Akdn In The Holistic Development Of Chitrali Ismailis Sociology Essay Example
Akdn In The Holistic Development Of Chitrali Ismailis Sociology Essay Example

Akdn In The Holistic Development Of Chitrali Ismailis Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: August 25, 2017
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This chapter deals with the debut, background, principle of the survey, intent and significance of the survey with the chief major research inquiry and subordinate inquiry of the survey. In add-on to that account and abbreviation of cardinal footings have been given in this chapters, which have been used in the research often.

Background of the Study


Chitral, a territory of Pakistan, is surrounded by some of the tallest mountains of the universe and situated at the utmost North of Pakistan, in the North West Frontier Province ( NWFP ) near Afghanistan boundary line. Chitral has remained an independent province for centuries with its ain linguistic communication and civilization. In the late 19th century, it became a portion of the British India. It was a deluxe province in 1947, which acceded to be a


portion of Pakistan in the same twelvemonth. The regulation of Mehtar ( swayer ) came to an terminal in 1954 and power was henceforth exercised by the political agent posted at Chitral. The province merged as a territory with Pakistan in 1969. It is a heavy snowfall zone and hence, it remains cut off from the remainder of the state in footings of communicating and transit about for six months of the twelvemonth. It has more than 30 boundary line base on ballss, which show its long-run dealingss with the environing countries.

There are two major Muslim communities populating in Chitral ; Ismailies and Sunnis, while there is a non-Muslim community, Kalash, who live in three little cragged vales viz. Bomburatge, Romboor and Bireer, in the lower portion of Chitral. As for as the Ismailis of Chitral are concerned, they have gone through

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really complex history of spiritual persecutions by Sunni swayer of the country. Therefore they remained far behind from the remainder of the Ismaili populated countries in footings of temporal development. It was 80s when AKDN found favourable environment in Chitral to function the communities without any favoritism of religion. Today largely developmental plants peculiarly in distant countries of Chitral have been done by AKDN.


After the constitution of AKDN establishments in Chitral assorted developmental plants have been done without any favoritism of religion about in all parts of Chitral. In the beginning assorted challenges have besides been faced by the AKDN in Chitral. Most likely assorted surveies have been conducted by many research workers in this respects but this survey will be a alone in footings of its relation with all communities. Through this survey I would to wish ponder upon the activities of AKDN, its impact on the life of Ismailis, relation of Ismaili Muslim community with sister communities in relation to the function of AKDN. In add-on to that this survey will seek to cognize the ground that why AKDN largely focused Ismaili populated countries compare to other communities.

As an Alwaez of ITREB it is really important for me and by in big for the whole ITREB squad to hold good cognition and sound understanding about the function of AKDN in my country because I am holding young person Sessionss and wazes on the function of the AKDN in assorted platforms within and outside of the community.

Purpose of Study:

Main intents of the survey are as follow.

Major intent of the survey is to cognize the function of AKDN in the holistic development of Chitrali Ismailis.


2nd major intent is to happen out the impact of AKDN on the relation of Ismaili with sister communities.

The 3rd intent is to supply a systematic survey chance on the function of AKDN in Chitral to ITREB and IWTP waezeen.

To heighten my ain apprehension sing the mentioned country and to supply new interesting research countries for new research workers.

Significance of the Survey:

This survey is non merely important for the ITREB Chitral but for all those concerned imamate establishments which are working for the improvement of the community. It will besides be helpful to waezeen of Chitral, IWTP and other concerned communicators who work within the imamate establishments and have direct relation with the jamat.

In add-on to that it will be helpful in doing future action programs to those establishments, which work within the umbrella of AKDN.

Research Question:

What is the function of AKDN ( AKES, AKHS, AKRSP, Focus Humanitarian Assistance ) in the holistic development of Chitrali Ismailis?

Auxiliary Question:

What are the chief Fieldss of developments focused by the AKDN?

What are the chief challenges and success of different establishments during their activities in Chitral?

