Gay Lingo as a Form of Deviance

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These are a little confusing for the average Filipino speaker, while the expressions Bading Garci, pa-mihn, pa-girl, x-men, will lose most expert speakers of the Filipino language. These are terms which are heard “only in the Philippines”; as the local TV advertisement says, Walang ganyan sa States’ Wou don’t have that in the States”). In the Philippines, where sexual orientation has become a moral, political, and social issue of acceptability, homosexuals have become victims of condemnation”in school, at the workplace, in church, or elsewhere.

These places therefore have developed a most potent weapon that will shield them from flying missiles of verbal incantation and poetic malady (such as multong bakla and salot sa lipunan) fired by people with strong patriarchal orientations. The new, vibrant, potent weapon of arginalized gays is language”creatively crafted like a magic spell that colors their tongue and weaves their protection. It is a language that only the homosexuals can understand. Gayspeak” or gay language in the Philippines is a form of verbal sublimation of gay people against the domineering power of patriarchy. Yet the positive response of the people outside the gay community to gayspeak has ironically rewarded the homosexuals, giving them the chance to penetrate mainstream culture and to be socially accepted in it. Binabae, bakla, budaf, baklush, baklers, bading garci, pa-mihn, pa-girl, x-men”all hese expressions actually have only one meaning: bakla or gay.

Gay Language: Defying the Structural Limits of English Language in the Philippines. Retrieved from http://1 50. ateneo. edu/ kritikakultura/images/pdf/kkl 1 /gay. pdf Swardspeak as a Means to the Formation of the Male Homosexual’s Social Identity Aside from identity purposes, the gay language also forms a dividing line between the bigger society and the male homosexuals’ society. Swardspeak may be a form of deception as it tends to mislead the common people in a way that they would not be ware of what the male homosexuals are talking about (especially if it is about sex, boyfriends, etc. The gay language definitely does not belong to the regular trait complex of ideas and actual words used, which a number of persons conform to similar situation and therefore, might be seen improper, inappropriate, [comma mine] and basically wrong as dictated by the social norms (standards of behavior) that make up a culture. However, the acceptance and adaption [sic] to something which is not established or proper to one’s cultural pattern marks a change brought bout by the exposure of the members to the language different from their own, their opportunity to accept it and the way the language was diffused.

Indeed, swardspeak has a way with the life of the male homosexuals [sic], for reasons important to them that common people may not know, the use of it can be considered Justifiable. But what really is swardspeak? What is it for? What implications does it have on the social environment of male homosexuals? Only very recently did social scientists investigate the social facade of male homosexuals yet Clemente, M. D. , Saavedra, M. , ; Vera-Cruz, C. (1991 , January). Swardspeak as a Means to the Formation of the Male Homosexuals’ Social Identity (College Thesis).

Gay: [sic] Lingo the Reasons Behind Its Use Why do male overt homosexuals speak in such a strange tongue? What is it really that makes them use the gay lingo or the swardspeak, as the lingo has been labeled? According to Abraham Florendo (1975), the lingo which he calls “a linguistic gymnastics”, succeeds in drawing a gay person into a clique and “the clique satisfies his basic needs to belong”. He also adds that the desire to belong entails a sense of freedom; where there is freedom, there are chances for personal fulfillment.

In ddition to this, Vetter (1969) stated that swardspeak can be considered as a device communicating the context of an expression and is as much as a sign of “belongingness and togetherness”. The words used by homosexuals are either symbols or codes. They are understood as affirmations that one is a particular kind of person, or a fellow member of an in-group. Hence the emergence of swardspeak may be Justified in the sense that this special language indicates the homosexual’s acceptability and belongingness in the confines of their own group.

Furthermore, gay lingo can also be seen as a form of rebellion against the common people or the ormal society to which they cannot conform. Homosexuals prefer to call themselves gays, have to create a world entirely their own, precisely because they belong neither to the male nor to the female sex, in order to feel even a semblance of that elusive sense of belonging (Galang, 1988). Another reason for having gay lingo is to achieve a mark of exclusivity.

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