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The Philippine Commonwealth Essay Example
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The Philippine Commonwealth (by law: Commonwealth of the Philippines) was the name of the Philippines from 1935 to 1946 when it was still controlled by the United States. The Philippine Commonwealth was created by the Tydings-McDuffie Act, which was approved by the U. S. Congress in 1934. When Manuel L. Quezon became president in 1935, […]

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Teodoro Kalaw: Aide-de-Camp to Freedom Essay Example
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This book is about the life of Teodoro M. Kalaw and his experience as a journalist, public servant, and historian. He earnestly defended the Filipinos and the “Filipino Soul” in his various publications and was called in diverse domains of service in which he was severely praised. A certain publication organ called The Citizen said: […]

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Filipino Language Freedom Manila Philippines
The Effects of Watching Tagalized English Movies in the Philippines Essay Example
635 words 2 pages

Introduction Tagalization is the process of converting foreign language into Filipino language or it is the translating of text into Filipino. Under the 1987 Constitution XIV Section 6, the Filipino national language was settled and the Education department adopted a bilingual program to promote the use of Tagalog, the other official language. The government was […]

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American Culture vs. Philippine Culture Essay Example
542 words 2 pages

American Culture vs. Philippine Culture The culture of the United States of America has some similarities and differences to that of the Philippines. One of the government similarities is that both countries are led by an elected president. Considering the fact that the Philippines was once a U. S. Commonwealth, the American culture began having […]

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Filipino Language Linguistics Philippines
Emilio Aguinaldo and Rizal Essay Example
2396 words 5 pages

Rizal and the Philippine Culture To expound on “Rizal and the Philippine Culture” as I am privileged to do so on this commemorative occasion, is for a Filipino, to speak with a sense of national dignity and pride. For Jos© Protacio Rizal y Mercado, who staunchly identified himself with his countrymen and invariably proclaimed his […]

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Popular Questions About Filipino Language

What language do Filipinos really speak?
What Languages Are Spoken in the Philippines? Official Languages Spoken In The Philippines. During colonial rule, the official language of the islands was Spanish. ... National Language Of The Philippines. In addition to being one of the official languages of the country, Filipino is also the national language. Regional Languages Of The Philippines. ... Foreign Languages Spoken In The Philippines. ...
What language is Filipino most similar to?
Filipino (formerly Pilipino) is based on Tagalog and is the official language of the Philippines. In spite of being the national language, only about 55 percent of Filipinos speak the language.
Can Filipinos speak their own language?
Filipino is the product of the acceptance of the English language in modern day speech. It's basically the combination of Castilian, English, and Tagalog. : They cannot even speak their own language, it's incredible.
Is Filipino a country or a language?
The Philippines: Culture and Tradition Language. There are 175 estimated languages spoken in the Philippines. ... Culture. The Philippines is a country that has varied cultural influences. ... Music, Arts and Literature. Filipinos are very fond of music. ... Religion. The majority of Filipino people practice the Christian religion. ... Celebrations. ... Sports. ... Family Structure. ... Meals. ...