What was the state of affairs of Chital before the entryway Of AKDN?

What is the impact of AKDN on the relation of Ismailis with sister communities?

What were the grounds that AKDN largely focused some Ismaili populated countries for their activities?

Explanation of Cardinal Footings:

AKDN Aga Khan Development Network

AKRSP Aga Khan Rural Support Programme

AKHSP Aga Khan Health Service

AKES Aga Khan Education Service

ITREB Ismaili Tariqa and Religious Education Board

IWTP International Waezeen Training Programme

Jam'at: An Arabic word significance, garnering or crowd, while in Ismaili tradition it is used for the members of Ismaili community.

Sodium: Abbreviation of Northern Areas,

of Pakistan.

Chapter II

In this chapter besides deals assorted of import facets of research processs. It starts with Literature Reviews followed by research methodological analysis, context of the survey, manner of sampling, information analysis, research ethic and clip period of clip.

Literature Reappraisal:

Although assorted books and articles have been written on AKDN worldwide but unluckily there is no any specific literature available on the function of AKDN in Chitral. Nonetheless some authorities studies have mentioned the activities of AKDN really somewhat, which will be helpful in doing holistic attack to the survey. The web sites related to AKDN besides supportive to understand the end and aims of AKDN holistically.

Research Methodology

Research Paradigm and Design

The research attack and methodological analysis is determined by the nature of the subject under research. Keeping in position the nature of my research inquiry, I have employed historical research method within the qualitative research paradigm. While depicting the features of qualitative research Glesne and Peshkin ( 1992 ) province, `` Qualitative research is evolutionary, with a job statement, a design, interviews, inquiries, and readings developing and altering along the ways '' ( p.6 ) . These mentioned qualities and the flexiblenesss of qualitative research were really appropriate for my survey, which deals with the evolutionary developmental procedure of AKDN in Chitral.

Context of the Survey:

This survey took topographic point in Chitral and all the samples, literatures and other beginning of information belong to Chitral. The informations received from the above mentioned beginnings have been triangulated and findings are confined to the context of lower Chitral.

Sample and Sampling:

Sampling is an of import portion of any research as it refers to the `` procedure of choosing a

part of the population to stand for the full population '' ( Polit & A ; Hungler, 1995, p.114 ) . In my survey I have selected few bookmans from the communities, AKDN professionals and donees. Inquirers have been made for the mentioned three classs of respondents and inquiries were near ended.

Transcribing and interpreting the Datas:

The interviews were largely in Urdu and Chitrali linguistic communication. I transcribed the interviews and so translated them into English. I listened to the interviews many times before interpreting them into English so that the respondents ' positions can decently be understood and translated every bit near as possible. I made a separate confidential file for the interviews while the recordings are labeled and secured.

Datas Analysis

In qualitative research peculiarly in historical method informations analysis is an on-going procedure, which remains continued throughout the research work. Similarly I can non restrict this procedure within specific clip and period as it was a continue procedure throughout my survey. Reflective memo, which I have maintained earlier, was the beginning of the information analysis. Data collected through assorted methods such as composing notes, photocopies, and recording, have been transcribed foremost and so bit by bit all the informations have been analyzed through critical and logical positions so that each and every hint of information could be authenticated.

Research Ethical motives:

As a research worker, I am careful about the sensitivenesss, privatenesss and confidentialities of the beginnings and samples. In my research work I have tried to keep regard to the samples throughout research work. As Bell ( 1993 ) states `` Researchers in valuing and utilizing informations from individuals should make so in ways which recognize

those individuals initial ownership of the informations and which respect them as fellow human existences who are entitled to self-respect of privateness '' ( p.46 ) . In this survey I took anterior permission of all my respondents before interviews and entering. I used anonym for all my respondents in my study.

Time Frame

The whole research work was supposed to be completed within the period of two months. The clip, which has been allocated, for different activities is given below: Unfortunately it took excess clip due to some personal affairs and research bill of exchange have been submitted to the establishment tardily than its given clip.



