Positive Income and Limitation of CBT
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The research study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of the cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) for procrastination and find out if it is possible for it to be delivered through the internet. There was no study that had been conducted before to show the efficacy of CBT intervention to offer counseling to the people with the problem […]

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Online Education Vs Traditional Education Procrastination

Popular Questions About Online Education Vs Traditional Education

What is the difference between online and traditional education?
Here are some differences between online and traditional education. Unlike traditional education, online learning focuses on asynchronous activities, although it might also include synchronous ones. Another difference is that due to the asynchronous nature of online learning, it requires more discipline and self-orientation.
Is traditional learning better than online?
Why Traditional Learning is Better than Online LearningLimitations of technology. Not every student has access to the online education program. Intermittent internet connection issues. Inadequate computer literacy. Reduced guidance for students. Inauthentic student-teacher interactions. More chances of student burnout. Key Takeaway.
Will online education replace traditional learning?
However, as technology improves, online lessons may well replace traditional schooling one day. Online learning is more efficient because students save both time and money on travelling, so can focus more on extra-curricular activities. They will also have more time to rest, so they will be able to concentrate better in class.
What is the difference between traditional and online classes?
Although their purposes are the same, they have significant differences. A key distinction between online and traditional colleges is the Internet-based curriculum. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, an online class is defined as "a formal education process in which the students and instructor are not in the same place.".