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Fear Personal Essay Example
1562 words 6 pages

Fear is an emotion produced by the brain to avoid a potentially bad situation or it is also anxiety caused by the presence of danger. Fear is caused by a threatening situation. Winston Churchill once said, “ The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. ” This famous saying shows that fear affects […]

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Child Disorders Fear Feeling Mental Disorder Phobias Therapy
Xenophobia by Shantel Mayinoti Essay Example
649 words 3 pages

Xenophobia is the fear of foreigners resulting in violent actions . A report by the Human Sciences Research Council identified four broad causes for the violence: intense competition for jobs, commodities and housing group processes, including psychological categorization processes that are nationalistic rather than superordinate a feeling of superiority in relation to other Africans and […]

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Dr. Joseph Wolpe Essay Example
802 words 3 pages

Dr. Joseph Wolpe, born in 1917, he was a South African Psychiatrist, and during wartime he worked in a military psychiatric hospital. There he observed soldiers who mentally suffered from what they went through and observed while in war, better known today as post-traumatic stress syndrome. Dr. Wolpe decided to dedicate his work at the […]

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Disorders Mental Disorder Phobias Psychotherapy
Nyctophobia: Imagination and Interactive Process Essay Example
339 words 2 pages

Nyctophobia is a fear very common in young children. This phobia can also be present in adults. Nyctophobia is the fear of darkness and it often passes as a child grows. There are causes of this phobia and treatments to help the child over come it. This illness has symptoms that can help you detect […]

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Child Emotions Phobias
The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time Example Essay Example
1061 words 4 pages

Throughout the novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon, emotions are the most challenging problems of all for Christopher. However, beyond the drama of Christopher’s crises involving feeling, or interaction with other people, we glimpse a more general idea – that dealing with people and feelings is difficult. Discuss […]

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Emotions Incident Narration Phobias
A Phobia or Intense Fear That Cannot Be Controlled or Rationalized Essay Example
2200 words 8 pages

‘I have not been out of the house for six months. I did go to see my doctor at Christmas, but I got into such a state that I nearly collapsed, and now I get him to see me here. I feel safe here and I don’t get the awful feelings, but I’m not even […]

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Anxiety Emotions Phobias
Different Kinds of Phobias Essay Example
1797 words 7 pages

Ablutophobia: It is a persistent and irrational fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning. The phobia is more common in women and children, especially with people who are extremely emotional. Acarophobia: It is an abnormal and exaggerated fear of mites, small insects, or worms that cause itching. Bacillophobia: It is an irrational and persistent fear of […]

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Abnormal Psychology Emotions Phobias
Online Vs Traditional Education Analysis Essay Example
1052 words 4 pages

With the increase in use of the Internet, more people are online to make purchases, research information and now gain an online education. Online education is on the rise. People are choosing to get an online education more so now because people are busier than ever and more jobs are requiring a college education. Also […]

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Anxiety Education Phobias
Fears and Phobias Essay Example
581 words 3 pages

Everybody has experienced fear in their lives at one time or another and many people have irrational fears, for example people are scared of spiders even though human are bigger than them and they are unlikely to hurt them. But are fears useful and why do people have phobias, which can affect their day-to-day lives. […]

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Emotions Phobias
Viewing Behaviors From Different Perspective Essay Example
490 words 2 pages

In psychology, there are five perspectives which help us to make up explanations for different behaviors or reactions of people. They are biological, behavioral, cognitive, psychoanalytic and phenomenological perspective. In the following essay, I am going to explain the five perspectives in five familiar behavioral patterns.In case 1, most college students will feel anxiety when […]

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Anxiety Perspective Phobias Psychoanalysis
Anxiety Mental Disorders Essay Example
905 words 4 pages

Anxiety disorders are the most common of all the mental disorders. They affect an estimated 8 to 10 of every 100 children and adolescents.Anxiety is the brains way of telling the body that there is danger, something difficult, or something painful coming. It is a biological process that tells us when we can stay where […]

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Anxiety Fear Phobias
Classical Conditioning Example Essay Example
1258 words 5 pages

Abstract 1904 Nobel Prize Winner, Ivan Pavlov was born in Ryazan, Russia on September 14, 1849. Pavlov is best known for his intricate workings with the drooling dog experiment that lead to his further research in conditioning. This experiment, which began in 1889, had an influence on the development of physiologically oriented behaviorist theories of […]

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Behaviorism Classical Conditioning Phobias
Glossophobia: Fear and Early Traumatic Events Essay Example
2181 words 8 pages

