The term “Ethnographic” means a detailed scientific and systematic study of the culture, habits, and lifestyle of a group of people. It was derived from two Greek words, “ethnos” (people) and “graphos” (to write). There is a high chance that you have encountered this word in your history or anthropology class.

Most ethnographic essay samples usually discuss the way of a band of people at a point in history such as African Americans. You will also find the word “Ethnographic” in scientific books, journals, publications, and research papers. Common ethnographic essay examples include the study of the Kurmanji language, Medieval Europe in the Middle Ages, and the lifestyle of American teenagers in the 1990s.

As you observe, each topic revolves around the study of a specific demographic population. If you need help on how to start an ethnographic essay, do a preliminary study first. Don’t jump into writing immediately; build a research enthusiasm. For this kind of analysis, you will need to lay your hand on historical documents, facts, or figures.

Ethnography and Grounded Theory Essay Example
5729 words 21 pages

Abstract Ethnographic studies on sports have been recognized by a number of revisions to be substantial in the worldwide social presentation. The study mainly aims at examining how sports impact the social assembly and recital of the domain. The capital building for most of the cultural societies in communities are mainly subjected to examination. Moreover, […]

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Ethnographic Ethnography
American Cultural Ethnography – Starbucks Essay Example
1721 words 7 pages

Introduction As my final year draws closer, the need for qualitative ethnographic study became so apparent. My ethnography involved the study of Starbucks as American cultural phenomena. I felt this as a clear description of my own self, the person who likes studying human culture. For about three months in the field, I had studied […]

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Ethnographic Ethnography
Autoethnography of Culture and Diversity Essay Example
1549 words 6 pages

An autoethnography is a research and writing approach that seeks to describe and systematically analyze personal experience so as to understand cultural experience of an individual from a given culture (Ellis, 2004). The approach poses a challenge to conventional ways of conducting research and representing others and treats research as a socially just, political and […]

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Ethnographic Ethnography
Discourse Community Ethnography Essay Example
1135 words 5 pages

Every discourse community utilizes various communication prospects and models specific to their system. Consequently, comprehending the underlying aspects of an individual that can be recognized and understood across different systems is crucial. Assessing the community and identifying unique communication and values is crucial to understanding the principles needed in the systems of a discourse community, […]

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Discourse Community Ethnographic Ethnography
What Study Ethnography Essay Example
1180 words 5 pages

Ethnography refers to the study of humans and their behavior in their natural setting. In involve the description and the analysis of cultural systems, focusing mainly on behavior, values, customs beliefs and rituals of individual groups of people. The researchers mainly base their research focus on the factors within population and community that dictates the […]

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Ethnographic Ethnography
Personal Thinking on Auto-Ethnography Essay Example
771 words 3 pages

Dissemination As an exciting and thought-provoking qualitative method, auto-ethnography provides an opportunity to express personal experiences and deepen sociological understanding. The author’s experience of writing an auto-ethnography about dissemination demonstrates that auto-ethnography can be a difficult task that requires experience and the development of a process to ensure the significance of the writing (Laureate Education, […]

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Ethnographic Ethnography
Ethnographic Essay on Decatur Fire Department
808 words 3 pages

Introduction Like other communities, firefighters in Decatur Fire Department exhibit human relations developed over their time owing to constant interactions that their work entails. Observing and interacting with the firefighters vividly demonstrates aspects of a localized culture that the entire group identifies with. Culture is integral to any ethnographic study (Fetterman 16).Various aspects of the […]

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Adversity Ethnographic Graphic
Ethnographic Interview Essay
601 words 3 pages

Yesterday was a great a busy day for me. I spent the entire day working on my interview with a financial analyst Mr Kinsley who works with the World Bank. The interview was conducted in Chicago at a local restaurant. I first met Mr Kinsley back then in the year 2014 when we were registering […]

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Ethnographic Graphic Hamilton

Popular Questions About Ethnographic

What makes something ethnographic?
They identify nine characteristics of ethnographic realist writing:a narrative structure organized by topic, chronology, or a problem;the unintrusive presence of the ethnographer in the text;common denominator people, not as characters but just "the people;"based on ethnographic data produced through fieldwork;
What does ethnographic mean?
Ethnography (from Greek ἔθνος ethnos "folk, people, nation" and γράφω grapho "I write") is the systematic study of people and cultures. It is designed to explore cultural phenomena where the researcher observes society from the point of view of the subject of the study.
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