Social Norms Argumentative
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In each society, there are rules that all members of the society use for appropriate and inappropriate values, behaviors, beliefs and codes of conduct (Kerr, 1995). Disobeying the rules can result in severe punishments, the most feared of which is being allienated from the group. It is not surprising that norms are often passed by […]

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Social Norms Analysis
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The Social norm I broke was shaking people’s hands. Yes, I know that you are thinking to yourself, this is a social norm; you’re not breaking anything. In today’s society, people don’t shake each other’s hands instead they come up with some other gesture and when your try to shake their hand, they do not […]

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Experiment Social Norms Social Psychology
Social Norms
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The way of behavior of a certain community or society constitutes its social norms (Myers, 1993). Every member of that society strictly adheres to those norms; and any violation is usually received with indifference. In order to investigate the power of social norms, I carried out a rather unusual activity – one that was clearly […]

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