Modes of Acquiring Territory
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Traditional international law asserts several modes of acquiring territory as cession, occupation, prescription, accretion, and conquest. Cession refers to the transfer of a territory to another state by an agreement or treaty. Traditional international law asserts that a state can acquire sovereignty over another territory in cases where that sovereignty is ceded effectively through agreement […]

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Revision notes
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The first territory they conquered was Italy. -as Romans took over more places and people they adjusted their Institutions to the task of ruling an imperial capital city and distant places. Rather than having kings they installed 2 consuls or chief magistrates who would hold office for 1 year. This radical move from kingship to […]

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Gracci Brothers: Views of Appian and Plutarch
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By the middle of 2nd century B.C.E, the Roman territory extended as far as the Mediterranean. The sheer size of the Empire terminated any external threats to the Romans. Instead, towards the end of the 2nd century B.C.E, it brought upon them internal conflicts. The size of the aristocrats was largely outnumbered by the rest, […]

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Improving English speaking practices in KG class
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Chitral is one of the distant territories of North West Frontier Province ( NWFP ) . The territory lies between 35-12o to 36-50o degree North Latitude and 17-12o to 73-53o Longitude covering about 14850 Sq.Km. Government Education Department and Non Governmental Organizations ( NGOs ) are active in supplying instruction to the pupils of Chitral. […]

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Jacques Marquette and Joliet Expedition
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In 1673, Father Jacques Marquette, a Jesuit missionary, and Louis Joliet, a fur trader, undertook an expedition to explore the unsettled territory in North America from the Great Lakes region to the Gulf of Mexico for the colonial power of France. Leaving with several men in two bark canoes, Marquette and Joliet entered the Mississippi […]

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