Time period


Data aggregation including visits

20 February to 10 March 2010


Data analysis and Report composing

11 March to 25 March 2010


Editing and Submission

9thJune 2010

Chapter III

In this Chapter study has been written. All the information have been analyzed and synthesized in a manner that a common reader could follow the information of assorted facets. Assorted establishments have been dealt individually so that become easy to a reader.

What is AKDN

Aga Khan Development Network is a concatenation of donor-funded establishments, which works for the humanity throughout the universe with peculiar focal point on the poorer states. The chief focussed states in which AKDN extends its services to the humanity are Africa, Pakistan Afghanistan and Central Asia. Chitral is amongst those peculiar countries where AKDN serves the community for their holistic development. The Organizational construction of Aga Khan Development Network is given below.

Organization Chart of the Aga Khan Development Network

Brief Survey of Chitral before the Arrival of AKDN

Chitral has remained under the radical local swayer household ( Katoor ) since 1595 AD. It was 1954, when the

Mehtar ( Ruler ) regulation came to an terminal and power was exercised by the political agent posted in Chitral while Mehtar were in the place without power and authorization. In 1969, Chitral was merged with Pakistan as a territory.

The state of affairs of Ismaili community of this country gone through assorted complex stages of the history during the long history of Katoor household. First three hundred old ages were non so bad in footings of relation between Ismailis and Sunni swayers. We even see an Ismaili swayer, in the history of Katoor household which shows a sort of flexibleness and pluralistic attack of that clip. But in the beginning of twentieth century the state of affairs was wholly changed and these swayer showed their concealed purposes towards Ismailis. They used three chief manner of persecution. First they merely focused Sunni population countries for the development intent and full Ismaili populated countries were ignored. Second the started a procedure of forcibly transition of Ismailis to Sunni apprehension of Islam. Third they implemented a really colored regulation, by explicating that all those Ismailis who do non accept mehtar 's order of transition, they will be exile from the province and their all belongingss will be sold out.

On the other manus the Ismailis of the staying countries of Northern portion of Pakistan like Hunza, Gilgit and Ghizer countries enjoyed good support from the local province system. Due to this pluralistic attack of the swayers Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah succeeded to back up them in footings of constitution of Golden Jubilee schools during the mid of twentieth century. Chitrali Ismailis and even Sunni Muslim of the countries were

non allowed to open school in their several countries and instruction was wholly banned by the province. During 1940s a school was opened in Mogh lower Chitral by the Ismaili leading of the country on the direction of Imam of the Time. But it was banned by the province after a hebdomad of its startup. ( PAK )

Equally for as other developments of the country is concerned it was equal to nil. There were no vehicle route, wellness and other basic installations even for the non-Ismailis of the country. Death ratio of Mother and Children was really high and there was a basic wellness unit in the chief chitral, which was merely reserved for the Mehtar and other elect households. Single school was constructed by the mehtar of Chitral, which merely for his ain household, and some other elites of the Chitral.

After the proclamations of the Chitral as territory of Pakistan some basic installations were given to the Chitrali community. Some school and basic wellness unit were created and jeep able route were constructed within Chitral. High revenue enhancements for the province were stopped and slow procedure of development was started. It was the beginning of 1980s that AKDN started its activities in Chitral and with peculiar focal point on Ismaili populated countries where there was no any govt. support. It started its vision of holistic development and the velocity of development was accelerated which has been started by the Government of Pakistan. In the undermentioned lines we will discourse some of the chief establishments worked in Chitral for improvement of Chitralis in general and Ismaili community in peculiar.

Brief debut to Aga Khan Education Service

( AKES )

Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan, an establishment of Aga Khan Development Network ( AKDN ) , provides educational entree to more than 75000 pupils with 186 schools, four inn, over community based enterprises and 100 public and private spouses school across the Pakistan. The organisation has a staff of around 2,200 and gives highest precedence to the betterment of acquisition and learning schemes to keep the quality o instruction. ( Hussain, 3 March, 2010 )

Equally for as the function of instruction service in Chitral is concerned it is about the biggest non-governmental organisation of in Chitral, which provide educational installations i.e. constitution of schools, inns, scholarship and educational supports. It started its activities in Chitral in 1981. Its chief aims are 'Access ' , 'Quality ' and 'Sustainability ' .

