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There are many ways in which a piece of literature can be read and interpreted. A text is construed in many ways. depending on the readers clip period. civilization and old cognition. When we read literature. there are many culturally determined patterns and conventions that we follow. These patterns and conventions are constructed by societal constructions such as the church. jurisprudence and media which in bend will back up them. Interpreting the ‘gaps and silences’ in a text is one pattern and convention that we have learnt to make from childhood. The short narrative School by Peter Cowan is one that incorporates reading patterns and premises. School has many ‘gaps and silences’ and contradictions that are evident in the text information. There are besides a scope of readings that can be constructed from School which support different positions. thoughts and values.

The text information in Peter Cowan’s short narrative School. has been constructed in a manner that we as the reader can construe it in countless more ways than what it may intend on a surface degree. Cowan limits the information of the text to let the reader to organize their ain significance. The text does non supply complete information about the male child in the narrative ; it simply implies that he is experiencing alienated and depressed. There is no text information that unequivocally explains that the male child is experiencing alienated and excluded. In the last paragraph. the boy’s trouble is described by. ‘He looked at the symbols on the paper and they blurred and made no form. ’ In this sentence. we assume that he does non understand the work. but this is merely inferred. This text can be analysed as being limited in text information ; to construe it. the reader has to do premises of the omitted information.

Text information is absorbed and understood harmonizing to cultural reading patterns and reader premises. In the short narrative School by Peter Cowan. there are many thoughts that are non literally written ; it is left to the reader to presume what the author has omitted. In the last paragraph. Cowan writes: ‘He could experience the cryings and he was afraid to travel lest the others see. ’ We assume that the category is unfertile and unfriendly. though this is non stated in the text. Without presuming. we would non do sense of the text. Readers assume different significances because of their different civilizations. experiences or instruction. The manner we interpret texts is called reading patterns. One reading pattern is construing the spreads and silences in a text.

The short narrative School contains many spreads and silences ; they are the uncomplete information in the text. The spreads and silences in a text may be interpreted in many ways depending on our attitudes values and beliefs. In the first paragraph is one illustration. ‘slowly the cryings began to coerce their manner on him. He made no sound and the others working did non cognize. ’ We may presume that this means he is shouting because he has got a maths job wrong while another individual may state that he is shouting because he misses life on the farm. It is non clear what this spread in the narrative is about. but we can presume its implied significance.

In all narratives the reader can happen contradictions within the text. In the short narrative School. the reader is introduced to the schoolroom scene in the first paragraph. ‘The class-room was hot. and outside the Sun was hard on the dust-covered Earth and the grass was traveling brown on the playing Fieldss. ’ This scene of the school suggests that it is unfertile and unfriendly. Yet. the same phrase is used when the male child is believing of the farm. ‘The Sun was hard on the paddocks and the dull chaparral and the few trees. ’ This could propose that the male child finds the farm merely every bit difficult as school. In the terminal. it depends on 1s political orientations and experiences to pick out what could be a contradiction of a dominant reading of the clip.

In any text there are dominant and marginalised or subordinate thoughts or readings. All readings are debatably believable as everyone has different thoughts and beliefs. One reading may be that being at school bears the same adversities as on the farm. ‘The Sun was hard on the paddocks’ and ‘The class-room was hot and the Sun was hard on the dust-covered Earth. ’ Both these transitions show that the farm and the school have contrasting environments. This thought could come from a individual who has had unpleasant times working on the farm and besides hates school. Another reading would be estranging people who are different. This thought is more dominant because that is what many people feel that it implies. Peter Cowan. the writer. was a soldier during World War II in the ground forces. a topographic point where there is a batch of favoritism. The thoughts and values of this narrative would reflect Cowan’s life. There can be many readings of the same text each holding their strengths. weakness’ and contradictions.

Literature is read and interpreted in many ways. It is a person’s beliefs experiences and old cognition that determines the manner they will construe a text. Peter Cowan’s short narrative School has many spreads of information that rely on the reader to make full in with their ain cognition. Thus we can see that there can be many readings from this one text. those that are low-level – school bearing the same adversities as on the farm. to the more dominant thought – the disaffection of people who are different in our society. Ultimately. in the terminal. it is what the reader wants to presume and comprehends that counts.

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