Mythical Allusions and Representations of Eve Essay Example
Mythical Allusions and Representations of Eve Essay Example

Mythical Allusions and Representations of Eve Essay Example

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  • Published: November 23, 2021
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While studying various literature books, journals, websites and other organizational databases concern the creation and fall of Adam of Eve, they are able to teach more technical and valuable information including the origin of Satan. Some literature works clearly expounded on the Biblical narrative and showed more detailed and critical story. By analyzing a certain poem, there was a discovery of both biblical and classical allusions that were portrayed from the poem. This research, though, was to have an in-depth study of the mythical allusions as seen in the poem. From the research, Christian religion is based on the sermons of going against the rules set by the authority. One seeks the truth from the teachings that were put into place originally. Through this, one is able to relate the basic relationships between mythical and Biblical teachings. This expresses deep fe


elings in the nature of human beings that enables them come into different conclusions. The truth remains that Adam and Eve existed in the first place.

In order to achieve the case study, the work was divided into four subtitles. The first section indicates the mythical allusions portrayed in the ‘Paradise Lost’ poem. In the second category, it explains how the allusions reinforce the theme and character in the text. The third part points out one portrayal of Eve from ‘Representations of Eve in Antiquity and the Middle English Ages’book. In the fourth section, it compares thepresentations of Eve from thepoem and ‘Slave Rex Judeorum’ book.

Mythical allusions demonstrated in‘Paradise Lost’. There are various classical allusions portrayed from the poem; Theogony and Metamorphoses being one of them. Theogony is a poem written by Hesiod that foretells th

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origins of the Greek gods and complicated stories that surround them(White 116). His story relates to Genesis story that depicts about the creation of the world from nothing. He refers to Earth as Gaia, darkness as Erebus, love as Eros and night as Nyx. From Erebus, Day was born who made love with Erebus and therefore conceived.

Metamorphoses allusion is a poem depicted by Ovid to summarize various myths that were already discovered in his time. Ovid demonstrates how humans are transformed due to the reaction of emotional gods. Furthermore, they have direct relationship with these gods enhancing their immorality(Ovid, Kenney and Melville). From the story of Apollo and Daphne, Daphne remains beautiful despite his physical transformation and becoming immortal. Daphne becomes attached to the gods; therefore transforms though not experiencing destruction. In the story of Narcissus and Echo, Narcissus portrays pride that leads to change in her body and death results. This demonstrates continuous transformation but not destruction. The story of Arachne also relates to Narcissus and Echo.

How the allusion reinforces theme and character in the poem. The poem solves the misrepresentations of Theogony description. Milton utilizes the myth to come to a conclusion about the list of the angels that had fallen and to disclose wars that have been happening in heaven. Hesiod narrates the story as a struggle that happens for more than three generations and reaches the peak as holy patriarchy(Gallagher 121-148). Theogony is exposed in the poem whereby the fallen angels dispute among themselves; each wanting to secure worship places invarious shrines. Milton illustrates the errors portrayed by Hesiod including the manner in which he cuts off the divine power and

his emphasis on usage of idols in order to gain physical force. The false information demonstrated by Satan during war in Heaven and Hell, was a misrepresentation of what was inspired by Hesiod.

The strategically use of Ovidian mythology had many different functions. Ovid describes Eve as bright, shining and young beauty. This description is used by Milton to conclude the fallen Eve originating from a far but familiar world. She is highlighted as Narcissus, Daphne and Proserpina(Durham University) ; giving a reason behind which Milton can further expound on the events experienced by Eve. The names used to refer to Eve have both negative ad positive traits. Eve is portrayed in a manner in which the reader can be able to understand and interlink the events that happened.

Characters portrayed in ‘Representations of Eve in Antiquity and the Middle English Ages’. Eve symbolizes equality and common history. Eve uses her body to lure Adam into eating the fruit. It reflects the status of women and how they can easily be tempted. It demonstrates how women were viewed in different times and the consequences they have been facing since then. Women are inferior to men and naturally weaker to committing a sin. Moreover, they can easily tempt men into doing evil acts.

Comparison of representation of Eve from literature works. In Paradise Lost, Eve is not presented directly to the people but through motivational and controlled objects from Metamorphoses. Milton had painted a portrait of Eve. This link shows us an imaginative coloring so that one is able to understand the role and nature of Eve. Eve is able to use her beauty to influence Adam into sin.

She becomes the person to be blamed for the original sin. The Serpent uses a beautiful creature to easily persuade her about the good things to come apart from the beauty that already exists.

In ‘Slave Rex Judeorum’, Eve is portrayed in a different perspective from the Bible. Adam is given Eve as natural gifting from God. It is her duty to make Adam happy and be subjected to him. Adam is more superior to Eve and is not equal. She is seen as simply having a good heart unlike misinterpreted by Genesis. Genesis is the first book of the Bible. Eve is considered inferior to Adam and should not be called a sinner. She does not get to understand that eating the fruit from the Garden of Eden is prohibited. Garden of Eden is the place where the first human beings were placed by God.


By analyzing various literature books and other resources, the study concludes that the story of Adam and Eve has set a powerful impact in the lives of the people. Nowadays, people have many versions concerning the story based on scientific research. Many people, though, still believe the initial story as depicted in the Holy book. Others believe in stories that have recently developed while other people do not see any value in the story. With continuous researches, there are more deeper and symbolic meanings. Regardless of this, everyone is obliged to follow the initial teachings that guide us though a better understanding.

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