Case Approach to Psychoanalytic Theory Essay Example
Case Approach to Psychoanalytic Theory Essay Example

Case Approach to Psychoanalytic Theory Essay Example

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  • Published: September 4, 2017
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From the psychoanalytic position. all techniques are designed to assist client addition penetrations and convey repressed stuff to the surface so that it can be dealt consciously.

Appraisal of Ruth

Looking at the symptoms such as anxiousness onslaughts. gorging. fright of achievement. fright of forsaking. and so forth—can be interpreted as outward manifestations of unconscious struggles that have their beginnings in childhood experiences and defensive reaction to these experiences that are necessary to her as a kid. Ruth is sing a split—a battle between opposing dimensions of herself. This struggle is between the portion of her that wants to alter and the other portion of her that clings to old forms that were one time necessary and have helped her maintain mental stableness all her life.

Development of Personality

In world. Ruth appears to hold superficial


ly avoided normal rebellion and have suppressed her gender except for following a wifelike function with the first adult male she dated. Although she followed the format of utilizing her female parent as a function theoretical account and holding kids by an acceptable hubby. she seemingly abdicated in the battles of gender. rebellion. and designation. go forthing these struggles unresolved. Her witting remembrance of her parents’ are of a stiff. fundamentalist male parent and a critical female parent and these may had affected her as a kid. a married woman. and a female parent besides. Ruth was socially stray and that her deficiency of relationship outside the household was enforced by her parents. at least in footings of dating. Her reaction to her girl Jennifer may really probably be related to her ain failure to arise.

Concept of Human Nature

A Freudian position of her father’

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rough reactions to Ruth “playing doctor”—would stress the Oedipus/Electra facets of this father-daughter brush. Ruth internalized her father’s excessively negative attitudes to gender. Her early preparation by her parents clearly made individualization in the object-relations sense—a really chilling proposition for her ; hence. an effort toward individualization is anxiety arousing. Ruth’s symptom of gorging likely gratifies her demand for fondness. Her weight job besides has a psychodynamic significance. Bing over-weight may take to her feeling sexually unattractive. and hence less likely to be faced with covering with her gender.

Ruth’s Personality harmonizing to Sigmund Freud

The unconscious is an of import determiner of human emotional responses and determination devising. This averment is cardinal in Freudian psychoanalytic theory and has been strongly supported by empirical research. Ruth’s symptoms suggest compatibility with psychoanalytically oriented therapy. Ruth—“playing doctor”—would stress the Oedipus/Electra facets of this father-daughter brush. Ruth internalized her father’s excessively negative attitudes to gender. Her early preparation by her parents clearly made individualization in the object-relations sense. Oedipus/Electra feelings by both parent and kid are considered portion of the normal development.

An Adlerian Approach to Ruth Case

The Adlerian attack focuses on helping clients to better understand how they perceive themselves. others. and life and to better appreciate their strengths and assets while avoiding the counterproductive perceptual experiences and behaviours that have led to the development and care of diagnostic behaviours in their life.

Development of Personality

Ruth feels pulled by both universes ; she is sing a struggle between fulfilling her demands in the occupational life undertakings and her demands in the family—intimacy life undertakings. She besides wanted to execute absolutely in both universes. Even though portion of her knows that the

demand for flawlessness is impossible. she has non let herself off the hook. Largely. she wants everyone involved in her to be happy with her and. above all. to avoid displeasing anyone. Ruth has put everyone else in her life foremost.

Ruth is the oldest among four siblings. raised in a household where difficult work and flawlessness were expected. Ruth believes that she is the 1 who is most affected by her sadness. The household atmosphere is rigorous and controlled. and she found her topographic point by caring for kids and others in a manner that she believed adult females were supposed to make.

Concept of Human Nature

Ruth’s male parent set a masculine guiding line that was characterized by a harsh. strict. austere. and angry character ; his every stance was autocratic. critical. and sacredly perfectionistic. Indeed. his male parent is a dominant autocratic. Ruth’s female parent set a feminine guiding line that was characterized by a serious devotedness to principle. righteousness. responsibility. and her hubby. The household ambiance was characterized by formality and stiffness. a stiff consistence and subject in which frivolousness and. so. felicity is out of topographic point.

