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The Cultural Impacts of Tourism on the Host Communities Essay Example
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The cultural impacts of tourism on the host communities The impact that tourism has on the cultural lives of communities is one of the most important issues debated by tourism researchers and academics today. There is an increasingly growing concern that tourism development is leading to destinations losing their cultural identity by catering for the […]

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Cultural Tourism Dance
Enviroment Essay Example
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I confirm that the Comprehensive Project Report named “Cultural Tourism in Delhi”, which I have independently researched and written, has not been previously presented for any degree or certification at any university or establishment. Location: New Delhi, Candidate’s Signature:, Date:, Name: Chetna, Registration Number: 04912205010. Verified by Name: Mrs. Ragini Dawar, Mentor at Delhi College […]

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Creativity Cultural Tourism Database
European City of Culture Essay Example
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The European Cultural Capital title appeared in 1985, then the Greek minister of culture, former actress Melina Mercouri together with the French counterpart-jack came up with the idea of bringing Europeans closer together through highlighting Europe’s richness in diversity of culture, while creating their common history as well as well values. The title is managed […]

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City Cultural Tourism European Union

Popular Questions About Cultural Tourism

What is an example of cultural tourism?
Here are a few examples:Staying with a local family in a homestayHaving a tour around a village or townLearning about local employment, for example through a tour of a tea plantation or factoryUndertaking volunteer work in the local communityTaking a course such as cooking, art, embroidery etcVisiting a museumVisiting a religious building, such as a Mosque
What are the characteristics of cultural tourism?
Cultural tourism is characterized by a specific tourist product which is defined as a set (package) of material goods and services offered to culturally motivated tourists, on total price from the moment they left their home until they return back home. It is meant to satisfy the needs of cultural tourists.
What are the effects of tourism on culture?
Some positive impacts of tourism include economic benefits, cultural, historical and environmental preservation, and cultural exchange between residents and tourists.
What does cultural tourism mean?
Cultural tourism is the subset of tourism concerned with a traveler's engagement with a country or region's culture, specifically the lifestyle of the people in those geographical areas, the history of those people, their art, architecture, religion(s), and other elements that helped shape their way of life.
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