The Flea by John Donne

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The most important theme in this poem is Marriage. The speaker is trying to seduce a woman into marrying him. Donne simply uses a Flea as to show the reader with a sense of descriptions “The Flea” is a symbol for a merger. A part of the speaker’s strategy of seduction is to make the woman believe that marriage is just a small thing.The Flea is also a symbol of the fact that it has both the blood of the male and the female making their blood one, as a method of persuasion the speaker makes this comparison the same with a marriage therefore, making the actual marriage ceremony seem like it’s not a big deal the speaker goes as far to say “We almost, yea, more than married are. ” The speaker obviously tells his Love “This flea is you and I, and this our marriage bed, and marriage temple is.

” Pretty much the husband is saying that there both one & it’s their marriage also, it’s her duty.Although, I believe that the narrator’s tactics of persuasion are not that skillful in this poem. If I were this woman I wouldn’t be losing my virginity to some guy who said that we were married because we both were bitten by the same flea. The idea is ridiculous. He doesn’t even bother mentioning love, devotion, or respect.

In marriage ceremony the wife and husband become one and because their blood has already been mixed inside the flea, the speaker seems to think that they are, by all practical means, married because they were both bitten by the same flea.This helps his seduction argument and when the woman kills the flea he says she’s broken the marriage. The husband methods were not sufficient in my mind, the best the husband can say is that they were already married. As tactfully as he can the speaker changes the argument.

He continues by saying that if the woman yields to his suggestions it will be as easy and painless as killing the flea was. This is a change of strategy. He goes from arguing that sex wouldn’t be wrong but rather her duty because they are married to saying that it wouldn’t hurt so just do it. It’s a somewhat a clever

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