Chinese Food Culture
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Chinese Food Chinese food can be boost and be said that Chinese have got one of the greatest food all over the world. Chinese dish famous in the entire world and one can be shocked by the wide range and various ingredients it has. Chinese cuisine can be said to have countless delicious as well […]

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Ethical Issues Faced By Americans Overseas
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Increased globalization and liberalization of the world trade has forced many companies and people to expand overseas to explore into new markets to enhance profitability and a better life. Every American doing business overseas faces some ethical and sometimes legal issues. However, these ethical issues from both the host country and home country are always […]

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American Values Culture Culture Shock Whale
Cultural Differences in the US and Abroad
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Culture difference is a concern that affects everybody who happens to be a stranger in any foreign country. As a Pakistani student and a new inhabitant in the United States, I was faced with cultural variations since I had no idea of the American culture. When I arrived in the United States, I was fascinated […]

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Business Etiquette in Italy
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Italians are people who observe business etiquette as they go on with their daily dealings. For a person to be able to deal with Italians they need to keep Italian business culture and most important; they have to observe Etiquette. Doing business with Italians is very enjoyable because they are outgoing and warm people. Most […]

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My Culture Shock
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What is culture shock? Cultural shock is experienced when a person moves to a new location or region where strange cultures are practiced (McInnes, 2012). In essence, it might be explained as the lack of comfort or the confusion that occurs when one moves to a new environment with different practices. Have you ever experience […]

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Politics and Culture in Anglophone Caribbean
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The politics and culture of any nations are shaped by its past events, attitudes, beliefs as well as the value of the individuals who lived in that area. The Caribbean has been praised by tourist over the years, but the truth its diversity in culture with people speaking different languages tells a different history. It […]

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Georgian National Culture
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The Cultural Norms and Taboos Georgia is a country known for its warm hospitality as guests are perceived as gifts. As such, it is normal to be invited home for meals and turning down such invites is seen as rude and antisocial. Supra is a common dinner party among Georgians involving many toasts where the […]

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Popular Questions About Culture Shock

What are the 4 stages of Culture Shock?
Reverse culture shock is usually described in four stages: Disengagement. Initial euphoria. Irritability and hostility. Readjustment and adaptation.
How do you overcome culture shock?
One of the most effective ways to overcome culture shock is to try and be open-minded. Treat everything new as a chance to gain knowledge about the culture.
How do you deal with culture shock?
Dealing with Culture Shock Learn as much as you can about the new location before you go. Be open-minded and willing to learning. Maintain a sense of humour. Don't withdraw! Build new friendships. Bring a few touches of home with you, such as photos of your favourite locations and family members, etc.
What are some important examples of Culture Shock?
10 Real Examples Of Culture Shock Food Culture Shock. Travelling to a new culture means seeing things on the menu which you never anticipated eating. Language barriers can cause culture shock. In cultures where you don't speak the language, simple tasks suddenly become more complicated- like riding a subway, ordering food at a restaurant Nudity in public and boobs on the beach.