Misfortune May Be an Actual Blessing Essay Example
Misfortune May Be an Actual Blessing Essay Example

Misfortune May Be an Actual Blessing Essay Example

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  • Published: December 11, 2016
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As a Chinese proverb goes, “Misfortune may be an actual blessing. ” I underwent some events several years ago and I learned from them. My failure in the college entrance examination and the life of university in China was a precious memory as well as a good lesson for me. Finally, the chance to study abroad must be the excellent choice for me. I learned from my experience that something happened unsuccessfully might not be the eventual ending, and a turning point is always waiting for you if you try hard or go another way.

Although it was four years ago, I still remember the day when I checked my scores for the college entrance examination in China. It was a hot summer night but the feeling I felt inside was cold. I lay on my bed


for hours without having dinner and all I could think of was “what should I do? ” My parents didn’t know how to comfort me but I saw their worries through their eyes. For the next couple days, I tried to forget my failure temporarily by hanging out with friends, travelling, and even celebrated my 18 years old birthday party with friends.

Unfortunately, the feeling of failure came back shortly. I was very confused, depressed, and even hopeless at that period of time. Finally I made a decision to spend another year preparing myself for the college entrance examination again. “Are you crazy? The university can’t decide your future but yourself do. ” One of my best friends was shocked when she heard my decision and she didn’t think it’s a good idea. “

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want to give myself another chance to do better because I thought I was capable. ” I said to myself and I promised.

The life of my second year was quite hard but it was meaningful. I enrolled in another high school, which produced education for college entrance examination preparation. Without bringing my cell phone, computer or any entertainments with me, I endured more mental pressure than physical. I met some girls at that school and we lived together for almost one year. They have same experiences with me so that we had a lot to talk with. We cared for each other and encourage each other. This was also my first time to live without my parents.

Textbooks, exercise books, quizzes and thousands of papers accompanied me for that year and I took another examination for my entrance to university finally. The result was much better than the first time but my scores were not high enough to get my favorite major. In China, your scores of the college entrance examination decided your major in university. This policy is always not reasonable for everyone unless you really do well in the examination and your score is much higher than the minimum passing score. “One exam decides your future” is a common phenomenon until now.

I had no choice but to accept the fact that Computer Science is the major in my university. The first time when I arrived my university, I was excited and happy to enjoy the dreamed life of undergraduate at first, but the higher mathematics and linear algebra made me a little crazy. I like mathematics because of

the interesting geometry. The Calculus and other profound knowledge were almost useless for my career. I was confused about my future at that period of time so that I told my feeing to my mum and looking for advice. “Why not to do something you love for a career? my mother asked me after she thought for a while. “Do what I love? I love art but it’s hard to do it as a career! ” I almost have no idea about making a career for art and I was amazed at my mum’s idea at first. “Everything is hard to make a career. The job which you love is always much better than those you don’t love. ” My mum said peacefully. Through my mum’s eyes I saw a kind of hope and later I figured out that passion is always the first positive factor to decide whether you can do one thing well. I chose to study abroad for what I love finally.

It took me half a year to prepare for the admission. From then on, it was my first time to really thinking about my future and what is my passion. This choice proved to be correct now. The life in United States gave me precious experience of living on myself. I learned what I love from school as well as how to get along with different people from my life. I made friends from different places, and it helped me integrate into the community more quickly. By taking with foreign classmates I became more and more fluently in speaking English.

On the contrary, I had never talked with

a native speaker just several years ago in China. For my major now, it was my first time to be so close to my love and passion. During the process of learning graphic design, I was more confident of this major because I did well. The more I learned, the more inspiration I got. Without any confusion and hesitation, I’m on the right track. My thought became more mature than before. I always ask myself “How to do” instead of “What to do. ” I gained enough freedom to learn what I love and the education environment here is quite different from that in China.

Teachers are more like your friends and they care more about your progress instead of your final outcome. I was lucky to accept two different kinds of educations. Both of them stimulated the development of my personality and my outlook on life. Although I have been in United States for almost two years, I still feel fresh and curious such as the first day I arrived here. The memory of my preparing for the examinations in China always came around my brain when I met difficulties here. I never forgot the depressed moments I went through because they are excellent teachers to me.

Every time I recalled those years in China, I treasured the life in United States much more because it’s always not easy to do what you love. Sometimes gain is to lose, vice versa. Imminent difficulties can change to something benefit and it’s all depends on your attitude. A loss may turn out to be a gain. This is what I learned from my experiences

and this magic phenomenon always proved to be right. I have thought that what am I doing now and where am I now if I did well in the first time of my college entrance examination?

It’s hard to imagine that I am in United States now and I’m studying graphic design! The subject that I knew nothing about four years ago is my passion of life now. Many things in a person’s life are predestined. Everything may be a blessing or a misfortune in disguise. The misfortune may be an actual blessing. We cannot just superficially judge whether something is a blessing or misfortune. We should try not to be complaining or depressed all the time. Be positive, look forward and find another choice may lead you to the right track someday.

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