Moreover, environment also contributes to the raise of this fear. It is best to start from the least scope, house. In this case, family plays a big role, especially parents. Parents sometimes overprotect their kids and hold the mindset that what parents do is always true. If such circumstances hold for a long time, the […]

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Fear Mind Phobias Self Esteem
Cause and effect of acrophobia Essay Example
493 words 2 pages

Feeling afraid to look down from the balcony of the twentieth floor or refusing to climb up a ladder is common with people of all ages. Susceptibility to the fear of heights is common. However, some suffer panic attacks when taking part in activities that involve being at a height. Moreover, these individuals consistently avoid […]

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Abnormal Psychology Emotions Phobias
What About Bob Apa Citation Essay Example
251 words 1 page

Bob Wiley is diagnosed with multiple phobias causing a hindrance in his life to function in the real world. Bob’s agoraphobia (STELTER, R. 2009), a fear of public places, causes him to be confined and work from his home. For that reason, his only friend is a pet fish named Gill that he carries around […]

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Health Mental Health Phobias
What About Bob Essay Example
1093 words 4 pages

In the 1991 comedy, What About Bob? Bill Murray portrays a peculiar and anxious man that is isolated by his multiple phobias and excessive dependence on therapists. Bob Wiley’s (Bill Murray’s character) fears range from germs to fear of having a heart attack or his bladder explode spontaneously. He will pretend to have Tourette syndrome, […]

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Anxiety Comedies Operant Conditioning Phobias Research
Specific Phobia Essay Example
691 words 3 pages

A specific phobia is an irrational fear of a usually harmless object, place or situation. This fear leads people to dread confronting everyday situations, or avoid them altogether. ‘The most common specific phobias are agoraphobia, the fear of crowded places and arachnophobia, the fear of spiders’ (Davenport, 1992, pg. 239). The main symptoms of person […]

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Abnormal Psychology Anxiety Phobias
How Is Xenophobia Expressed in This Play Essay Example
1489 words 6 pages

In the Merchant of Venice written by William Shakespeare, a Christian named Antonio asks to borrow money from the Jewish money-lender shylock. Bassanio is the Christian that asks Antonio to borrow the money from shylock so he could marry the fair, rich, maiden Portia. Jews were treated with racial discrimination by the Christians, simply because […]

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Phobias The Merchant Of Venice
What About Bob Diagnosis – Axes Paragraph Essay Example
1173 words 5 pages

PSYC 3350 Abnormal Psychology On-Line What About Bob “Multi-phobic personality characterized by acute separation anxiety . . . ” This is Dr. Leo Marvin’s diagnosis of Bob Wiley in the movie What About Bob. But exactly what does this mean? We all seem to have a vague understanding of what a phobia is, whether is […]

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Anxiety Mental Disorder Phobias
Art of Public Speaking Essay Example
1640 words 6 pages

This document covers hints and tips on public speaking and presentation skill, dealing with public speaking nerves and anxiety, public speaking skills and public speaking techniques, public speaking training. Fear of public speaking Why do we get public speaking anxiety? How to overcome fear of public speaking Building confidence in public speaking Public speaking training […]

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Anxiety Phobias Public Speaking
Informative Speech: Informs People About Phobias Such as Aerophobia, and Coaster Phobia. Essay Example
287 words 2 pages

My heart starts to race. It feels like its going to explode. My throat closes and I’m having trouble breathing. My palms are sweating now, and my head is dizzy. I feel like I might fall, I want to run, but I don’t know where… This reaction is a way to describe what people feel […]

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Emotions People Phobias
Nyctophobia Essay Example
699 words 3 pages

Are you afraid of sleeping alone in a dark room? Do you avoid being outside at night? Do you get nervous in a dark environment? Do you become angry or defensive if anyone tries to encourage you to spend time in the dark? If your answer is yes to any or all of the above […]

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Anxiety Phobias Psychotherapy

Popular Questions About Phobias

What are the top 10 phobias?
Fear of heights is one of the most common phobias (followed by public speaking) with an estimated 3 percent to 5 percent of the population suffering so-called acrophobia. While scientists had thought such phobia was the result of an irrational fear to normal stimuli, new research is suggesting otherwise.
What are the 3 types of phobias?
Top 10 Phobias of All Time - 2020 Update Arachnophobia - The fear of spiders. Nearly 30.5% of Arachnophobia sufferers (the excessive fear of spiders or other arachnids like scorpions) are living in the United States alone. Ophidiophobia - The fear of snakes. The fear of snakes or Ophidiophobia is the second most common zoophobia (right after the no. ... Acrophobia - The fear of heights. ... More items...
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