Schools Are No Longer Safe Essay

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Some people might consider schools to be safe. Some people think that teachers are guardians –watchful protectors– that would let no harm come to any individual. Children are kept off the streets, out of trouble and far from experimentation and curiosity’s grasp when they attend school instead of wandering about the streets aimlessly. The cruel reality is that the teachers aren’t always the saints they are taken for. Sometimes those very so-called “angels” are the main cause of violence and abuse.

Children also become hostile towards one another, which isn’t an uncommon sight. It is possible for children to develop psychological problems due to their fear of attending school. A school provides shelter from external threats such as drug dealers and thugs. Sometimes schools are safer than the child’s home.

It could be that the child’s parents are drunkards or that the child’s home does not provide protection against the elements such as harsh sunlight or heavy storms. Some schools even provide food for their students.Some students hate going to school because they feel they are being held captive. This is also a cause of children misbehaving as they “act out” to show that adults have no power over them or simply to punish their parents/guardians for “punishing” them.

Most students do not fully grasp the importance of an education. The scenario in every school is different and the destructive and abusive environments are most common in poor communities. In my opinion the majority of schools tend to torment rather than treasure children.

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