Saturday Afternoon Essay Example
Saturday Afternoon Essay Example

Saturday Afternoon Essay Example

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  • Published: October 10, 2018
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It was on a Saturday afternoon that the nasty incident occurred. We had a party organized for one of our friends in Dubai and Mohammed was one of the people who were attending the party. Everything went as planned as the guest arrived on time and we had some great moments with all the participants appreciating the chance for the childhood friends spending time together and catching up. The party started at around 10am and the climax was at 5pm when the party ended.

Having been far apart for long, some of us opted to have an after party in one of the joints in the city. Being among the two that were driving, Mohammed and I offered to drive the set of the team to the city joint. I was driving behind Mohammed when suddenly the unforgettable happened. Mohammed`s car rolled several times before bursting into flames.

With li


mited options, I parked my car and ran to the scene. The car was blazing and Mohammed was crying for help. He was stuck in the seat and the seat belt was not unlocking. The fire was spreading so fast and there was no immediate emergency response coming. I had no option but to intervene for my beloved friend. I broke the rear window and gained access through the emergency door, when I got in all of us were covered by the smoke and we could not communicate. I could not unlock the lock of Mohammed seatbelt and with time I was also running out of breath. Fortunately we managed to cut the belt and dragged ourselves out of the car before it all exploded. The next thing I remember was all of us in hospital in two different beds and bandages on our bodies. I still believe the risk was worth since the damage was minimized on Mohammed`s body.

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