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Deployment of Sexuality Essay Example
4788 words 18 pages

What does Michele Foucault mean by deployment of sexuality? Part four of the book on History of Sexuality speaks of the deployment of sexuality (HS 75ff). It is said here that deployment of sexuality is a disciplinary apparatus which concerns power. Many regard this work as a straightforward extension of the genealogical approach of Discipline […]

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Ethics Human Sexual Behavior Human Sexuality Michel Foucault Sex Sex Education Society
Dancing Naked Summary Essay Example
307 words 2 pages

In Pittsburgh there are many young adults having sexual contact and getting pregnant and these are only one of the places with lots of young pregnant women. McKeesport high school in Pittsburgh everyone thinks it’s normal to see two or three pregnant girls at a time walking down the halls, but it doesn’t mean people […]

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Family Human Sexual Behavior Human Sexuality Motherhood Pregnancy Sex Sex Education Society Teenage Pregnancy
The Second Sex! Essay Example
1545 words 6 pages

The Feminist Movement (also known as The Women’s Liberation movement) is a social movement organized around the belief that both men and women are equal in every way. The role of feminism in the 20th century changed the lives of many women, opening new doors to greater opportunities such has: jobs, education, and empowerment. Many […]

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Existentialism Gender History Human Sexuality Science Sex Social Science Society Women'S Rights
Women’s Attitude towards Menopause in Different Cultures Essay Example
2234 words 9 pages

Menopause is among the many phases that women pass through and is quite significant since it marks the end of a woman’s reproductive age and the onset of an age that is not reproductive. The whole period is characterized by three stages which include perimenopause, menopause and post menopause. Just like other members of the […]

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Attitude Sex Women's Health
Sex and Paraplegics Essay Example
672 words 3 pages

Sexuality is a major part of human’s nature. In its sense, sex can be considered as the intimate expression of love in a relationship but problems start to arise if an individual is incapable of engaging in it due to physical limitations. Such is the case of paraplegics, or individuals suffering from paraplegia which is […]

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Computer Software Database Human Sexuality Relation Sex Sex Education Sexually Transmitted Disease Society Technology
The Sexual Intolerance in Lithuania Essay Example
918 words 4 pages

The issue of Sexual Intolerance in Lithuania was brought to light by the procession of homosexuals in Vilnius on May 8th. This event generated responses from government officials, high-ranking politicians, media outlets, and EU institutions across various countries. Despite being a member of the European Union which upholds essential human rights and freedoms, President Dalia […]

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Homosexuality Lgbt Sex Tolerance
The Swinging Subculture Undressed Essay Example
3613 words 14 pages

Swinging, differently referred to as ‘wife swapping’, co-marital sex or recently, swinging lifestyle in North America, is a subculture or alternative lifestyle that has become increasingly popular among mainstream, middle-aged, married couples in North America and parts of Europe ( Bergstran and Williams, 2000; Walshok, 1971; Jenks, 1985a). According to Bergstran and Williams (2000) and […]

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Human Sexuality Mainstream Marriage Sex Social Psychology Society Technology
Film Studies Essay Example
1108 words 5 pages

Presenter: Hello. I will be exploring the representation of females in ‘slasher’ films, utilizing A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, and Psycho as examples. Understanding the definition of a ‘slasher’ movie is crucial. These films are a subset of horror and thriller genres, featuring an unidentified psychotic killer who stalks and brutally murders multiple victims […]

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Halloween Human Sexuality Sex Society
Breaking Away from Tradition: ‘Sexing the Cherry’ as a Postmodern Text
733 words 3 pages

‘Sexing the Cherry’ is considered as a post-modern text because it has been broken away from the Victorian narrative and rational tradition which is usually linear (start, middle and end) while post-modernism is usually mixed up. This is to break away from normal traditional writings and making it more catching for readers. Also, it values […]

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Books Gender Human Sexuality Narrative Novel Postmodernism Sex Society Victoria Victorian Era
Do You Agree With The View That By Essay Example
1027 words 4 pages

In my opinion the concept ‘angel of the house’ was still very much intact in 1882, although perhaps not quite to the extent that it was in earlier times. Source F written by Caroline Norton goes against the view that women are the angels of the house. Caroline Norton went against her husband’s wishes, and […]

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Child Divorce Husband Property Sex Social Institution The view Wife
Woman Dies of Joy After Seeing Deceased Husband Alive Again
923 words 4 pages

No doubt it is a big grief for a loving spouse to lose his or her loved one. And if someone told me a story about a woman who bewailed her deceased husband and then died of overwhelming happiness after she saw him safe and sound, I would definitely believe in reliability of this story. […]

