Elder’s Guidance, Blessing or Curse Essay Example
Elder’s Guidance, Blessing or Curse Essay Example

Elder’s Guidance, Blessing or Curse Essay Example

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  • Published: September 3, 2016
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The process by which individuals learn the culture of their society is known as socialisation. Primary socialisation takes place within the family and is the most important role in developing one’s characteristics. It is often said that parents, especially mothers are the first academic institution we experience. As far as the question is concerned, “Young people should obey their elders without question. ” Every individual has her or her own views and opinions based on their experiences and understandings in life.

Many might argue that youngsters should not obey their elders as it would deteriorate their personality and would cause trouble to them later on in life. However, others would support that they should obey their elders unquestionably. This essay will look into the arguments of for and against if youngsters should obey their eld


ers without questioning. To begin with, there are many arguments in favor of if young people should obey their parents without questioning.

Youngsters mostly think that their elders do not care about their problems yet, they are mistaken as these elders have endured the similar problems and complications as themselves. Having faced by the harsh roller-coaster of life, understanding the rights and wrongs they are more than a lot experienced in life than youngsters, thus, obeying them and following their advices would lead young people to have a great life ahead. They've lived through things that we ourselves can hardly imagine in. Youngsters may not understand their implication but if they obey, they can have a great life.

However, not taking their guidance leads them to difficulties. For example, if elders prohibit youngsters to smoke, the

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first thing which would come to their mind would be that their elders might have smoked when they were young. Then why listen to them? The question goes on in many young people’s mind and many take the wrong paths. Therefore, being unaware of consequences they do not take their elders advices and face serious problems. Elders give young people advices knowing of what is wrong and right.

They would have made mistakes but they would not want their children to go through the same. On the other hand, having young people obey without question can bring them to bad conditions. Obeying unquestionably makes them damage their decision making abilities. When they are made to do something, with no choice or reasoning, their sense of confidence is affected. Moreover, demanding obedience can kill trust between them. They are forced to obey their elders and are made to do things, which in return make them question their trust in each other.

Most parents and elders force these youngsters to follow their decisions without questioning; as a result, they are not able to make important decisions for themselves in life such as career making decisions and so on. Furthermore, if they fail to choose the right career for themselves due to lack of decision making ability, it could create dilemmas later on. In conclusion, I believe that having elders give young people guidance is surely a blessing, as they are more experienced in life than them but being forced by them to follow their decisions in every way may not help young people become their true selves.

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