Ruth’s personality harmonizing to Adlerian Therapy

Ruth’s instance generates a clear image of the client in relation to what Adler called the LIFE TASKS of ( a ) Friendship and societal relation. ( B ) work and business. and ( degree Celsius ) love. familiarity and gender. Case Approach to Person-centered Therapy ( Rogerian Therapy )

Development of Personality

Ruth is particularly attentive to how she views herself. including facets that are apparent and those that are inexplicit and ill-defined but organizing. Several constituents of Ruth’s self-concepts emerge from her

autobiography. In her ain words. Ruth identifies herself as the “good wife” and the “good mother” that her hubby expects from her. Frankincense. she strongly identifies herself with the functions of married woman and female parent but she defined and attempted to carry through these functions in the image her hubby wants. Until she was 30. Ruth identify and value system here strongly influenced by the fundamentalist faith of her parents. particularly her male parent. She feared that she would non be rejected by her parents if she did non populate up to their outlooks of who she should be.

Concept of Human Nature

Ruth’s self-concept is more peripheral. An of import hint to her self-concept is the position she has to her organic structure and it’s many symptoms. However. she defines herself. it is of import to recognize that the ego is embodied. that is contained in and map through a organic structure. Thus. an indispensable portion of her sense and feels about her organic structure. At present she views her physical ego as corpulence and unattractive. A big portion of Ruth’s mode of being is dominated by fright of terror. and a sense that many day-to-day life events and on-going concerns are overpowering. Ruth’s dissatisfaction with her demand for blessing is being apparent.

Ruth’s personality harmonizing to Person-centered therapy

From a person-centered position. guidance is directed at more than simply work outing jobs and giving information. It is chiefly aimed at assisting clients tap their interior resources so they can break cover with their jobs. both current and future. The end of this therapy in conformity to Ruth’s instance is to make a curative clime that will

assist Ruth detect the sort of individual she is. apart from being what others have expected her to be.

Case Approach to Reality Therapy

In the instance of Ruth. Reality Therapy focuses on happening the disappointing present relationship. We do non concentrate on the past because relationship jobs exist in the present and must be solved in the present. We do non concentrate on symptoms because they are ever chosen to cover with the present disappointing relationship. Symptoms will vanish when that relationship is improved.

Development of Personality

As Ruth presents herself. it is obvious that she has non been able to fulfill her basic needs except her demand for endurance. She does non experience that she has love. power. merriment. or freedom in her life. and her picks of anxiousness and terror are her ways of showing her utmost defeat. These symptoms are Ruth’s manner of stating “Help me! ” . Concept of Human Nature In world therapy. Ruth needs person who will listen to her and non knock for what she says. It is of import for Ruth to larn about her basic demands. She needs to work on her matrimony and better the relationship with her hubby.

Ruth’s personality harmonizing to Reality Therapy

It is of import that Ruth accepts herself. because in world therapy you are taking your actions and merely you can alter what you are making.

Cognitive Behavioral Approach applied to Ruth Case

A-B-C Framework

A= Activating event: Ruth hubby John doesn’t show fondness towards her. B= Belief: If person doesn’t show fondness or attending to Ruth she/he doesn’t love her. C= Behavioral/ Emotional effect: Can’t talk to toilet. feelings of solitariness and fright of losing her matrimony.

D= Intervention: Therapy concentrates on altering the defective belief of Ruth that if she doesn’t acquire attending she is unloved. E= Consequence: Ruth understands that John’s behavior doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love her anymore. F= New feeling: Ruth feels sad if John doesn’t show fondness towards her. but she no longer feels unloved because of that. Ruth’s other faulty Beliefs and attitudes: Fear of altering and being abandoned and entirely. Guilt Choosing non to use for the occupation and remain at place. go oning to be a good married woman and a good female parent.

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