Support independence in the tasks of daily living Essay Example
Support independence in the tasks of daily living Essay Example

Support independence in the tasks of daily living Essay Example

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  • Published: November 5, 2016
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The main goal is to understand how to promote independence in daily living tasks. It's important not to make assumptions about individuals and force them to conform to your or your employer's expectations. Instead, they should be given the freedom and support to make their own choices. Care and assistance should be tailored to each person's needs, making sure that their dignity and individuality are respected. Furthermore, it's essential to respect personal beliefs. Independence should be nurtured by empowering the individuals you help so they can independently accomplish tasks, no matter how small they may seem.

Encourage independence by offering help with tasks instead of complete isolation. Empower those you assist to be self-reliant, rather than doing everything for them out of convenience. Instead, motivate them to handle tasks they can or are close to


handling. Autonomy allows individuals to take charge of their lives and build confidence. Prioritize privacy by seeking permission before entering their room and always remember to knock on the door.

Prior permission is required for all visitors before entering their respective rooms. It is important to close doors while engaging in personal hygiene, but make sure to obtain consent from the person. Everyone deserves the opportunity and privacy to engage in personal activities such as meeting loved ones or making phone calls.

As a care and support worker, your role is to assist individuals in living their lives according to their own preferences. Regardless of any differences in circumstances, these individuals have the same rights as you, your friends, and your family when it comes to decision-making and participating in activities. The level of car

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and support needed may differ based on the individual's capabilities and desired choices. To comprehend an individual's background, preferences, wishes, and needs, please consult their Individual Needs Assessment.

The Individual Needs Assessment assesses a range of factors, including physical, emotional, social, spiritual, communication, support, or care needs. It determines the required care or support for an individual. The care plan contains detailed information such as medical history, family contacts, and risk assessments. Usually, a specifically trained person creates the care plan.

The responsibility in your job is to adhere to the care or support plan, record any modifications, and communicate significant changes. It is crucial to understand the boundaries of your duties for the individuals you assist. Your employer may have an organizational structure that can help identify who you are answerable to.

Outcome 3 supports meal planning and preparation, providing meals that are nutritious and appetizing while meeting individuals' needs and preferences. It also involves assisting with eating when necessary.

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