Identify the complex factors involved i Essay Example
Identify the complex factors involved i Essay Example

Identify the complex factors involved i Essay Example

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  • Published: April 5, 2018
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The range varies from being in small county areas where individuals may own or live in a house with poor conditions or can they afford proper nutrition.

In comparisons, there AR nine many individuals that live in concrete jungles of worn down apartments. The living conditions in these apartments walls and floors t are crumbling and appear unfit for living. There are individuals who reside in these area with little to no alternatives. For many, these conditions are all he or she can afford. Keeping food and maintain water and other resources a float are stressing for individuals in this predicament.

The social, economic status in these areas are predominately African-American or Hispanic population who have been exposed to the psychological disposition of inner city communities. Other ramifications that these individual's struggle with their basic essential needs such as having enough food or clothing. Worrying o


ver these struggles as a parent can also be stressful none the least. These are some of the complex factors to overcome generational poverty: Providing adequate parenting resources Making sure children have integrated family support systems while they are in school.

Having a meaningful emotional support system is positive reinforcement. Working on Bread king the cycle of low-paying jobs. Encouraging single mother completing or returning to school Confronting System barriers whether they are insensitive or ineffective Learning to cope with self-esteem issues, stress. As a professional working in the human service sector have moral responsibilities to provide more than just food and clothing.

The ultimate goal is working to build healthy relationships between individuals and community resources that are available while re-building self-sufficiency.

Learning to rate partnerships with organizations and agencies

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in the communities as well are priority. Another subclass of individuals that seem to fall under the radar of help in communities are the aging population as they are being forced out of the workforce by big companies due to their salaries being high waged. Government agencies are pushing the retirement age out to 67 due to baby boomers reaching maturity age. (Ryan, n. D.) The aging population is no longer dying out between their late 50 and early 60 they are living well beyond the anticipated lifespan.

Many aging adults that have been let go in their active employment find it difficult to find work as they may not have the skills sets or ability of many of the younger adults. Some human service professionals reach roadblocks while trying to find liable agencies to provide services for our aging adults. In many states, county or city agencies funding has been depleted.

Organizations are increasing limits on funding to aid in utility food or secure adequate amounts of medication.

With the cost of living increasingly on the rise and minimum wages decreasing, it has become unbearable for seniors to maintain affordable living on fixed incomes that angel from $10,000 to $1 5,000 a year. (CBs morning news) Many of our aging population have issues dealing with matters Of acute physical or mental health problems. (Hudson) Another falling factor is that many aging adults have used savings and or retirement to care for family. Aging populations have a difficult time seeking employment as companies are looking for younger and stronger.

Aging populations tend to miss out on several agencies and organizations that are avail for services due

to transportation or accessibility being limited. As a professional working with aging population in this subclass. The important thing to remember while working with intergovernmental agencies as well as community organizations to provide convenient services to their communities. The last subclass of individuals that face social, economical bouts of poverty are women fazed out of the workforce for various reasons at any age.

There are many reasons women are being affected by poverty some examples include; loss of jobs, onset of sudden illness or becoming a widow.

The last decades have shown proof of the decline of aging women in the workforce. During the early ass's women were part of the baby boom era, making a good age and comfortable living arrangement. Women who have been married homemakers for 30 to 40 years can find themselves with little opportunity if their husbands abandon them. (Gallant, et al. , 2009).

Due to the effects of lost jobs and other events working women find themselves becoming displaced homemakers whom, unfortunately, settle for systematic values of government taking care of them as government assistance depletes.

Women have welfare to turn to as long as they have young children. As a professional in order to break the cycle human service professionals or advocates work with women to save money as they become employed and kick forward to the future. One way Of ensuring this is to promote education and empowerment.

Women that work towards their empowerment will teach their children to want more as well as do better preparation for their futures. However as a professional working towards dispelling the stereotype and bias that have plagued individuals will entail professionals engrossing

his or herself within cultural dynamics of the demographics.

Working to rebuild and re-teach new skill sets will promote self-worth, value and self-esteem to enter the workforce. As It is imperative to know what obstacles may play a part in early parenting, dropping out of school or homelessness that can contribute to women being stuck after losing a job.

As human service professionals continue to work with women in non-profits. Professional will address social cultures and systems within personal worldviews that affect who lack resources in urban communities. In my opinion in order to break the cycles Of generational poverty on an individual and community-wide level.

(Corbett, Steve, Fickler, Brian, year unknown) Teaching individuals to create a costive attitude can have a positive outlook on change is in the family system.

Another plan of action a professional can execute short term to long term goals as well as the steps to attaining them. In conclusion understanding the sensitivity of working with various subclasses as professional within different demographics. Will bridge a gap in understanding the stereotypes and bias.

For professionals to educate themselves as well as restore broken images as uneducated lower poverty individuals. Game plans and as well as resources again will ensure growth ND change for generations to come.

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