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The study of philosophy is an unending quest to answer some of humanity’s vital questions and concerns. Philosophy essays can be categorized into the philosophy of literature, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, and so much more. Philosophy essays examples can be used to understand certain theories or beliefs, especially the ones that date back centuries old. Ideologies in philosophy are not constant though, because humanity is subject to change, hence ideologies change with time.

Branches of philosophy have made it easier for college essays about philosophy more redefined to capture modern-day convictions that are relatable to today’s mankind. More than that, the essays help support or disprove older beliefs. In other cases, philosophical ideologies can be borrowed from one school of thought to another to fully understand a particular phenomenon. Although it may take a while before a new idea is accepted and practiced, new ideas are formulated every day in the race to find answers.

Views of Prominent People About Death
1515 words 3 pages

Introduction The debate over different things that forms influencing factors in shaping or reshaping the thinking of individuals is death is life’s ending. Death remains to constitute by the loss of individual capacity to sustain them using vital processes. Death remains to be less feared as it has an enormous impact on the Western thought […]

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Allegory of the Cave Plato
who are you? What are your values in the society?
528 words 2 pages

How I can contribute to the vision and legacy of Howard University through our core values. One of the most difficult questions I have ever been asked are “who are you? What are your values in the society?” I have always felt compelled to give a straight answer to this and prove my values. However, […]

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College College Life Is college worth it Values Values of Life
How Communism Cam to China
309 words 1 page

Evidence shows that Karl Marx was the first person to write about communism. He was a German Philosopher who ran away from his homeland due to fear of authorities. The Karl Marx communism theory was known as Marxism. In his theory of communism, Karl Marx augured that there was a class struggles in the society, […]

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Communism Group Work Karl Marx Mao Zedong
369 words 1 page

According to NCAA, debates have been across on whether professional teams of sports should be allowed to use the Americans native imageries as their logos, nicknames and athletic mascots. This debate has greatly involved even the mass media discussing the imagery as the activism about the issue continued to grow. People have therefore been taking […]

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Activism American Culture Conscience
912 words 2 pages

Individualism is the moral nature of the ideology that proclaims the moral nature of an individual. It has a lot to do with the moral philosophy. Individualism promotes the empowerment and exercise of one’s goals while upholding the moral worth of an individual (Neill, 602). The desires of the individual should promote the value of […]

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Benjamin Franklin Individualism Walt Whitman
Communication in Disordered Children
1344 words 3 pages

Proper communication is a very important quality that a human being should have. Communication is an integration of many methods of transferring information in a way that the recipient of the message can understand. This method includes: talking, use of gestures, or writing. Not every human being is excellent in communication skills. Some people are […]

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Child Observation Learning English
Porphyria’s Lover by Robert Browning
289 words 1 page

Postmodernism refers to the twentieth-century movement in criticism and arts that have divergent views from modernism. It entails critical and skeptical interpretation of literature, culture, art as well as literary criticism. On the other hand, existentialism refers to the philosophical approach that emphasizes on the existence of a person as a responsible and free agent […]

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Existentialism Literary Criticism Modernism Night
Max Weber Theory on Bureaucracy
850 words 2 pages

Verstehen is a term that is closely associated with Max Weber, a German sociologist. It is an efficient interpretive process where an outside bystander of a culture tries to connect to it and understand it. Weber subscribed to the thought that Verstehen is vital to the explication of human deeds. While trying to identify the […]

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Bureaucracy Determinism Persuasion Puritans
History Should Vindicate David Cameron
570 words 2 pages

In this editorial, the editorial board draws a verdict that does vindicate the actions of the Prime Minister of Britain by blaming his leadership in failing to foresee the end result of a referendum that ended up in Britain pulling out of the European Union. The overall tone running through the editorial is one which […]

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Destiny Franchising Persuasion
Effects Of Past Events
542 words 2 pages

Events that have occurred in the past have effects on present activities. In the book Kite Runner the story is about Amir who is a Sunni Muslim and struggles too much to find a place of his on earth as a result of the effects which came to him later and fallout afterward from a […]

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Afghanistan Conscience Jealousy Single Parent
Maysan Haydar’s philosophy
1416 words 3 pages

Amanda Jimenez 02/19/19 Eng 115 Sec.12 Professor Griffing The women behind the veils Why must we judge those who are visibly different from the norm? In Haydar and Nussbaum’s writings, they talk about the women of the world who veil, their rights, their reasons, and their choice to go day to day wearing head coverings […]

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Personal Philosophy
My philosophical vision
995 words 2 pages