Presently AKES, P is runing a entire figure of 121 schools and 53 separate KG centres supplying instruction to about 11039 pupils of whom 75 % are female, in different parts of Chitral. Out of these 121 schools, 51 are regular including three high, 14 center and 34 primary while there are 34 primary, 18 center and 14 high community based schools ( CBS ) and four coaching centres every bit good. Two inns one for each Boys and Girls are running in District Chitral. Beside these educational installations AKES is besides responsible to run two higher secondary schools for male childs and misss within Chitral.

Summary of Schools, By Schools and Level


Aga Khan S

Community BS

Coaching C






















Summary of Enrolment

























In add-on to the above-named fact and figurs AKES is besides supplying educational installations for all communities with the coaction of donor organisation. With excess emphasize on

female instruction it besides address quality issues by seeking cater for the demands of poorer communities.

Challenges for the establishments:

It is beyond uncertainty that the largest community life in Chitral is Sunni Muslim. Due to its really close relation with southern parts of Khyber PokhtunKhwa where extremist Sunni Muslim live, erstwhile really negative attack is developing against the AKDN. Although there are figure of grounds however the chief ground is the strategically place of Chitral. It is surrounded by the countries where all Sunni extremist unrecorded and they ever try to arouse the Chitrali people against AKDN.

When AKDN was introduced in Chitral first clip in the beginning of 1980, these elements worked earnestly on machinations and tried to halt it. Although they could non succeeded to halt AKDN activities in Chitral but they motivated the Sunni populated countries non to profit from AKDN. Sunni traditional bookmans declared AKDN as illicit haram in Islamic point of position. But here it is really of import to advert that figure of Sunni bookmans and intellectuals appreciate the attempts of AKDN and tried to actuate the Sunni to profit from it. Any manner these traditional Scholars succeeded to do the Sunni populated countries off from the activities of AKDN. They did non merely halt the Sunni community to profit from AKDN but in 1982 they burnt Ismaili Hostel in proper Chitral and figure Ismaili and Sunni Muslim were killed in a consequence of twenty-four hours long combat of the both communities.

In that state of affairs AKES moved to Ismaili populated countries and focused female instruction and community consciousness programmes. Ismaili community appreciated the enterprises taken by AKES. They constructed edifice

by self-help and installations the AKES as possible. AKES non merely focused on the female instruction but in some countries male pupils were enrolled where schools for male childs were non available.

The 2nd challenge for the establishment was the traditional attack of the community. Some parents were sing female instruction as a un Islamic act. Later this construct was changed and even Sunni people constructed Aga Khan schools in their ain countries. It is beyond uncertainty that AKES played really significance function in consciousness and entree of female instruction in the country. Chitral is now amongst the most educated territory of Khyber Pokhtunkhwa and the recognition of this success is besides goes to AKES Chitral, because the ratio of female instruction in Chitral increased by the bold attempts of AKES in Chitral.

Critical Analysis of the function of AKESP

Three chief aims of AKES were, Access, quality and sustainability. Unfortunately it is still working on entree non quality and sustainability. Very less concentration on the quality of instruction paid by the AKES boulder clay now schools are still non sustainable ( Kabir, 4 March, 2010 ) . There is deficiency of channelisation towards sustainable self-help development he farther added. He elaborated his position by giving the illustration that AKES is still developing educated adult females but non physicians, applied scientists and other knowing places. About 90 % of the educated female is idle due to the less quality of instruction. Second of import point was the concerns of the people sing of the building of the edifices. AKES edifices were constructed on the influence of some leader and constructed in some inappropriate topographic points. These abnormalities in

determinations created gapes between the communities and AKES because Ismaili people were looking at the establishments as they look at Imam of the Time. When they observed some abnormalities in the system they become demoralized and distance between the community and AKES is farther increased ( Khan, 26 Feb, 2010 ) .

