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Caparison is a group of appropriates, They are native to warm waters near the Atlantic. Profits are large fish with a unique beak like mouth. Profits get their an me from the form of their mouth.

They have 2 beaklike plates, like parrots. They have e even rows of huge, noticeable scales on their bodies. The color of the Caparison when it is fully grown is a dark green with a bright yellow spot at the higher corner of the gill flap, there is a yellow space at the bottom of the tail and a yellow curved stripe on the TA I’. The female sometimes has redrawn upper areas with a red belly and plain white tots on the body.

Profits move by swimming. The use their pectoral fins, the fins on the side of their body, to “cruise” around. Profits only use their tail when they need to swim faster, to get away from predators. The Parrot fish is the middle of the food web. The p arrowroot’s predators are the Barracuda and the Moray eel. The parrots defends itself by making a cocoon to sleep in, out of their own mucus.

Profits have extremely specie al glands within the gill cavities that produce enough of the type of mucus required to e envelope themselves from head to toe, beginning at the mouth to protect them and all w them to sleep at the same time.

The Profits applies it’s sturdy beaklike jaws to get it’s food from the reef. T h cough it’s main diet is algae and seaweed. Appropriates are important in the growth of the coral reef, They eat the algae that could suffocate the coral if the parrot fish did d not feed on it. Appropriates depend on the coral reefs.

Pollution endangers the co rail and the animals that live in the coral reefs. The appropriates live in a coral reef boom. The Caparison Profits are found din the western Atlantic Ocean from Bermuda to Brazil. They are also found along the e coasts of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.

An UN usual adaptation that the majority of parrots share is the ability to VA rye gender from female to male. In some species, all parrots hatch out as females and a few later grow to be males. However, in most cases, a mix of females and males a hatched and females can only change gender if the requirement for the need males in a district grows. If too few males exist, females’ eggs may go unfertile and t he population may decrease. Appropriates from the group Caparison often live S loyalty or they live in small groups. Parrot fish are endangered due to global warming.

Coral needs to be a certain temperature to grow.

The coral is where the Profits live. Also the algae that t grows On the coral would not be there without the coral. Without the coral the parrot tiffs would have no food or no place to live.

Facts about the Profits: Most of the white sand at tropical beaches is former parrots poop: After it digests the coral rock, it comes out as sand. With the loss of a dominant male, the largest female in the group will, In a few weeks, change genders. One parrot fish can chew coral into 198 pounds of sand each year. Profits change color as they grow, a young parrots looks completely dif rent than an adult. Mucus Cocoon Mouth of Profits

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