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L. O CYP 3. 1 1. 2 The difference between sequence of development and rate of development. Children will usually follow the same pattern of development, the ages of which they reach them could vary depending on them as an individual as each child is unique and will develop at their own rate. Goals of development are given on a wide average of when the children may be expected to reach this particular stage. In schools some children stand out from the rest of the class because they have reached a certain goal before the rest of the pupils or on the other hand because they haven’t yet reached the goal when everyone else maybe has done.

When a child develops if they achieve this by sequencing it enables you to plan effectively and at the right time. When recording the rate of development it helps you to identify any concerns that you may have within the development area, this enables you to further investigate why this is happening. Also there are certain areas such as physical development were a child may develop in that stage much sooner and quicker than others e. g. puberty and thus there may need to be some additional provision made when getting changed for P.

E etc. Children’s growth patterns can be very different from other pupils in the class and they could be much taller/smaller than their classmates and this could affect the way they are treated by other pupils and this could affect social and emotional development. In conclusion the usual rate of development is the time frame in which the developing takes place and the sequence of development is the order in which the developing of a child occurs.

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