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Buddhism Crime Death Divorce Happiness Heart Disease Sex Social Institution The Story Of An Hour Wife
Love Song- by William Carlos Williams Essay Example
1587 words 6 pages

When reading the title, we often associate a love song as something jaunty,pleasureable, and celebrating, or its other extreme, regretting, nostalgic, and full of pity for the singer’s troubles in love. With Williams the singer, the main idea revolves around the concept of an incomplete union in first person point of view, which makes the […]

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Love Poetry Sex Society Song
Teen Girls Sell Sex Via the Internet Essay Example
546 words 2 pages

Teen girls sell sex via the internet Girls as young as 15 are providing sex services using the internet to advertise themselves as available for so-called “compensated dating,” according to social workers. Nickkita Lau Monday, October 15, 2007 Girls as young as 15 are providing sex services using the internet to advertise themselves as available […]

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Human Sexuality Prostitution Sex
Cultural Analysis Paper Essay Example
1062 words 4 pages

Although we try our hardest and conduct research, comprehensively understanding all cultures is ultimately unachievable. Nevertheless, by putting in effort and gaining knowledge we can gain insight into multiple cultures. In pursuit of this goal, we interviewed three people who were raised in cultural environments distinct from our own. The following are some significant findings […]

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Education Feminism Geert Hofstede Gender Gender equality Sex Society
The Social Imbalances between Men and Women Are In “The Collector of Treasures Essay Example
1282 words 5 pages

While the woman struggles for her own individual freedom, the man embraces his and neglects his duties as a father and husband. Freedom is not being alone, without responsibility. It is being loved and storing treasures of friendship throughout life. A woman can never be free if she knows her husband is always getting drunk […]

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Divorce Husband Sex Social Institution Struggle Wife
Extramarital Sex Essay Example
368 words 2 pages

Engaging in sexual activity with someone other than one’s spouse outside of marriage can significantly impact the marital relationship, including any such activity involving a married person and a non-spouse. Although infidelity can have varying effects on relationships, such as increased dishonesty, trust issues and time apart, it may also have positive impacts. The reason […]

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Human Sexuality Marriage Sex Sex Education Social Institution
Proposal Writing Essay Example
1271 words 5 pages

The creation of awareness and empowerment through economic activity is a key strategy for improving the living conditions of the people in Navaho constituency, Eastern roving, Kenya. To achieve this, community leaders will educate the population on topics such as better agriculture, income generating activities, and the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Additionally, a VS […]

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Aids Business Health Care Human Sexual Behavior Infection Poverty Sex Sex Education Society Surfing
Discuss the Evolutionary Theory of Gender Development Essay Example
1081 words 4 pages

The traditional picture of evolution is of a man being the hunter and a woman being the gather and child bearer. The role division may have evolved because women would have spent most of their adult life either pregnant or producing milk or both. If a woman spent time hunting this would reduce the groups […]

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Biology Development Sex Theory Woman
Lady Gaga Analysis Essay Example
2659 words 10 pages

Stefan Germantown to well control her superstar image as long as she keeps the audience’s attention on that rather than gossip about her personal life. By creating a hyper-real version of her being Lady Gaga, the audience gets used to identifying Lady Gaga with outrageous fashion and brutal, fluid music. Since her debut on screen […]

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Feminism Gender Gender Identity Sex Society Therapy Transgender
A Feminist Critique Patriarchal ideals Essay Example
934 words 4 pages

A Feminist Critique Patriarchal ideals and gender roles keep women from being completely free. Throughout history, women have been labeled and stereotyped as being less capable than men. This caused them to continuously doubt their own capabilities compared to men’s. Society has not presented them with the same opportunities, nor treated them as fairly. In […]

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Charlotte Perkins Gilman Divorce Feminism Gender equality Gender Roles Historical Figures Sex Social Institution The Yellow Wallpaper
Parrot Fish Essay Example
583 words 3 pages

Caparison is a group of appropriates, They are native to warm waters near the Atlantic. Profits are large fish with a unique beak like mouth. Profits get their an me from the form of their mouth. They have 2 beaklike plates, like parrots. They have e even rows of huge, noticeable scales on their bodies. […]

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Animals Atlantic Ocean Coral Reef Fish Fishing Geography Sex Society Sports
Margaret Fuller Ideals and Hawthorne Essay Example
345 words 2 pages

Margaret Fuller’s ideas of gender are forward yet adequate ideologies. Nathaniel Hawthorne has a different yet common take on gender, roles of men and places of women. His beliefs are but biased and clear in his writings such as Birthmark and Young Goodman Brown, with characters built around the same formula (a strong, proud male, […]

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Childbirth Disease Female Gender Human Sexuality Nathaniel Hawthorne Sex Social Issues Young Goodman Brown
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