Aspects of the English Patient Essay Example
Aspects of the English Patient Essay Example

Aspects of the English Patient Essay Example

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Which is presented in a chronological order. In which bits and chunks of memories dwelling in past and present makes up the whole story of the novel. In the whole novel power of emotional bonding and the consequences of war are quite vivid. But as we move towards the end of the novel, there are certain expositions which lead the story in a different way.

In the last scene as Henna's birthday Is celebrated and Kip himself Is making food for Hanna, as they have a bond of Intimacy between them, besides that scene the belief of kip Is also shattered with he news of bomb explosion on Hiroshima as a result he returns back to India.

In the End of novel then Kip is seen as a doctor In India living with his family happily. And sometimes he missed Hanna t



As far as the Conclusion about the novel Is concerned then the results may vary on the counterpart of the readers, different minds come up with different perceptions and Ideas, for me the end Is haphazardly arranged In which all of a sudden KIP moved to his homeland leaving behind Hanna for no reason, and the focus of novel is transcended all of a sudden. There is no certain lesson as a general in the end. As the concept of multiculturalism lies in the subsistence of the different ethnic groups living together.

Each group showing up its own distinctive characteristics but still amalgamate in the present.

As far as this novel is concerned with the concept of multiculturalism, then it is well Justified according to the specific theme as we see the

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characters existing in the novel and war is the only reason which enforce all of them to show up in the particular consign. As we observe the different characters Hanna who is a Canadian Nurse, along with the English patient Llamas who appears English an.

Aggravating who is a Canadian thief and works for the British intelligence. Kip would be another example of this, as he is an Indian who is working for the British in the war. While he works for the West, he holds dislike for its savage ways.

Henceforth, The Italian villa serves to be the one haven or sanctuary where all of these individuals who are impacted by their condition of the war seek to find a realm that resides away from it. In this, the setting, once again, impacts the behavior multiculturalism through the characters exist.

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