per centum lasting to a 3rd coevals '' ( Applegate 1994 ) .

With so many alone causes and other lending factors to conflict in a household concern and with support to propose that struggle is a major subscriber to household concern failure, practicians in this country would be served by effectual techniques for pull offing this struggle.

Case Study

Tom Murphy 's is a formal and menswear shop located on Patrick St. in

Cork City covering in the retail industry. The attractive character of this household run concern is that it has successfully established itself through two sequence procedures and presently gone into it 's 3rd coevals with Tom jr. and Eoin presently running the concern in 2010. This is a good characteristic in itself as less than 15 per centum of household concern ' do it this far. It is every bit familiar to Corkonians now as with many of metropolis 's grander edifices and memorials. Ask anyone and they 'll state you where it is, add without comprehensiveness that coevalss of their household shopped at that place.

They 've had clip to acquire used to it ; there 's been a store at that place for upwards 136 old ages, today 's menswear mercantile establishment, both outside and in and notwithstanding renovation, looks much as it must ever hold looked, compact and concern like in the thick of the street 's 21st bustle. Michael Murphy, boy of Tom who started the concern at that place in 1938, could still be considered the chief adult male today even though Tom Jr. considers himself and Eoin to hold greater control of the concern now. Tom jr. and Eoin are two of seven kids born to Michael and his married woman Mary and were the lone two to demo involvement and opted to travel full-time into the concern. Thingss at this point are assured for a 3rd coevals - and from the sound of things, for several more to come as Tom Jr. who has a nine twelvemonth old male child `` in the hereafter I would wish for him

to travel onto 3rd flat instruction and experience work outside of the store but come work with me if he shows an involvement in the store '' . Family pride in the store is immense.

The rental for the store was bought the same twenty-four hours as Tom got engaged to his married woman to be Annie Walsh. Tom was approximately 30 at the clip and had served his apprenticeship in Heagarty 's on Castle Street as a draper 's helper, set him up to sell menswear. He and Annie married in 1939 and went on to hold five kids - Nuala, Jerry, Michael, Tom and Anne - all of whom worked in the store after school and at weekends when they were turning up. The three sisters are ferociously protective of Michael, insistent that the store would non be the booming mercantile establishment it is but for him. Tom jr. feels its clip for his pa to travel aside `` Michael is really protective of the shopaˆ¦myself and Eoin feel he is at a weaving down phase where we are get downing this twelvemonth to sell online and even myself looking into opening a new shopaˆ¦ pa has n't come to footings with this and feels we should look after here and seek maintain this topographic point traveling '' . It was when Tom became sick and was n't good that Michael came in at 14 and finally took over, `` Michael IS Tom Murphy '' . Tom was a character and Michael has taken after him as a character in his ain right which is really apparent once you enter the store. From talking

with Michael, his dry temper, in anecdote after anecdote, he tells the narrative of the store 's last 40-odd old ages, he remembers everything. `` I moved in to take over at 14 ; Idaho no option. My older brother was destined for the priesthood and my other brother went on to be an applied scientist '' . The deficiency of an option has n't seemingly bothered him where no program was put in topographic point even after his male parent was sick and finally passed off in 1970, as Tom Jr. said `` we do n't hold a program either at the momentaˆ¦I came to work here after college and Eoin followed him a few old ages lateraˆ¦I suppose we should be looking at it now '' .

They should be looking at it now as this could do struggle between the two brothers and their male parent, with no sequence program in topographic point a full conversion in the close hereafter seting in a program now could decide any jobs that occur when it does go on. Michael took over wholly in 1961, and the following decennary saw him selling cheesecloth shirts and mohair suits `` off the rack '' . Before that suits were made to mensurate. He started the frock hire in the 1960 's, and to sell schoolwear in the late 1960 's, a moneymaking concern. In the 1970 's it was Levis and Wrangler denims `` but we moved off from that in the late 1980 's and more into suits, jackets and pants. The frock hire truly took off in the mid-1990 's. '' As Tom Jr. said ``

there is war over the stock at the minute, when telling new stock there is ever jobs, my brother and I would prefer younger material as the male parent would prefer older material, '' he farther explains how jobs arise when covering with stock `` I do n't believe the older coevals are used to the construct of brandsaˆ¦in the older coevalss merchandises were similar trade goods. '' Helping the two boies now is the lone non-family employee Tom Crowley who has been working in the store for 29 old ages who watched the two boies turning up as they came into the store to assist out. This has besides led to a few jobs where Tom Crowley has found it hard with Tom Jr. and Eoin approach, where he utilize to order them around when they were male childs assisting out, now this has changed to the full as to where the two boies are in charge of Tom Crowley as Tom Jr. said `` he must happen it really hard with me and Eoin coming along and he must be believing who the snake pit do they believe they are '' besides, similar to their male parent finds anything new hard to cover with, late a new package system was installed in the store that tracks all the stock and how it is making. In the get downing their male parent did non understand what this was and was n't certain of it `` he finds change really hard. ''

Everyone 's diamond that Tom Murphy 's will go on covering in menswear apparels on Patrick Street for coevalss to come. The inquiry is

will jobs with the two boy 's and their male parent lead to conflict that can non be resolved if the male parent is non willing to step aside yet even though the two boy 's hold its their clip to run the concern, `` working with your male parent can be a incubus '' as Tom Jr. put it to us towards the terminal of our interview.

