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Chief Guest Speech on the occasion of Annual Day of Panchanabettu Higher Elementary School ; Mr president, Head master Mrs Jayanti, and other dignitaries on the dias. I have been made as a guest for todays function. But I feel I would not be an appropriate person for this post. First of all I would like to clarify that I can not be a guest for any functions of this school nor of this Panchanabettu village. Because I born and brought up here and this school is like my home. I am one of the member of this family and family member can not be a guest.

So when Jayanti Teacher informed me that they would lke me to be guest I was very much embarrassed and was not willing to accept the invitation. However as I wanted to be part of this function and thought it would be a good occasion for putting my thought before you. So I am here in front of. Coming to todays function it gives me immense pleasure to be part of annual day of my beloved school after long time. I still remember those days when I used to study here. I have no doubt whatsoever to declare infront of all of you that whatever I am today it is because of this school.

The foundation of my development was built here and fortunately it was so strong and it enabled me to reach my present status. As all of you are aware this school is established in the year 1965 and since then it has produced number of veterans who now hold respectable positions in the various walks of life. In my opinion this school is responsible to a great extent for the prosperity of the people who learnt from this school . You all know that when you are in your adolescent the mind remains totally fresh, unpolluted and whatevr is put in it gets registered permanently. Sam e thing happened with me too.

I studied up 7th standard in this school and thereafter another three years in hiriadka High school . Even after 40 years I still remember all that happened in these 10 years of early schooling days. (Give examples of what you remember…. Kannada lecture of Bhaskear shetty, English teaching by Govindray pai and geography by Laxminarayan tantri ) So it is because of these teachers I was able to make so much of prosperity in the later part of my life. So it is necessary that all those who pass through this stage get the same treatment by the present teachers so that the future of student ecomes bright. Second important thing which I would like to high light is the role of parents. It is always said that the future of a person is decided based on the birth time. But I don’t agree with this view. The parents too play a major role in shaping the future of the child. In my case my father who was a illiterate but was taking lot of interest in my studies. Always used to ask what was thought each day in class. Used to question me like if price of one quintal sugar is 300 rupees then what is the price per one kg sugar.

He used to keenly watch my performance in the exam and never used to be happy if I did not score ist rank. Probably his keen interest in my studies made me to learn with more serious ness. So I request each one of parents here please take interest in the studies of the children it makes so much difference for them. Thirdly I want to emphasise the role of teachers in building the future of students. I acmpare this with afilm where students are actors. Success of the film is always attributed to actors whereas various other persons like stoty writer, director, camera men etc play a very useful role.

Hoever no body remembers them as they are not visble. Exactly like this teachers play major role in shaping the students. I was fortunate to get a very good faculty during my school days. So most of tose with me have prospered significantly. I request the Teachers to keep this in mind. Their interest must always in the prosperity of students. This doesn’t mean becoming very strict and punishing the children every now and then for their faults. They should play a very matured role and I suggest adopt the way of love and affection rather acting like policeman.

In this context corruption by affection would be most appropriate. If you are affectionate to some body and he will do every thing to you. So the parents should develop this policy which I feel would work very well in developing the children. Further I also suggest there must be objective manner of rewarding the teachers. My wife was informing to introduce providing prize to the best performing teacher. Finally I would like to make appeal to the students. I know this is the time for them for playing an enjoying rather becoming serious about life.

Nonetheless this a very crucial period for shaping up their future life. The qualities developed during this period would turn in to life time habits. So I appeal all the students be very attentive to what the teachers teaching and develop a very healthy culture so that they will have a bright future ahead. I think I have exhausted the time allotted to me and I don’t want to be an obstacle between you and the very interesting entertainment programme going follow . I thank MrsJayanti for givng me an opportunity of putting forward my thoughts in front of you and finish my speech.

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