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Reducing Disparities in Healthcare
1692 words 4 pages

Have you ever asked yourself why despite improvements in the health care sector and population health, there still exist so many disparities in health and healthcare? Do you wonder why disparities continue to be a long standing challenge in United States resulting in certain group of individuals receiving low quality healthcare leading to poor health […]

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Health Care Readmission
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care
1509 words 3 pages

Affordable Care Act amended by Health and Education Reconciliation Act became law on 23rd March, 2010. However, full implementation occurred on 1st June, 2014 the moment employer and individual provisions of responsibilities took effect. As a result health insurance exchange begun to operate, flow of small-employer group subsidies, and the Medicaid expansions took effect(Kieber-Emmons, […]

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Patient Readmission
United State Reconstruction
1433 words 3 pages

Reconstruction in United State started in the Civil War. In December 1863, less than a year following the issue of the Emancipation Proclamation, Pres. Abraham Lincoln foretold the first comprehensive program for Reconstruction, the Ten Percent Plan. Below it, while one-tenth of a state’s prewar voters got an oath of loyalty, they could set up […]

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American History Readmission Reconstruction
The Most Famous Person Abraham Lincoln
1249 words 3 pages

Abraham Lincoln The American presidency is definitely one of the most generally recognized famous icons throughout the entire world. America has had 43 presidents in total. After evaluating and considering the performance of each of them in terms of their initiatives, leadership skills, vision and both domestic and foreign policies, I have come up with […]

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Abraham Lincoln President Readmission
A Need for Managed Care: Readmission Reduction in Heart Failure Patients
1022 words 2 pages

The importance of readmission reduction in healthcare is something that is well documented across all of the healthcare. This is likely due to the current penalties through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP). According to the National Committee for Quality Assurance, “preventing avoidable hospital readmissions is considered by […]

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Health Health Care Readmission
Medicine and Health – Health Information Technology
942 words 2 pages

Introduction Affordable Care Act(ACA) is a United States healthcare transformation law that enlarges and advances access to care and controls expenditure via regulations and levies. It is also referred to as Obamacare. Cost containment in the other hand is the commercial application of maintaining expense levels to avoid unnecessary expenditures. These is meant to lower […]

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Health Health Care Medicine Readmission

Popular Questions About Readmission

What does readmission mean?
readmission - the act of admitting someone again; "the surgery was performed on his readmission to the clinic".
How to prevent readmission?
Take a look at these tips to prevent hospital readmission. Get a clear understanding of the care plan. Keep in contact with the doctors. Make the necessary follow up appointments and attend them. Hire a caregiver to help you or your loved one recover comfortably at home.
How to reduce readmission?
10 Proven Ways to Reduce Hospital Readmissions.1. Understand which patient populations are at greatest risk of readmissions. It is critical hospitals identify which patient populations are at 2. Target patients with limited English proficiency. Healthcare experts agree patients with limited English proficiency are at increased risk of 3. Participate in incentive programs with payors. Hospital and health systems across the country have been enrolling or partnering in incentive 4. Join a readmission prevention-focused collaborative. Although they do not involve financial incentives, collaboratives can provide a way for health More items
What is all cause readmission?
Readmissions are attributable to a wide range of factors, including the availability of social supports and post-acute care for people, especially those of low income, as they transition from the hospital back into the community.