Horror Story Essay Example
Horror Story Essay Example

Horror Story Essay Example

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  • Published: September 18, 2017
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Being unemployed and fired, I am contemplating my next steps while troubled by pessimistic thoughts about my future. Unexpectedly, my landlord arrives uninvited to demand rent payment in a rude manner, leaving me defeated and uncertain.

While pleading with the landlord, my voice trembled as I promised to pay in full within a week. However, he was already anticipating my response and expressed his anger. Despite my plea, the landlord had found a couple who could pay on time and had given me enough chances. Consequently, he informed me that I must leave immediately.

Feeling a mix of sadness and anger, I reached a breaking point in my life and realized that my time on Earth was coming to an end. I wanted to make a statement before leaving, considering different ways to imitate the actions of a notorious kille


r. While overhearing two people discussing Jack 'The Ripper', an idea came to mind. Instead of going after prostitutes like he did, I decided to focus on my landlord and those who had taken away my beloved apartment. Despite feeling both ready and nervous, there were no other options left for me as all that remained was increasing rage over being evicted by my selfish landlord.

While en route to the library for research on 'The Ripper' and their methods, I found myself contemplating my own desire to commit similar deeds. To avoid attracting attention, I opted to go shopping instead. As I perused the aisles, selecting delectable items for my forthcoming "big day", apprehension regarding my plans intensified. Ultimately, I chose a roast dinner as a reward and purchased my goods before heading home. While passing by m

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previous residence, ire arose within me towards the new inhabitants; fortunately they were absent. Upon arriving at my unkempt dwelling space, I prepared and consumed dinner while plotting for the day when I would execute my scheme. My pulse quickened as June 18th, 2008 was marked on the calendar as 'Judgement Day'.

I had no worries or plans for the upcoming days and was simply hoping to enjoy myself. While I had considered cheering on Manchester United for the new season, I wasn't truly interested. After much contemplation, the idea of visiting my own private seaside spot crossed my mind - a place where I could be undisturbed. It was finally time for the arrival of the unknown couple.

As I nervously waited outside, my apprehension grew. The couple with grey hair and beige coats approached. Despite their physical differences, they held hands as they passed by me. Unbeknownst to them, I was about to lose control and lash out. With a brick in hand, I fatally injured the man on the head while his wife screamed in horror. Ignoring her screams, I dragged both of them into their apartment and threw the woman inside.

In the kitchen of their apartment, as I contemplated how to dispose of any evidence, my eyes fell upon a knife. Without hesitation, I plunged it into the woman's chest causing her instant death. The sight of blood spilling from their corpses made me shiver while disposing of their remains by cutting them up. However, despite my fear when finished with my task at hand an evil grin spread across my face as laughter erupted from within me; this killing was only

just beginning.

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