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Socio-Cultural Impact of Tourism Essay Example
2731 words 6 pages

1. Introduction Nowadays the level of awareness is quite high that tourism has a general impact on the destination. Many times it is talked about the economical impact which is mainly considered positive as it creates jobs in that area and brings people to the destination that spend money there etc. The environmental impact is […]

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The factors impacting upon the needs of the traveller/tourist in the 21st Century
2779 words 6 pages

This essay aims to discuss the factors that have had an impact on the needs of the traveller and tourist in the 21st century, the author will discuss what technology changes have taken place and how they have changed to affect the traveller and will also consider how the view of globalisation has changed. The […]

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Risk And Safety As Related To Tourism Tourism
3146 words 7 pages

A cardinal worldwide issue is to critically measure how possible vacation searchers perceive the construct of hazard and safety every bit related to touristry. It is peculiarly indispensable in the existent political and socio-economic state of affairs when travelers are confronting an increasing hazard when they travel off from their usual topographic point of stay. […]

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Perception Safety Tourism World Tourism Organization
Definitions of Tourism
1622 words 4 pages

Tourism is a flourishing industry and an impulsive force in a positive economy. ecological. sustainable. societal and cultural developments in several states around the Earth. Its complex nature requires sophisticated direction in order to make its full potency. Most people possess an intuitive and basic apprehension of touristry. which focuses on an image of people […]

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Definition Science Tourism World Tourism Organization
Tourism as a Cultural Phenomenon
1610 words 4 pages

Tourism is global phenomenon that has evolved tremendously in the past century. These transformations have depended on and benefited from the emergence of Western Capitalism and capitalist economies (Chambers 2010: 15). Initially restricted to the tourism of the “preserve of elites” (Urry 1991: 4) the “Grand Tour” has over time become an easily accessible universal […]

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Tourism Industry Is A Service Industry
1185 words 3 pages

Discuss why it is important for the tourism industry to distinguish between different types of tourists The Oxford dictionary defines the word ‘tourism’ as “the commercial organization and operation of holidays and visits to places of interest”. The tourism industry comprises of various sectors such as – lodging, food and beverage services, transportation, entertainment and […]

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Responsible Tourism Essay Example
2811 words 6 pages

While responsible tourism is fast becoming a global trend nowadays, some may wonder if it makes better business sense than traditional mass tourism. By defining the words “business sense” from Cambridge dictionary, it means an understanding of the ways in which business works successfully and/or if something makes good business sense, it will help a […]

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Popular Questions About World Tourism Organization

What does World Tourism Organization stand for?
What is the World Tourism Organisation? With the acronym UNWTO, the World Tourism Organisation is the United Nations agency who exist to promote 'responsible, sustainable and universally accessible' tourism. They are the leading international organisation within the tourism industry.
What does World Tourism Organization mean?
World Tourism Organization. An organization within the United Nations that promotes tourism worldwide. It conducts activities to encourage sustainable, business friendly tourism.
What is the abbreviation for World Tourism Organization?
UNWTO abbreviation stands for United Nations World Tourism Organization.
What is the United Nations World Tourism Organization?
Parent organization. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism.