Medical Personal Statement Essay Example
Medical Personal Statement Essay Example

Medical Personal Statement Essay Example

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  • Published: August 21, 2017
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Two incidents ignited my understanding of the gravity of practicing medicine: detecting the odor of singed skin during a surgical operation and observing a six-year-old child succumb to Dengue fever. Nevertheless, despite these occurrences, my ardor for and dedication to medicine endures.

My most unforgettable time in a hospital took place at St. Lucia, situated in the Caribbean's core. This one-of-a-kind chance gave me an unparalleled learning experience and permitted me to delve into a specialized field of medicine within a less economically developed country (LEDC), which only further fanned my aspiration to become a doctor.

Throughout this placement, I worked daily from 9 am until 5 pm on the General Surgery wards of Victoria Hospital. Rather than just observing doctors, I received practical training on numerous procedures such as injecting cannulas, drawing blood samples, monitoring heart rate and blood press


ure, and suturing.

Working with the theatre team allowed me to support surgeons and work alongside nurses in achieving successful surgical outcomes. During my time observing doctors, I was motivated to learn from their communication abilities and attributes. As I gained their confidence, doctors relied on me to provide medical briefings by interviewing patients about their medical background, symptoms, and medication history to propose potential diagnoses and treatment plans.

Repeating this process daily not only increased my expertise but also improved my communication abilities and professional conduct. Through this, I realized that medicine involves a personal agenda where attaining the patient's confidence and conveying medical terminology in an understandable language are crucial factors. During my stint at the local hospital in St. Lucia, I encountered the harsh reality that not everyone can be cured. It also made m

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comprehend that being a doctor is not as glamourous as depicted in hospital dramas. However, the feeling of witnessing someone recuperate outweighs any uncertainties or doubts one may have.

During my time, the memories of those moments motivated me to go to work and work extra hours for patients. The hope of recovery pushed me to do a 24 hour shift and read to a child in intensive care. When I returned to England, I continued my bi-weekly volunteer work for a year at my local hospital, where I was able to make significant improvements in the hospital environment. What I once saw as necessities, such as having an MRI scanner, I now see as privileges. My work in the A&E department during my hospital experience has been the most fulfilling.

Volunteering at the hospital provided me with valuable medical experience, even though I worked until midnight on Fridays after a full week of school. However, I found the work fulfilling and spent time in the A&E department handling difficult cases, including graphic and unsettling injuries like stab wounds and broken bones.

As a volunteer, I had the opportunity to interact with patients and offer assistance. I also had the chance to observe and aid doctors during their routines. After completing 100 hours of voluntary work at the hospital, I was offered a part-time paid job as a health care assistant in the emergency department (A;E). Here, teamwork was essential due to the busy environment, and clear communication and a close rapport with colleagues was crucial to success. This was particularly important when assisting patients with disabilities, helping them dress and move around with care.

The role I was

assigned required me to take on additional responsibilities in A&E, beyond my previous role as a volunteer. I was now relied on to carry out essential tasks such as cleaning patients and preparing wards and beds for incoming cardiac arrest patients. Despite the increased pressure, I managed well by carefully considering tasks, creating plans, and remaining calm. Additionally, I volunteered at a local kids club for disadvantaged children for six weeks, working with children aged 5-15 who had either a mental or physical disability. This experience allowed me to expand beyond the hospital environment and broaden my skill set.

Having to interact with children who struggled with verbal communication taught me the importance of body language as a means of expression. I had to learn to interpret their gestures and noises to understand their messages and respond accordingly, often using my own actions and gestures to convey words and emotions. During my time in school, we participated in a nationwide competition inspired by the BBC program Question Time. Our school was tasked with hosting its own version of the show.

Having been interested in politics from a young age, I naturally led the team that coordinated our school. Together with my team, we communicated with various members of the school community, including care takers, students, teachers, office staff, dinner staff, and security staff to involve them in our school's question time and learn about their political interests. Additionally, I taught PHSE classes for years 7-10 where I developed debate games about current issues and educated them on the political system. Our school's question time featured prominent political figures like Paul Nuttle and Ester McVeigh and was

judged by two representatives from the BBC. Thanks to our hard work, our school came out on top in the nation and received an exclusive behind-the-scenes opportunity at London's Question Time set where we collaborated with BBC producers to coordinate the program and suggest panel members.

Through enrolling in the Open University YASS course and selecting Medicine, Molecules, and Drugs, I have augmented my ability to undertake independent study. This course aligned with my profound interest and admiration for biochemistry and challenged my proficiency to pursue a syllabus outside the scope of my A-levels. In addition to this, I have completed an Extended Project that contributes towards my AQA baccalaureate. The project necessitated that I compose a 5000-word essay on a topic of my choice that I would explore and scrutinize.

My independent study was challenged when I had to choose a topic outside the domains of my A-levels, making it impossible for teachers to assist me. Fortunately, I turned to the university library and spent significant time looking through books to gather information for my project. I also extended my research to include TV documentaries and newspaper articles in addition to books and the internet. My academic interests extend beyond school, as evidenced by my subscription to the science magazine BBC Focus. As an avid reader, I often write articles about recent scientific discoveries and submit them to the magazine.

Recently, I have been intrigued by a novel substance named Metaflex that has the ability to control light rays and consequently, may have the potential to be invisible to the unaided human vision.

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