Turning Personal Problems Into Public Issues Essay Example
Turning Personal Problems Into Public Issues Essay Example

Turning Personal Problems Into Public Issues Essay Example

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  • Published: September 28, 2017
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In his ain words. Mills claimed “it is the capacity to switch from one position to another…the capacity to run from the most impersonal and distant transmutations to the most intimate characteristics of the human ego – and to see the dealingss between the two of them” . Mills believed that being able to see the relationship between the ordinary lives of people and the wider societal forces was the key to the sociological imaginativeness. Cardinal to Mills theory is the thought of public issues and private problems.

An individual’s problems are personal when they occur because of the person’s character. Public issues. nevertheless. are a direct consequence of the jobs within society. they affect people enormously but frequently the person will delegate the job as their ain personal ruin instead than as a social job. An ordinary a


dult male may acquire down about being unemployed and automatically accept it as his ain personal problem. He will be condemned as being ‘lazy’ or ‘work-shy’ and labeled merely as a ‘scrounger’ .

However. if there are 1000s of other persons besides unemployed. Mills argues it should so be treated as a public issue. Another good illustration of this is divorce. If merely a few divorces occur within a society than it can be seen as individual problems of the people involved. If. nevertheless. multitudes of people are acquiring divorced every twelvemonth than it can be seen as a public issue where establishments like matrimony. jurisprudence and media need to be looked at.

Mills suggested was that these kinds of jobs are interwoven with the large-scale jobs of society where authorities policy may be involved and hence are a ‘public

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issue’ . It is clear from this that what sociology focuses on is the influence of societal forces on behaviour and how persons and groups respond to these forces. The one good thing about turning personal jobs into public issues is the consciousness that everyone has about a peculiar state of affairs.

I believe when we don’t turn personal jobs into public issue we sometimes 2nd conjecture ourselves. I look at how I was let travel from a good occupation that I had. in which I was terminated after retrieving from a work related hurt. Now I see others who have went through the same thing that I went through and I think to myself this is the 1 clip I should hold made a personal job a public issue. So what that being said we need to do some personal jobs into public issues to assist others from traveling through something that we have went through.

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