Using Theory to Practice

From the literature I have researched on my subject of struggle within sequence I aim to see if the theory is being applied to my instance survey of Tom Murphy 's Formal and Menswear through foregrounding the links and spreads that have become apparent through the research. The three chief countries I researched on my subject were communicating, sibling competition and the alteration in civilization through sequence.

I will discourse foremost the links I noticed between my research and instance survey, within my research struggle is said to be inevitable in household concern nevertheless non ever being a bad thing. From my interview with Tom Murphy Jr. he agreed that a dislocation in communicating did take to conflict originating through the ordination of stock, in the instance survey Tom references that on juncture 's members of the household have ordered stock without informing the other parties where Tom likes younger apparels to his pa preferring an older manner. Tom went on to state that the deficiency of communicating when telling merchandises use to do struggle, within my research a dislocation in communicating between coevalss is apparent throughout the available stuff and that Tom Murphy 's is in line with the stuff available. `` Nothing distresses a

business-owning household every bit much as struggle among household members or frustrates it so much as the inability of household members to pass on with one another satisfactorily. '' Throughout the literature it besides states that deciding communicating can merely be done through good communicating which is besides apparent in my instance survey as late Tom Murphy 's employees have set up a hebdomadal meeting where all issues are discussed.

The 2nd country of struggle I zoned in on was sibling competition where the father-son, brother-brother competition and non-family-family competition can be an issue of struggle within a household concern that is alone to household concern. The literature agreed that that the father-son competition is highlighted when the younger coevals begins to take over from the older coevals through the sequence procedure. The literature that is available I believe besides shows a nexus here with my instance survey through the tenseness between both coevalss and the non-family employee Tom Crowley who has worked with the older coevals for about 30 old ages. `` Working with your male parent can be a incubus. '' The literature associated with this subject shows a clear nexus to the struggle that can originate as one coevals is taking over from another `` myself and Eoin feel he is at a weaving down phase where we are get downing this twelvemonth to sell online and even myself looking into opening a new store '' , as the literature states the older coevals is at a weaving down phase, looking for security as the newer coevals is looking to make its ain thoughts through alteration and enlargement. There is an obvious nexus

between both for household concerns in respect to literature I reviewed.

Finally I looked at literature sing the alteration in civilization from one coevals to another and what struggle can originate from this procedure taking topographic point within a household concern. The chief point I found in the literature where struggle arises under this issue is the spread between coevalss, it says that different coevalss have different methods and prefer different manners of the manner the concern should be run. This is besides apparent in my instance survey as while questioning Tom Jr. he says his pa `` finds change really hard '' . I feel the three issues I have chosen under my subject demo a nexus to my instance survey, nevertheless this is non to state there is non spreads besides between the literature and how the theory is applied to pattern through household concern being a comparatively new beginning of research I felt that sourcing any relevant literature on the early coevalss of successful household concerns that have spanned many coevalss and how they dealt with struggle hard to come by as I did n't believe it to be relevant to look at a first coevals concern now and how they deal with struggle. I am certain though as this country is researched more a batch of interesting stuff will be gathered.


From my research which I carried out and my instance survey I wish to set frontward some recommendations for research for the household concern field of survey.

First I would recommended research on the country of distinguishing between a little and big household concern. I 'm cognizant of such books as `` understanding

a little household concern '' by Denise E. Fletcher, nevertheless I felt as I carried out my research it seemed to cover household concern as a whole where possibly more research on the different sizes of household concern could be utile. A better apprehension for household concern proprietors could be gained by such research I feel.

Second I would urge more research to be carried out on stuff associated with dividing the functions of the concern and the household as I feel a good apprehension of the separate functions involved in a household concern can merely work good for the concern.

Finally I would wish to give some recommendations on how a household concern can understate struggle in relation to sequence. From my point of position I believe a few critical points should be looked at in order for the concern to travel from one coevals to another.

Resolve struggle now to be after for future sequence

Fund a retirement program for laminitis

Develop issue programs for siblings

Work to extinguish blocks to effectual communicating

Conduct regular household meetings where household and concern affairs are discussed


Conflict is inevitable in any concern, but unsettled struggle in household concern may lend to the high mortality rate of these family-owned houses when direction fails to come to clasps with the inevitable clash that arises when household members work closely together. Practitioners and other 3rd party or non-family members, such as non-executive managers, are good placed to assist assistance declaration in household concern struggle with the position to continuing the bing concern, guaranting its stableness in the short term and guaranting sequence for the long term.

From the research that was carried out foregrounding issues that are

associated with struggle and the function it plays in sequence with household concern even though it is inevitable to any concern it does n't ever intend it 's a bad thing for the company as it conveying about a alteration in many facets of the company in many different ways. Finally with respect to the issue and its relation to sequence I feel my recommendations for sequence planning are enormously of import to such concerns in order for them to be able to pull off struggle in a professional order within the concern by foregrounding issues that drive household concern struggle.

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