Adonis G. Durado Essay Example
Adonis G. Durado Essay Example

Adonis G. Durado Essay Example

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  • Published: December 26, 2017
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Analyzing a poem can be a really hard task to accomplish. Basically, you have to read It.

Usually, these poems would be written In English, so that would have been an easier undertaking, but somehow our group was assigned with the one written In Cuban. So, now we don't only have consider its rhythm and meter, its imagery and symbolism; now, we also have to decode its meaning and, if possible, translate it into the universal language. Pond reading and rereading the Cuban poem "Balalaika OK, Day, Sampans Assay Tag Habit-habit" written by Adonis G. Dorado, we finally came up with an analysis. Adonis Durango's poem describes a very common situation In the provincial areas - a habit-habit ride - but the unique thing about this habit-habit ride is that when you yourself experien


ce the words articulated by the persona you would know that It has a romantic and somehow sensual feel to It.

The speaker, the driver of the habit- habit, tells his passenger, a woman who Is most probably his lover, to hold on to him sighted for him to feel her heartbeat more clearly against his back.

His want for her to cling to him tight can be interpreted as an expression of love. This craving of physical intimacy between the characters suggests of young love, as young couples usually act as if they can't get enough of each other and has to have their hands on each other constantly. The poem also has an almost sexual tone to it.

The term "habit-habit" comes from the word "habit", which Is a Cuban term for animals copulating. Since a habit- habit motorcycle

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ride makes the passengers and drivers seem like a bunch of animals copulating, they coined the term "habit-habit". This sexual tone can also be proven from the use of figurative language suggested on the 14th to the 16th lines of the poem, as well as Its final 6 lines which concludes an orgasm-like ending to the poem.

Mainly, the poem is about a young couple who go for a ride on a habitable, with the driver using the proximity as a reason for the girl to be intimate with him.

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