The 3rd chief weak facet is that Govt. gave less concentration on the Ismaili populated countries because they thought there is no demand of other educational establishment in the presence of AKES. Harmonizing to Khan, 26 Feb 2010 AKES has signed an understanding with Govt by make up one's minding that Govt. will non work in those countries where AKES has extended its service. It created a spread between Government and Ismaili community in footings of developmental relation. Some parents have besides complained by lucubrating that, edifices have been constructed by the community and now taking high fee in the school, which is unaffordable for the community. All plants were activity driven non RESULT ORINETED. They even got funding on the footing of activity study non on the footing of consequence / impact on the society Islamuddin farther added. ( Kabir, 4 March, 2010 )

Brief study on aims and activities of AKHS

Aga Khan Health Service for Pakistan is an establishments worked under the umbrella of AKDN works largely in rural countries with its chief aim of primary wellness attention and consciousness among the people. It has 167 wellness attention mercantile establishments throughout Pakistan. Over 75 % of its mercantile establishments are located in the rural countries. It provides primary wellness attention services to more than 600,000 people largely in rural and distant countries of

Pakistan but besides low ad middle-income urban inhabitant.

The mission of Aha Khan Health Service Pakistan is, to supply entree to allow quality, effectual, low-cost wellness attention in those countries of Pakistan where this is non available and where community is willing to widen support these services.

AKHS started its activities in Chitral in the beginning of 1980s when there was no sensible support from Government particularly in distant countries. Now it has covered more than 60 % of the entire population amongst which 48 % ratio of non-Ismaili communities exist. It has opened 7 household wellness centres, 17 community heath centres, one Extended Family wellness centre, one medical Health centre and three dispensaries around the Chitral.

Beside that it has trained 937 male and female wellness workers within the community so that they can distribute consciousness among the communities with the accomplishment of first medical assistance.

It is beyond AKHS has made first-class effort towards heath consciousness and successfully completed the undertaking. In the beginning parents were non coming for inoculation of their kids and now I have seen figure of parents are coming to the office to inquire the day of the month of inoculation so that they can good attention of their kids ( Asif, 26 Feb, 2010 ) . Before the break of AKHS the ration of female parent and kid decease was in extremum while after the consciousness and inoculation of AKHS this ratio autumn to about nothing. It was the great success of AKHS Chitral. ( Asif, 26 Feb, 2010 )

It has been observed that community is satisfied with the function of Aga Khan Health service with spot concerns which will be discussed

in bow approaching lines. Merely healthy human being can acquire instruction, can gain good, and can back up his/her household and AKHS worked on this basic facet of human life and succeeded to accomplish its end and aims. ( Asif, 26 Feb, 2010 ) . Before the debut of Aga Khan Heath service in this country people had believe merely on supplications and talismans to handle the ailments. Children decease ratio was so high. First six month of a kid was important period, because most of them were deceasing before coming to annual age. Peoples were utilizing figure different names for the diseases and did non cognize the causes and interventions. AKHS started inoculation in a state of affairs when people were non ready to convey their kids for the inoculation. It non merely treated them but besides motivated them foremost and so treated them in a really good mode. ( Bakhsh, 2nd March 2010 ) . He farther added that assorted diseases were considered fatal in our countries like TB etc It is AKHS which non made them treatable but besides removed the fright existed among the communities.

The function of AKHS in the field of wellness consciousness and primary wellness attention within Chitral is non merely appreciated by the community but figure of Government functionaries and NGOs accepted its successful attempts and congratulated the AKHS for this enormous accomplishment. ( Wali, 7 March, 2010 )

Challenges for the establishments in the beginning

Like other AKDN Institutions it besides faced critical state of affairs in the beginning and with the transition of clip when its circle of services spread twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Southern parts of

Chitral was non ready to accept this establishment by stating that this is western establishment which is un Islamic and haram. But subsequently on figure of Sunni intellectuals non merely appreciated its attempts but besides involved its run of war against fatal disease in the country.

