Admission to the Master’s Program in Physical Anthropology Essay Example
Admission to the Master’s Program in Physical Anthropology Essay Example

Admission to the Master’s Program in Physical Anthropology Essay Example

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  • Published: August 14, 2017
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Fascinated by science, I opted for Chemistry and Archaeology as my fields of study at the University of Virginia. During my time there, I got the chance to participate in two archaeological excavations. The first excavation lasted for six weeks and was centered on a Native American site from the 17th century.

During one of my college semesters, as part of my archaeology survey class, I conducted an isotopic analysis on hair samples extracted from ancient Egyptian mummies to identify their dietary habits at a Historical Site related to the 19th century. Subsequently,

In order to further my education, I made the decision to obtain a degree in both chemical science and archeology. Nevertheless, I temporarily halted my studies to contemplate on my life and delve into the art of calligraphy by writing a novel. Subsequently, I explored diverse graduate programs


to continue pursuing my education. Driven by my enthusiasm for science, I became inspired to enroll in a patent law program at the law school.

Despite my success in law school, I lacked interest in studying law or observing legal practices. From my perspective, the profession seemed to prioritize personal gain and greed over societal progress. Nonetheless, I managed to successfully complete the first year of the program.

Despite the persuasion and support from my professors and attorneys, I remained unenthusiastic about legal surveys. While their encouragement kept me engaged, it failed to ignite a sense of excitement or curiosity within me for acquiring knowledge in this field.

This was a new experience for me as a science undergraduate student, and I felt excited and thrilled by the process of acquiring knowledge. However, obtaining a law degree wa

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not completely unproductive because it improved my skills in legal analysis and reasoning.

Studying the historical roots of our legal system and gaining knowledge of patent law prompted me to pursue my true passion in science.

After conducting an extensive search, I found several alumni programs that matched my qualifications. After thorough exploration, I concluded that physical anthropology was the perfect option to fulfill my requirements.

The study of mankind, known as anthropology, originates from the Greek words "anthropos" or "homo" meaning human and "logia" meaning survey. Anthropology is a comprehensive exploration of all aspects of human existence since its beginning on Earth. This discipline takes a holistic approach by examining every facet of human life. Cultural anthropology is one of the four main subdivisions within this captivating field.

My preference is biological or physical anthropology, which surveys the biological beginnings in addition to lingual, archeological, and biological anthropology.

According to What is Anthropology? (2006), anthropology focuses on studying human evolution, development, and diversity. It also involves analyzing brain growth and the nervous system to understand human nature. With these objectives in mind, my ultimate aim is to complete a master's program in physical anthropology and then pursue a Ph.D.

I am mainly focused on researching and exploring different areas such as primatology (the study of Primates), paleoanthropology (the investigation of fossil hominids), and genetic sciences. At present, my research at the Chicago Academy of Sciences involves studying molluscs within a familial context.

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