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Primary groups are important not only from the individual point of view, but they are equally important from the viewpoint of society. The primary group is the birth-place of human nature. Primary groups help in the socialization of the individuals and maintain social control over them. The attitude of kindness, love, sympathy, mutual help and sacrifice which provide the cementing force to social structure is developed in the primary group. The primary group is a heaven for the individuals where they can find comfort and security.

The primary relations are based on sympathy and mutual identification. The quality of behavior that a child picks up during its childhood in primary groups finds expression in adult life. Primary groups mound our opinions, guide our affection, influence our actions and determines our loyalties. A group is not just a collection of people. It is considered as a set of two and more interacting individuals to achieve certain goals and meet certain needs. These groups work in a pattern and use the resources of the organization to attain their goals.

Whatever type of group is formed their main aim would be to achieve their common objectives. Each individual in the group puts in his own skills , knowledge for the attainment of the group objectives this means pooling in of lot of ideas and this helps in simplifying the procedure of performing the task which intern will lead to achieving the objectives on time and efficiently. In today’s fast moving world it has become imperative to work as a team to attain common objectives.

Teamwork leads to sharing information, the team members bring different perspectives, ideas, experiences and greater knowledge, helping each other with task assigned and help reach the goals set by the organization and the team itself. Working as team also helps one to develop his personality and gives the confidence to perform the task successfully. It also encourages people to increase their output. It is at times also helpful to resolve the conflicts that might arise during the work. Each and every group or team will have a leader or a manger which will give guidance, direct and explain the tasks to be achieved.

For him it becomes easier in a group to explain things rather than explaining it to each and every individual separately. Primary groups satisfy many Psychology needs of the individuals. Individual’s mental peace, contentment and security from the primary groups. They get the advantage comparison ship, sympathy and exchange of throughout and feeling. They reduce mental ten and emotional stresses and strains. The Primary group not only provides satisfaction to the individuals, but also pro stimulus to each of its members in the pursuit of interest.

In primary groups member get inspiration and cooperation from the others. So, with confidence and courage they work and strive to achieve goals. Primary groups promote efficiency. In a family, person efficiency for his children that he can never work with such efficiency for himself. The primary group plays a vital role in the development of human personality. It is fundamental, in forming the social nature and ideas of the individual. The primary group’s s as the family the playgroup and the neighborhood play an important role in socializing child.

The development of self depends on close, intimate and personal contact among members in the primary groups. Primary groups teach the child the social norms, standard morals, beliefs, values and ideas of the society. The child acquires all his fundamental habits and attitudes of love and affection, sympathy, co-operation, sacrifice, disobedience, right and wrong . in the primary groups like family. In the play-group, the child learns to give a take with other children. The playgroup affords him early training in meeting his equals.

Learning to cooperate and to compete and struggling to express his own will. Primary groups make their member to learn and use culture and help the transmission of culture to succeeding generations. Upon the development of personality depends, in most cases upon primary groups. From the discussion it is clear that primary groups are of great individual as well as social importance. They are the medium through which we learn to prepare the individuals to lead a successful social life. They socialize individuals and give better shape to their personality.

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