Gay Lingo as a Form of Deviance
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These are a little confusing for the average Filipino speaker, while the expressions Bading Garci, pa-mihn, pa-girl, x-men, will lose most expert speakers of the Filipino language. These are terms which are heard “only in the Philippines”; as the local TV advertisement says, Walang ganyan sa States’ Wou don’t have that in the States”). In […]

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Deviance Gay Gender Homosexuality
Biological explanations and social constructionist theories of deviance
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Sociologists and researchers throughout history, have tried to determine why significant numbers of people in a community or society non -conform or violate norms, how these norms are created and how they change over a period of time. (Kendall, 2008). A number of biological explanations and social constructionist theories have developed over the ages. Biological […]

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Construction Deviance Emile Durkheim Social Psychology Sociology Theory
Four Studies Relating to Crime and Deviance
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The purpose of this essay is to describe four studies relating to crime and deviance – each from a different perspective. The Functionalist, Marxist, Symbolic Interactionist and New left realism perspective on crime and deviance will be described. Functionalist, Albert K. Cohen’s study of the delinquent subculture and Symbolic interactionist, Howard Becker’s labelling theory will […]

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Crime Deviance Ethics Social Psychology
Social Deviance Argumentative
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Society exerts pressures on its members to conform, but inspite of such pressures, there are cases of nonconformity or defiance of group norms or values. The form of behavior that violates the norms is called deviance or deviant behavior. Deviant behavior maybe approved or disapproved. The definition of deviant behavior is relative in different cultures […]

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Deviance Ethics Social Issues Social Psychology
Access to Opportunity Structures in Causing Crime and Deviance
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There are many different factors that have to be considered when examining the role of access to opportunity structures in causing crime and deviance. Merton’s ‘Strain theory and anomie’ argues that deviance arises from the structure of society and that unequal access to legitimate opportunity structures is the cause of deviant behaviour. The main point […]

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Criminology Deviance Opportunity Social Issues Social Psychology Structure
Universality of deviance behaviour
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Deviant behavior is behavior which does not adhere to widely-accepted social or cultural norms. For example, murder is a form of extreme deviant behavior which violates the cultural norm which states that it is unacceptable to kill another human being. There are a number of approaches to the study of deviance, along with explanations for […]

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