Social Deviance Argumentative Essay Example
Social Deviance Argumentative Essay Example

Social Deviance Argumentative Essay Example

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  • Published: May 4, 2017
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Society exerts pressures on its members to conform, but inspite of such pressures, there are cases of nonconformity or defiance of group norms or values. The form of behavior that violates the norms is called deviance or deviant behavior. Deviant behavior maybe approved or disapproved. The definition of deviant behavior is relative in different cultures as it varies in different cultures or in a given culture over a period of time.

Various theories explain the occurrence of deviant behavior. The biological theories relate deviant behavior to aberrant genetic traits.To the psychologists, inner conflicts or failure to control inner impulses may bring about deviant behavior. Sociologists have various explanations too. Deviance is defined by the social groups, the people in the government especially the laws or regulations the officials has set, and the lastly, the


people in the society. What people conceived or perceived that is morally upright is immediately implanted into their minds and the moment they see someone or a group of people doing the other way around, or doing things unacceptable to the social norms then they will tagged it as deviance or deviancy.

Also, the sociologists and psychologists have set some standards for deviance. That is why as soon as people see something wrong in a person then they will immediately judge a person because of his social misconduct. Deviant behavior may be tolerated, approved or disapproved. Modern societies encouraged some amount of deviation which moves in the direction of the ideal pattern of behavior.

The positively overt and upwardly deviant person or group varies from the commonplace patterns, as maybe found in the extraordinary person, the saint, the hero, and one wit

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exemplary conduct.The degree of deviation depends on its variations from the norms and the value placed on the norm. Infractions of the sex code and laws on life, liberty, and property are considered serious compared to breaches of etiquette or taste of dressing, and violators are punished accordingly. Deviance is relative.

What is deviant for one group may be acceptable to another group. Abortion, pre- marital sex, polygamy, and divorce do not constitute deviance in some societies, but are strongly disapproved and punished by other countries which are religiously inclined.What is considered deviant may vary in time and place. Historically, there were a number of persons who were called radicals and fanatics during their lifetime but were lauded and appreciated by the succeeding generations. Inventors, formulators of new theories, or discoverers like Galileo, Darwin and Freud were held in contempt by their contemporaries and were censured or ridiculed, but were later hailed as intellectual giants.

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