In 2005, three persons attacked on AKHS office and killed two guiltless people. Here it is relevant to advert that this foolish act was condemned by the Sunni bookmans and intellectuals. Government arrested and sentenced them harmonizing the jurisprudence of the province. The current place is really positive in footings of its credence in southern portion of Chitral. It has opened household wellness centres in Sunni populated countries on their ain demands.

Critical Analysis of the function of AKHSP in Chitral:

It is fact that when there are outlooks there will be complains every bit good to do the service better and better. It has been observed that community possess assorted concerns and reserve sing the evolutionary development of AKHS. When the assorted basic wellness centres were being constructed by the community as self-help constructs, they were told that there will be a physician in each centre to function the community but it was merely hollow promise. We do non see any specializer in these centres clip to clip for the installation of the community. ( Rasheed, 24 Feb, 2010 )

In some countries I found reserve sing the building of the wellness centres, harmonizing to them they were being constructed on the influence of some persons instead maintaining in position the population of the country. Extended household heath centre Shoghore ( situated in Lower Chitral ) has been made on the influence

of some persons instead sing the feasibleness of the country. Now the state of affairs is worse and this centre is non accomplishing its end because there is no flow of people, non because of its quality but its inappropriate location, which is non accessible for the people of distant countries. ( Amir Wali )

Fee offered by the AKHSP in its wellness centres are non low-cost for some specific households who live in a really vulnerable state of affairs. There should be public assistance system for these patients but we do non fond that installation in any halfway ABC added. He farther said AKHS has shrunk its activities in some countries by warranting that we have no budget to go on that installation. LHVs were coming to our place or at least small town for the inoculation but they call our kids to another small town, which is far off from us. It is really hard for us to take our kids and female parents at that place for the inoculation. They justify that we have no budget for long thrust countries. ABC farther added.

It has been observed that community is satisfied and confident sing the function and activities of Aga Khan Health Service Chitral. Although many respondents have shared assorted concerns however the graph of satisfaction is still high.

Brief Sketch on the aims and activities of AKRSP:

Aga Khan Rural Support Programme was the chief and really of import establishment of AKDN, which deal straight the developmental undertakings like route, channels, electricity etc. AKRSP has succeeded in accomplishing its over all end and aims. In 1983 it started by making small town organisation in the

country and gave the construct of corporate economy and public assistance organisations in the part. It trained figure of people in this respects so that they can run the VOs small town Organization in their several countries. On the footing of these small town organisation AKRSP gave figure of undertakings to the small towns and they worked in their ain several demands. On one manus they completed their developmental undertakings while on the other manus they saved money as good. Now these small town organisation have becomes bunchs by uniting two or three or more than three small town organisations.

While reacting ABC said that it was the approval of God that AKRSP came here other wise we were still in the clay and authorities is capable to give something to us. This is AKRSP, which non merely gave the construct of salvaging, completion of developmental undertakings but besides trained our persons in different facets of life like domestic fowl, piscary, agricultural facet etc. Harmonizing to the study of Government AKRSP has worked in small towns of Chitral more than any other Institutions. It has besides given chance of employments in different countries of Chitral, which is truly appreciable.

The chief and really of import facet on which AKRSP is working are hydel Power through which community have developed their ain electricity in their country. The whole Pakistan is confronting the issue of electricity deficit while Chitral is a territory where this issue is non serious one as other metropoliss of Pakistan. It is the trust of the province that it has reassign it 1000000s undertakings to AKRSP and utilizing it poverty relief fund through AKRSP. It

because of the attempts made by the AKRSP in the country. It ha non merely supported the communities in building the power houses but besides trained figure of persons who are responsible to run these hydrel power and supply electricity to the whole community. Here it hard to cover all the facets of AKRSP as they worked on adult females authorizations, calling reding etc but it is of import to advert here that AKRSP has really profound positive impact on Chitrali Ismaillis.

