Statement of Purpose for Masters in Information Technology Essay

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My decision to take up Information and Communications Technology was a logical culmination to my fascination for Software designs and programming which started as mere curiosity but soon developed into an obsession. These spurred me towards building the foundation during my Bachelor’s Program in Electrical Engineering and got certified in Java programming in the process. Knowledge and proper training are essential to succeed in today’s highly competitive world.

The best place where I can achieve this is in the United States of America – the undisputed leader in developing new products and processes. Not only is America the birthplace of my chosen field of study, it has also nurtured it for it’s full growth and continuous development. To achieve my goals, I want to pursue a Master’s program in Information and Communications Technology. It is the ideal way for me to gain the knowledge and skills to stand tall as an Information technology professional.

During my undergraduate studies, I acquired a comprehensive knowledge of computer hardware in all its complexity. I also learnt of diverse software and their applications. Some of the subjects I studied were computer graphics, computer methodology and algorithms, logic circuits, principles of communication engineering, C programming, object oriented programming, assembly language as well as programming using different tools.

I have enhanced my skills with recent Internet technologies like Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Basic 6. , and Java. My choice of courses for the Master’s program in your university will in fact be a sequel to these. Computer programming and the Internet have for long been my fascination, which is rendered during my National Youth Service Corpe. I embark on several projects which were successfully completed while still in service. My projects included Student Record Management Systems in Java, GP Calculator in Visual Basic 5. 0, Purchase Management System in Java. Consequently, I have learnt one thing; deadlines must be met.

I seek to fulfill my goals in an environment that encourages creativity and motivation. I feel confident that the staff and facilities in your institute will provide me with such an environment. I am well aware of the demands of studying in the more competitive American environment. I am certain that I am mentally and physically competent to succeed at your school. I am basically a hard working and a sincere person. My enthusiasm and urge to excel will help me to make the best use of every learning opportunity.

On completion of my Masters course, I plan to get work experience for six months to a year in America. In the long term I plan opening a Software Development consulting firm couple with a Software training Institute. I am sure that I will be able to contribute to the betterment of my country. I have chosen your university because I feel that my career goals would be best realized here. The comprehensive nature of your course, the facilities offered, the ecology and the location would be better suited to me than elsewhere.

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