Why A Nurse Should Study Sociology Essay Example
Why A Nurse Should Study Sociology Essay Example

Why A Nurse Should Study Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: August 19, 2017
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Nursing and sociology are footings that instead tightly connected with each other, because nursing is a profession that is focused on assisting patients, their households and whole communities in retrieving optimum wellness whereas sociology is the survey of society and how people should populate in it. The chief inquiry to reply in this paper is: why sociology is of import to nursing? It seems easy and difficult inquiry at the same clip. In the beginning of this paper I want to cite Porter 's words that were presented in Cooke 's and Philpin 's ( 2008 ) book and they will be introductory words to this paper: `` The activity of nursing necessarily involves the societal interaction of human persons. As a effect, if nurses are to make their occupation decently, they require an apprehension of the nature of those interactions,


and of the context in which they take topographic point. In other words, they require a cognition of sociology '' .

In this paper, I will give the definition of nursing, the definition of sociology and will explicate why nurses need sociology analyzing in their nursing pattern. I strongly believe that this paper will demo the necessity of sociology to the development of dependable and more professional nurses.

First of all it is necessary to specify the term `` nursing '' and harmonizing to Kim and Kollak ( 2006 ) `` nursing encompasses independent and collaborative attention of persons of all ages, households, groups and communities, sick or good and in all scenes. Nursing includes the publicity of wellness, bar of unwellness, and the attention of ailment, handicapped and deceasing people. Advocacy, publicity of a saf

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environment, research, engagement in determining wellness policy and in patient and wellness systems direction, and instruction are besides cardinal nursing functions. '' This definition shows us that the kernel of nursing profession is to take attention of people and assist them non merely when they ill, but besides when they are healthy but need some aid.

Specifying the impression `` sociology '' we should advert that this word has a really long history and the beginning of the term comes from the Latin word Socius that means comrade and term 's stoping comes from the Grecian word Son. In general footings sociology can be understand as the scientific discipline of society, certain societal establishments ( authorities, jurisprudence, morality, etc. ) , societal procedures and societal communities of people. Contemporary sociology - is a batch of watercourses and scientific schools, which in many ways try to explicate its topic and the function of different replies to the inquiry what is sociology. There are assorted definitions of sociology as a scientific discipline of society. And harmonizing to one of them sociology - is a scientific discipline, in which focused societal communities, their beginnings, interactions and tendencies. Each of the definitions is rational. Most scientists tend to believe that the topic of sociology is a society or certain societal phenomena. Therefore, sociology - is the scientific discipline of generic belongingss and cardinal Torahs of societal phenomena. Sociology is non merely selects the empirical experience that means sense perceptual experience merely by agencies of valid cognition, societal alteration, but theoretically it generalizes it.

Thinking about nursing, Godin ( 1999 ) said that `` ideologically, nursing efforts to underscore differences between itself

and medicate. Nursing therefore portrays medical specialty as reductively bio-medical, and itself as holistic. It is possibly a false duality. Both medical specialty and nursing cognition have in recent decennaries become more informed by a broader conceptualization of the patient as a whole individual, but medical specialty could good claim to hold been influenced by such holistic political orientation much earlier than nursing. '' He besides added that `` moreover, psychological science and sociology were included as distinct topics in the course of study of physicians ' preparation much earlier than in the instance of nurses. '' It becomes apprehensible that nursing in its bend can non be without specific cognition and it draws on cognition from assorted subjects and scientific disciplines such as medical scientific discipline, biological scientific discipline, psychological science, sociology, moralss, political relations etc.

Connecting nursing and sociology it is possible to state that connexion between these two waies were formed long clip ago. For illustration, with visual aspect of sociology new possibilities of incursion in the internal universe of personality were opened, understanding of person 's critical purposes, involvements, and necessities were discovered. However, sociology in the nursing context surveies a non individual in general, and his concrete universe, but it surveies societal environment, communities which he is interested in and unrecorded in, the manner of individual 's life, societal connexions, societal actions. These new cognition besides unfastened new chances in patients ' attention, because it allow nurses to understand non merely personality of the patient, but besides fortunes of his being and his reaction on environing universe and environing world.

Do non decreasing the value of legion countries of societal scientific discipline,

nevertheless, sociology is alone ability to see the universe as built-in system. In the frames of sociology the system is examined by this scientific discipline non merely as operation and developing system, but besides as sing the province of deep crisis. Modern sociology attempts to analyze grounds of crisis and happen the ways of issue from the crisis of society. Harmonizing to Earle and Denny ( 2005 ) , nurses in their nursing pattern should to cognize that basic jobs of modern sociology are a endurance of humanity and updating of civilisation, its raising on more higher phase of development. Sociology searches the determination of jobs non merely at planetary degree but besides at the degree of societal communities, concrete societal institutes and associations, societal behavior of single. Sociology is multilevel scientific discipline, showing integrity of abstract and concrete signifiers, macro and micro theoretical attacks, theoretical and empiric cognition.

Therefore, taking into history above discussed information it is possible to come to the decision that sociology is an of import tool that will assist nurses to understand the communities where their hereafter patient 's unrecorded in and will do them more effectual in nursing pattern. The sociological vision will assist to happen the kernel of jobs and so work out them in a right manner. Sociology has positive influences on nurse 's head and it allows them to cover with people, to understand chief mechanisms of society and do skylines of job perceptual experience wider. In the paper were given definitions of nursing and sociology and besides were presented their connexions between each other.

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