Pre-Medicine Essay Example
Pre-Medicine Essay Example

Pre-Medicine Essay Example

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  • Published: December 31, 2017
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Why am I Interested In Pre-Medicine? I have never given It many thoughts before; however, when I sat down in front of my computer to write this essay, the reasons leapt right into my head as fast as a speeding bullet. Becoming a doctor has always been my niche; something that has always been apart of me ever since I was a child. Have always been fascinated with the impact one can create through service in medicine. A question often asked to students by their teachers: "What would you Like to become when you grow up? My classmate had responded to the question by eying that she would like to work in a candy shop so that she could eat candy all day. Following her response I answered with a serious expression on my face, saying that I would like to become a doctor. My


response, so certain compared to my peers' colorful responses, brought out a laugh from my kindergarten teacher.

She responded by telling the parents visiting for Career Day that seemed ready for medical school already.

Wrinkling my nose in distaste at the prospect of more school, replied by saying that I wanted to become a doctor because I liked the "superhero capes" that they wear. That drew even more laughs from the adults In the room. Little did I know that there was truth in my answer- doctors are indeed heroes in everyday life. By high school, my passion for the sciences set my resolve to become a doctor. I walk into my science class's everyday excited, knowing that I will be learning something new, complex, and Interesting.

I love

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finding out the "why" behind everything that happens in the world around us, such as our genetic makeup. The knowledge that science makes our lives easier in many ways, such as minimizing us from potentially detrimental illnesses, fascinates me. Twelve years have passed and my thirst for becoming a doctor Is still very prevalent. It was very difficult to see my loved ones lose their life from common health challenges such as liver failure, stroke, and cancer. I developed a strong desire to fight these diseases with the ability I will learn in the future.

As I learned about those tragic moments in my family's life and relatives, I developed a strong desire to pursue medicine.

I want to help people and bring change in their life. I hope to become a specialized doctor in a field I am interested in so that I can go out to the world to help people and make difference in heir life. I feel very blessed to have many supporters in my life such as family and friends that have motivated me throughout my life to keep working hard and to never give up.

I have chosen to apply to the Western Michigan university In the pre-med major because I am a compassionate, motivated and committed individual I enjoy 1 OFF someone needs some support. Becoming a doctor is a great way for me to get out into the world and help those in need.

I believe that attending the Western Michigan University can help me reach this ambition and satisfy my thirst for knowledge by ringing me directly into medicine with its array of majors, resources, and

opportunities and rigorous training in the medical field.

It would provide me with the high level of education I seek with its challenging and motivating classes, as well as a rich and meaningful college experience. Western Michigan University would bring me one step closer toward reaching my goal. It would allow me to complete my studies in seven years, allowing me to reach my lifelong ambition earlier than anticipated. I understand the demands of this school and the difficulty of the courses given to students.

Attending Western Michigan University, I would take this challenge and put all my effort into doing the best I possibly can to exceed expectations of its students.

Western Michigan University offers its students many means by which they can stimulate their minds and grow as a person, and I hope that I may become a part of and contribute to Western Michigan University community. So why would I be good asset in your program? Well, because I have goals, aspirations, and dreams which I know I will be able to accomplish with a lot of hard work and availing new opportunities. My family has sacrificed a lot to get me to here I now stand. Throughout these years, my family and especially my parents always stood by my side as I tried to find a forte in life.

I have two sisters and a younger brother who made growing up interesting and fun. I belong to a stable family which has helped me in pursuing my passions. Even though, many people are of the opinion that failure is their best friend but for me, failure is my curse. I am

not ashamed to admit that I am afraid of failure. This trepidation of failure to me is an attribute that is necessary for success.

A person who is in tune with his/her emotions has control over his/her life and accomplishment. I have always been a star student and cannot see myself anything but the best.

Besides studies, I am active in extra- curricular activities. I am a very determined person who likes to find her own path. "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'! " by Audrey Hepburn, is my favorite quote. It has helped me get out of Jail many a times.

Be it getting good grades on tests or doing well in sports, it has always been the grit and determination to move forward in life. So why did I choose to apply to the Western Michigan University? Simply because I know that by Joining the Western Michigan University I an make my dream of becoming a medical doctor true one day.

Yes, becoming a medical doctor is a lot of schooling and very expensive but looking at the bright side, you get a lot of respect from your peers who may have doubted you and you end up helping people out there who have loved ones who care for them dearly. I have faith that I can reach that goal if I go to Western Michigan University. I feel like this university may be my key to success. I strongly desire to better myself in medical studies by going there.

In conclusion, I have a high ambition but a long way to go.

I am determined that I will our

university with my exquisite personality and unflinching resolve to accomplish my goals. I am a loving daughter to my parents and a good elder sister for my younger siblings. I appreciate my relatives and my friends. They are real treasures in my life.

This essay is not Just a matter of words, but my life. I have shared with you a part of my life and I hope you respect it. I want to personally thank you for taking the time to read this essay. I really appreciate it.

I strongly agree that I have a place in your university and only you can help me accomplish this long Journey I have ahead.

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