Proton Background Essay Example
Proton Background Essay Example

Proton Background Essay Example

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Company Background

Proton is stand for Perusahan Otomobil Nasional Berhad. Proton was established in 1983 as part of an ambitious national industrialization plan. Proton was set up to manufacture, assemble and sell motor vehicles and related products, including accessories, spare parts and other components.

Proton produced Malaysia's first car, the Proton Saga, commercially launched on July 9, 1985 by then Malaysian Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Mahathir Mohamed, who had originally visualized the idea of a Malaysian car.

Its model line-up includes the Waja, Satria GTi, Wira, Iswara, Arena, Perdana V6 and Juara. The range of 1. 3, 1. 5, 1. 6, 1. 8 and 2. 0 litre engines satisfies a wide spectrum of customers both locally and abroad. PROTON's main plant in Shah Alam, was originally designed for a capacity of 80 000 units per year. In 1997, capacity increased to 230 000 un


its per year with the construction of the Medium Volume Factory, which is next to the Main Plant. Today, the Shah Alam factory is capable of producing 240 000 vehicles per year.

Besides being shareholders, Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation are also Proton's technical assistance partner and component supplier. Proton has a total of 11 subsidiaries and 11 associate companies, which are involved in manufacturing, research and development, sales and service activities. December 30, 1996, marked the launch of the Proton Putra, a two-door coupe, as well the production of our millionth car from the Shah Alam plant.

Proton made a major step in upgrading its engineering capabilities with the acquisition of Lotus Group International Limited, a British automotive engineering company and manufacturer of luxury sports cars in October 1996. Together, Proton and Lotus offer large-scale

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manufacturing capabilities with world-class engineering expertise. Although relatively brief, our Company history is one of the remarkable achievements of which we are proud of. In our pride lies the vital energy that drives us forward and forces us to take on new challenges. cars are making their mark internationally as competitive and innovative automobiles. They are now being exported to 50 countries including the highly competitive United Kingdom and continental European markets.

With concerted and unswerving commitment from customers, business associates, shareholders, government agencies, and employees, Proton is realising its goal of being an internationally successful Malaysian automotive manufacturer. It is achieving this by being customer oriented and by producing competitively priced and innovative products. Thus, it is contributing to Malaysia's attainment of Vision 2020. With solid base built up over the last 10 years, Malaysia's car manufacturing industry is progressing vigorously.

Below are important events that led to the incorporation of Perusahan Otomobil Nasional Berhad (PROTON) and its achievements.

Proton’s Main Objective

  1. To spearhead the automotive Industrialization process and manufacturing Industries
  2. To acquire and upgrade technology and industrial skills within the automotive manufacturing Industry
  3. To strengthen the international competitiveness of Malaysia’s Industrial capability Vision The launch of our Research and Development facilities has contributed a most critical activity, innovation in design and creative engineering methods.

We strive to become a successful Malaysian Automotive Manufacturer globally by being customer-oriented and producing competitively priced and innovative quality products. Since its inception, we have gained a significant international presence bringing Proton to 27 countries across South-East Asia to the Middle-East, China, South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom. Over the years we have increased cost-efficiency, reliability and quality through the use

of automation and robotics in manufacturing processes.

The launch of our Research and Development facilities has contributed a most critical activity, innovation in design and creative engineering methods. Consumers can now expect Proton’s Main Objective to deliver more unique, stylish and attractively priced cars. The new Proton branding system is a critical milestone in our continued commitment to realise our vision. Building a powerful brand globally requires us to consistently manage all points of contact with our many audiences and ensure that they are in harmony with our guiding vision. The first and foremost representatives of the Proton Main Objective brand are our people.

The way we listen to our customers' needs and the way we respond to these needs leave a powerful impression in our customers' minds as to who we are and what our brand stands for.

This is the motivation behind everything we do for our customers and is defined by three primary components:  These components of our brand strategy are all built around a compelling central idea about our brand that drives all other expressions.

It is our ability to deliver on this vision that creates our customers‚ preference for our brand over those of our competitors.


Proud, Reliable, Innovative, Knowledgeable, Caring. We are committed to delivering competitive quality products and services, total customer satisfaction and shareholder value by building on our competencies, adhering to the highest levels of integrity and professionalism and in continuously investing in maximizing the potential and knowledge of our people. At Proton, we have challenging but unique opportunities to change people's perceptions of what we stand for by asserting a clear brand personality founded on a set of brand attributes that

should guide all our activities and communications.


Although relatively brief, our Company history is one of the remarkable achievements of which we are proud of. In our pride lies the vital energy that drives us forward and forces us to take on new challenges.


Naturally, we are committed to providing quality products and services. More important is however receiving recognition for such quality from our customers. Not only our customers but also our business associates and shareholders need to trust our ability to deliver on our promise of quality.

Our people are the impetus for this success and to this end we are dedicated to building a learning organisation, focusing on human resources development and long term employment. Innovative. Challenging the status quo we continually seek new and unique solutions, products, services and distribution means in anticipation of changes in customer expectations. Our ability to innovate is also geared at developing collaborative relationships with other national projects to assist in the development of indigenous products able to compete in the international markets.


Our practices are embedded in total quality management and the ability to add value in an expert way. We continually strive to expand our skills and expertise in order to find better solutions and produce better results. As a national project, Proton is also committed to lead in the acquisition of intellectual capability in design and technology, which will propel the nation to achieve the status of an industrialised nation.


With people as our primary focus, we are ommitted to building a friendly organisation, centred on personal touch and sensitivity to customers' needs with clear communications leading to mutual understanding. As an asset to our nation, we are

also a responsible corporate citizen, committed to the development of our nation.


More than just a graphic device, the new Proton identity is our mark of pride, which embodies the positive qualities that have come to be associated with Proton over the years. The diamond shape, derived from our very first top mark, and the colour scheme are a symbol of continuity with our past success.

The tiger head conveys clearly our Malaysian heritage being associated to the two tigers displayed on our national coat of arms. The tiger is thus a symbolic representation of our origins and stands for the value we represent as a national project. Historically it is a symbol of royalty throughout Asia much like the lion was in the old world and is an animal believed to hold magical powers by many cultures. From the power of this mighty creature, we derive a strong allegorical expression of the quality that distinguishes our products.

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