Since I was little, I have been attracted to the dignified career of teaching and towards that I am directing my future. My experience as a student during all these years has determined my own educational philosophy, which I will use once I begin to work as an educator. It is a reality that the […]

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Personal Philosophy
The Fields’ organization
527 words 2 pages

The Fields’ organization grew at an extremely rapid pace. With more than 400 stores and 8000 employees worldwide, the company recognized a need for information technology in order to grow and to manage the business, and most importantly for Debbi Fields, for quality control. With so many operations, without the use of IT, it would […]

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Personal Philosophy
My personal philosophy of learning recognizes
735 words 2 pages

Reflecting on teaching methodology and one’s own learning is the hallmark of a great teacher. One needs to take a step back occasionally and question why and how we educate. The following statement is my own reflection. In writing this, I considered my thoughts about the nature of learning, what makes learning successful, my goals […]

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Personal Philosophy
Petrarch started it all
556 words 2 pages

The intellectual achievements of Petrarch reflected the ideologies of humanism by forming and spreading humanism throughout his literary works, and influencing other writers to come. Petrarch had an interest in past literature and texts. But at the same time he wanted to be relevant and different from what has already been done. So he combined […]

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Personal Philosophy
Patos republic
642 words 2 pages

The following essay will talk about what Plato’s philosophy was about, what his philosophy was looking for and what was his definition of political philosophy. Philosophy for Plato was a way of overcoming, it was the seek of human perfection. His political philosophy is considered the means to make men more virtuous. His book, The […]

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Personal Philosophy
Life Is a Constant Struggle
1904 words 4 pages

Let me show you a way to know and describe who you truly are. In a world that offers you many options to choose who you can be, it is a high calling to be sure of your identity. It is a higher calling to live it without inhibition or fear. In this world people […]

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American Literature Between The World and Me Philosophy
Role of the Body and the Mind in the Emotions
1388 words 3 pages

No aspect of our mental life is more crucial to the quality and relevancy of our existence than emotions. They are what creates life worth living, or even sometimes make ends. The feelings influence how we see things, in this way it affects what we see and our comprehension. Feeling as a method for knowing […]

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Mind Philosophy Self Assessment
Mahatma Gandhi on Modernity
975 words 2 pages

Mahatma Gandhi is one of India’s most famous heroes. He fought for their independence in a democratic manner thus retaining the peace and eventually became the first Prime Minister. However, Gandhi was a little different from most of the freedom seekers across the globe. The colonizers were seen as the most intelligent people because of […]

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Community Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi Philosophy Research
Dialogue Between Socrates And Euthyphro On The Virtue Of The Pious
1004 words 2 pages

The purpose of this dialogue is to identify what is righteous and what is wrong. Socrates seeks to know what is pious and what is impious and that is why he asks Euthyphro this question: “Is the pious loved by the gods because it is pious, or is it pious because it is loved by […]

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Ethics Euthyphro Dilemma Philosophy Socrates
Sameness In ‘The Giver’ Story
358 words 1 page

Jonas, in his writing, focuses greatly on sameness as the people believed it would be beneficial to the community. Jonas describes the past generations which chose sameness and therefore analyzes sameness in two distinct perspectives. One of everyone in his generation having a chance to choose andtherefore people would not be divided along class lines. […]

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Competition Equal pay Ethics The Giver
Environmental Issues and the Industrial Revolution
1037 words 2 pages

The industrial revolution led to a significant change in the life of a human in all aspects. The period was marked by rapid economic growth that had a positive impact on the lives of people. For instance, technological advancements made life easier which facilitated a significant growth in human population. However, the industrial revolution had […]

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Endangered Animals Environmentalism Pollution Waste Water

Popular Questions About Philosophy

What is a simple definition of philosophy?
Quite literally, the term "philosophy" means, "love of wisdom." In a broad sense, philosophy is an activity people undertake when they seek to understand fundamental truths about themselves, the world in which they live, and their relationships to the world and to each other.
What are the 4 types of philosophy?
There are four pillars of philosophy: theoretical philosophy (metaphysics and epistemology), practical philosophy (ethics, social and political philosophy, aesthetics), logic, and history of philosophy.
What is the main concept of philosophy?
philosophy, (from Greek, by way of Latin, philosophia, “love of wisdom”) the rational, abstract, and methodical consideration of reality as a whole or of fundamental dimensions of human existence and experience. Philosophical inquiry is a central element in the intellectual history of many civilizations.
What is philosophy in your own understanding?
Philosophy is the study or creation of theories about basic things such as the nature of existence, knowledge, and thought, or about how people should live. ... A philosophy is a particular set of ideas that a philosopher has.