Challenges for the Institution:

In the beginning as it has been mentioned in the old line it besides faced

figure of jobs. Sunni ulemas during their references in mosques openly announced that AKRSP is non an Muslim establishment therefore you must maintain your self-way from them. ( Sania, 22 Feb, 2010 ) . These were the ground that AKRSP moved to remote countries where merely Ismaili community lives and started their activities in those countries without trouble. This issue came under control when Sunni people were appointed in AKRSP in different place. They easy and bit by bit changed the perceptual experience of the people that this establishment is merely working for the humanity without any favoritism of religion, colour and civilizations. ( Kabir, 4 March, 2010 )

Critical Analysis of the function and activities of AKRSP

All the activities of AKRSP were activity driven non ensue oriented. They emphasized on activities non on consequence therefore they fail to convey sustainability among the community. ( Kabir, 4 March, 2010 ) . Most of the budget was used in wages of employees because they gave really high wage to the employees and really less in developmental undertakings. He farther

added. As for as sustainability of the undertakings are concerned it is fact that most of the undertakings are non sustainable because of the hapless programs and executions. The really weak facet of AKRSP is, it has started its all programme in test footing and failed after every new trial. Due to fly programmes most of the budgets was used in that respects. ( Khan, 26 Feb, 2010 ) . In the beginning AKRSP searched for merely proficient people non airy one therefore this job was itself created the it all undertakings became unsustainable. If there would hold been proper chanalization towards sustainable ego helped development it would hold non been happened. ( Rasheed, 24 Feb, 2010 )

Brief study on aims and activities of Focus Humanitarian Assistance

Focus Humanitarian Assistance is a subordinate of Aga Khan Development Network which educates the communities sing the precautional stairss of natural catastrophe and assist them in these critical state of affairs. It started its activities in Chitral in the beginning of 1991.

It has opened its local offices in more than 24 Union Councils of Chitral. It has trained more than 20000 voluntaries and 46 stock points where all installations sing catastrophe are available. It is working in different relevant facets of the communities, It educates them sing any bow approaching catastrophe, it helps them an exigency state of affairs and it direct studies to higher governments after complete study of the affected country by physicians and other experts. ( Akbar, 19 Feb, 2010 )

The really alone thing in this respect is it doest faced as much challenges as faced by the other establishments. It gets full supports in all

countries of Chitral without any favoritism. ( Akbar, 19 Feb, 2010 ) said, that we have active from Sunni populated countries and from Kalash vale who are ever committed and ready to travel anyplace in Chitral for exigency alleviation. In add-on to that we have trained female voluntaries in most of the countries who helps the establishment without any trouble. I have listened from many Ismaili and non-Ismaili respondents who have similar ideas.

Keeping in position the above mentioned facts I can pull image about the function of Focus Humanitarian Assistance that it has got really relevant and appropriate topographic point to function the communities where there are negligible challenges and hinderance are bing in accomplishing the end of the establishment. It has non faced the issue of credence in southern portion of Chitral where merely Sunni Muslims are populating. Harmonizing to my perceptual experience the polite and smooth attack towards focal point is may be due to the name of the establishment where Aga Khan has non been mentioned. Some of these radical people have really negative attacks towards shia Islam there forward they do non appreciate Aga Khan who is the Imam of the Ismaili Muslim. It may be an advantage for Focus, which farther provide free environment to it for the continuance of its activities.

