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The Acorn People by Ron Jones Essay Example
396 words 2 pages

This narrative tells about a college child ( Ron ) who gets a occupation assisting handicapped childs at a summer cantonment. A twenty-four hours and a half goes by taking attention of these childs. and this Ron fells like traveling perfectly nuts. As the yearss travel by he starts wishing them more and as he […]

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Olfaction People
Experience in a Tattoo Parlor Essay Example
637 words 3 pages

Throughout my experiences, I have visited different establishments and shops, each with its own distinct atmosphere and character that fascinates me. However, there is one particular place that elicits fear and repulsion in me – the tattoo parlor. With a friend by my side, we ventured into this establishment to explore various designs and prices […]

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Experience Olfaction Sense Taste
The Meal, My papa’s Malts, and Daddy Essay Example
689 words 3 pages

The three poems used in this essay are: “The Meal”, “My papa’s Malts”, and “Daddy”. All three poems were written and created in such a descriptive manner with the use of images that stimulates the imagination and the senses of the readers. Thus, imagery plays a role in each of the three aforementioned poems to […]

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APA Child Descriptive Father Medicine Olfaction Physiology Poetry Science Sense Sylvia Plath
Jo Goodwin Parker, What Is Poverty Essay Example
994 words 4 pages

Jo Goodwin Parker’s essay, “What is Poverty? ” is about Parker who has personally experienced rural poverty. She explains her story from childhood to adulthood. Parker’s struggles are overwhelming; look at any sentence, the evidence of her daily struggle is there. From her underwear to living arrangements, and everything in between, Parker resides in poverty. […]

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Olfaction Poverty
Perfume’ by Patrick Suskind Essay Example
1013 words 4 pages

This extract of ‘Perfume’ by Patrick Suskind written in first-person narration explores and captures the author’s portrayal of the olfactory sense in eighteenth century France, where rests the foulest city of stench, Paris. The diction, literary devices and on top of that, the use of revolting visual imagery to describe each particular unappealing smell encompassing […]

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Olfaction Perfume Social Stratification
Wasps College Essay Example
348 words 2 pages

The wasp, or Vessels Vulgarism, as it is known scientifically, is an insect. It’s color is black and yellow; it has a length of one-half inches and a wing span of 0. 0079 inches. As all insects, the wasp has bilateral symmetry, an exoskeleton, two eyes, six legs, and three body parts. It has two […]

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Animals Biology College Olfaction
Sensory adaptation Essay Example
467 words 2 pages

There are reasons why humans have sensory capabilities. The ability to hear, taste, smell, see and feel are all part of a wondrous design that makes life a colorful journey for every individual trying to experience the best out of the life that they are living with. Believably, it could not be denied that somehow, […]

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Adaptation Feeling Olfaction Sense
Dragon Slayer Essay Example
714 words 3 pages

The musty odor lingered across his nose. “This was it, this was the cave” he whispered under his breath. He knew this would be a challenge. The entrance of the cave was scattered with the bones of many who dared entered. He knew he had to do this even if this was the last thing […]

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Database Olfaction

Popular Questions About Olfaction

What do you use olfaction for?
Olfaction plays a critical role in the recognition of predators, adult conspecifics and offspring. The olfactory input to the amygdala is central to the initiation of emotional responses, including aggression; and olfaction plays a crucial role in the formation of behaviorally important memories.
What is Olfaction also referred as?
Olfaction (smell) and gustation (taste) are referred to as the chemical senses because these senses detect chemicals in the environment How does gustation work?
What is the process of olfaction?
The sense of olfaction is complex. Odor perception is influenced by many factors unique to each individual as well as external environmental factors. The basis of odor perception is the contact between chemical molecules, mainly in the gaseous state, which can be detected by the olfactory epithelium.
How does olfaction occur?
Olfaction is a chemoreception that forms the sense of smell. Olfaction has many purposes, such as the detection of hazards, pheromones, and food. It integrates with other senses to form the sense of flavor. Olfaction occurs when odorants bind to specific sites on olfactory receptors located in the nasal cavity.
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