Myers Briggs Indicator Essay Example
Myers Briggs Indicator Essay Example

Myers Briggs Indicator Essay Example

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  • Published: October 17, 2017
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Communication in the workplace is essential for success. To increase understanding of a person's personality and their work ethics the Emery's Briggs Personality Test was developed to assess a person's psychological profile and give insight on how they relate to other people . This can be a good tool to determine compatibility in the workplace and give insight on how to communicate with a person. This paper will focus on my personality type, whether I believe this is an accurate assessment, give some examples best suited for my personality type, and reveal whether they appeal to me or not.

I will also communicate how my personality type impacts my professional and personal relationships and I will identify how I will suet his information to improve my personal and professional communications. After taking the Emery's Briggs assessment, I learned I have a personality type SIPS(


lionhearted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving), and the second closest type ESP. (Extroverted, Sensing,feeling, Perceiving). I took this assessment several years ago and my type was NNTP(introverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving), so I am a little suspicious that either I have changed, or the test isn't that accurate.

IN some respects I am an SIPS, and I agree that extroversion and introversion are two sides to my personality. The description on the website (merrymakers. Org/my-ambit-personality- type/ambit-basics/the-16-ambit-types. Asp#lisp) fits me perfectly, such as being quite and friendly, like having my own space, and prefer to work within my own time frame. I also dislike conflict and disagreements, but NNTP also reflects my personality because most of the time I am interested more in solitude than social interaction.

I am also very skeptical , critical, and

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try to analyze everything. ESP. also describes me because I am friendly, but I am not outgoing, and I have a hard time being flexible. I do love life, and I am for the most part very accepting of people, but I do not adapt readily to new people and environments. So, I do think that the test accurately pinpoints some things about me in all three personality types, but it is not an accurate assessment of my personality type. According to Emery's Brig's career assessment (http://www. Irrationalities. Com/ careers. HTML ) , some of the careers for which my personality type SIPS is best suited re a veterinarian or forest ranger. These two career paths do appeal to me since I am an animal lover. I also love outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, cannoning , white water rafting, zippering, and exploring State Parks. Musician, Artist, or Composer is also listed as a possible career path but these career paths do not interest me since I have no musical or artistic ability.

My second personality type ESP. suggests Artist, Performer, or Actor, which do not appeal to me because I am more of an Introvert and do not have the talent or desire to perform in front of people. Interior decorating does appeal to me since I love remodeling my house; I enjoy putting together color schemes for rooms and actually painting the rooms. ' also enjoy coordinating the furniture color and curtains or blinds. I have not always been successful in the team environment, due to the fact that I prefer working by myself, which is a trait for Sifts.

Although I can

be team oriented, I have a hard time tolerating slackness, laziness, and tardiness. In one of my online classes, we had team projects which consisted of database assignments that couldn't e completed until another team member entered their information and passed the updated database on to the next person. This was difficult for me since I would perfecto do all the assignments myself instead of waiting on four other people to complete their work before I could do mine.

Also, I am not usually one for small talk, I like to get to the point and get the Job done. I think my personality type flourishes when working independently, making their own decisions, being responsible for their own work, and setting their own schedule. My personality type SIPS does impact my personal relationships because I am not a leader or a follower and I prefer solitude most of the time to social interaction. I prefer to discuss my problems and socialize with only a small number of people whom I know very well and trust explicitly.

This can create problems when you have acquaintances who take this personally instead of accepting your personality. I have a girlfriend that I have known for twenty-five years and our friendship and been close sometimes and estranged at times. She loves attention, has to have a big social ricer, and is not as driven as I am to accomplish certain things in life. This is difficult for our friendship because I don't need attention or a big social circle, and I am always busy with work , school, fitness classes, and adventures.

On the other hand, my second closest

personality type ESP., enjoys some social interaction with her in small doses. I feel that I can increase my communication skills personally and professionally due to this assessment by stepping out of my comfort zone and engaging in more colonization. I realize that for the most part I am inflexible, which creates issues hen you are part of a team. I need to work on my flexibility in order to be successful on a team.

I need to learn to engage in small talk, as this puts people at ease at team meetings. A successful team is a team that is at ease with other, which opens the door for dealing with different opinions and thoughts on how to successfully complete a project. I also need to practice patience when working on a team with people who do not adhere to a structured schedule; I think if I communicate my desire to help them and be mindful that I WI need to be flexible, I can be successful on a team.

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