Critical Study the function of Focus Humanitarian Assistance Chitral:

Focus Humanitarian Assistance has played really important and of import function in the community in footings of their instruction and pre and station schemes of a catastrophe. They can do their service better by affecting the schools, colleges, spiritual instruction centres and other educational establishments. In this manner they make the

community from the grass root degree instead superficial programmes in a really expensive hotels, if we truly want a alteration in this filed. ( Kabir, 4 March 2010 ) . In some countries I observed really deep feeling and reserve sing the distribution of AIDSs during the heavy snow autumn 2007. One of my respondents told me that all the stuffs were distributed among the relations of a local leading and unluckily I am non his relation while place is wholly damaged in that catastrophe. When I clarified the same issue through programme director of Focus Humanitarian Assistance he answered that we are bound to work under local Imamati establishments. Therefore we need to esteem them and their determinations. He farther told that I have information about he irregularities in distribution but I am confined to work with them. He assured me that for the hereafter they have made really clear program about the function of local leading and Focus experts so that they can maintain themselves off from these sorts of expostulations and concerns.

During my visit to affected countries where Focus Humanitarian Assistance has already extended its supports and instruction, I have found assorted concerns and reserve. One of my respondents told me that, we were in a worse state of affairs, there were no medical specialties, basic necessities like nutrient, fabrics and other relevant stuffs but Focus is supplying roof for building intent. It mean they are back uping without pre survey and research so that they could understand what is the demand of that clip whether medical specialties or roof for the place. Any manner function of Focus Humanitarian Assistance is really

important and of import in Chitral peculiarly because Chitral is already in temblor zone and really normally suffers from natural catastrophe

Impact of AKDN on the relation of Ismailis with sister communities:

Good relation based on interaction and common involvements an distance ever make misconceptions. AKDN provided both the things to the both communities to interact with each other and to work with each other for the benefit of the community. During these synergistic activities they non merely talked about the developmental undertaking instead they even talked about their believes, philosophy, tradition etc which removed the misconception between Ismailis and Sunnis which have been developed in isolation. ( Kabir, 4 March, 2010 )

In the beginning when AKDN was first clip introduced in Chitral relation were non good as compared to past because they were believing that this a sort program to change over the Sunni into Ismailism but subsequently they understood the world and easy and bit by bit involved in the assorted activities of AKDN and negative attack bit by bit changed into positive. Although all the establishments have played really important and important function in conveying the communities together but the function Focus Humanitarian Assistance is really important 1. During the heavy snowfall catastrophe April 2007, Focus Humanitarian Assistance helped the Sunni community before the reaching of Governmental aid. It changed the attitude of Sunni community at one time towards Ismailis. The Sunni community of that country came our Council and thanked the Focus and Jamat. ( Khan, 26 Feb, 2010 ) . They told that today we have accepted that Aga Khan is the existent descendent of Prophet Mohammad ( peace be upon him


It has besides been observed that AKDN has besides played really of import function in helping the territory disposal in conveying inter religion harmoniousness between the two communities. It has arranged many communal programme for the both communities merely to take the common issues and challenges. These sorts of activities further accelerated the gait of interfaith relation and both communities came together.

The current state of affairs is really clear and sound in footings of harmoniousness between the both communities in all facet. The experience of Caring is sharing successfully implemented in Chitral and it will further improved in future.


Although many of import facets of AKDN and its function have been discussed in the above line whether they belong to education factor, wellness factor or developmental factors, it is really clear that its overall function has made a really profound impact on the Ismailis of Chitral. It has already been mentioned by many Ismaili donees that in the absence of Aga Khan Development Network we were merely lasting, non populating and now we have learnt how to populate in this modern universe. If we are able to acquire our rights from the Government today, the recognition besides goes to AKDN, which taught us the criterion of life in the modern epoch. ( Arshad, 23 Feb, 2010 )

It is besides obvious that the continuance of AKDN activities in the country seems that community consider that each and every facet of their lives must be dealt by AKDN, which promote the construct of dependence among the community. Another hebdomad facet was the institutionalization of Ismaili religion in the country. Community looks at the establishment as the expression at

Imam of the Time. Therefore in some instances if abnormalities in the establishments many households left their religion and converted to other religion. ( Arshad, 23 Feb, 2010 )

Beside the mentioned countries the overall impact of AKDN function in the lives of Chitrali Ismailis can non be confined to any specific facet of life. They got enormous developments in physically, intellectually and even psychologically.

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