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Reaching fame is one of the most desired achievements for many people nowadays. In fact, since childhood, children identify themselves with the celebrities they see on television and they aim to be as popular as their idols. Even though, sometimes, children (and also adults) are not aware of the fact that fame can bring either advantages or disadvantages.

The main advantage of being famous is that you can make money very easily, using your image to publicize brands, as an example. In addition, celebrities get special treatment in almost every place they go and it is always a pleasure to feel that you are admired for someone.

Although the possibility of being recognized for what you are or for something you did, can seem very appealing, it may also put you in some odd or uncomfortable situations. For instance, when you are trying to have a relaxing dinner with a friend on a restaurant, you might suddenly be interrupted for a hysterical fan or even for paparazzi. In fact, lack of privacy is one of the main disadvantages of being famous.

Furthermore, it is ought to remember that celebrities are always a main target of critics and it is never easy to have your life under scrutiny and judgment.

In conclusion, being famous has a bright and a dark side. As far as I am concerned, not everyone will be able to cope with fame. It will all depend on how well you can abstract yourself from society’s judgment and criticism.

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