Two incidents that established my early inclination towards the study of medicine Essay Example
Two incidents that established my early inclination towards the study of medicine Essay Example

Two incidents that established my early inclination towards the study of medicine Essay Example

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To this day, there have been two incidents that established my early inclination towards the study of medicine. The first was during my childhood, back when I was still in fourth grade. During this time, my mother had fallen ill with the flu and had to stay in bed for a couple of days. Since my father had to go to work, it fell upon my young shoulders to take care of her as soon as I got home from school. I made sure that she drank her medicine and helped her whenever she needed anything. My father taught me how to make a cold compress remedy for her fever and it helped her greatly which was much to my satisfaction.

The second, more recent incident was during the volunteer work that I did in a doctor’s office when I was in hi


gh school. During this time, I was able to talk with one of the doctor’s patients who told me all about his disease. He seemed to know a lot about it and it got me so interested that I started reading about diabetes myself. That was the time when I realized that not only did I want to help people who were suffering; I also wanted to learn what people were suffering from in order to help them. At present, I believe that these are the characteristics that define a potential doctor.

Beyond my inclinations, I also believe that ample preparation is necessary if one is to pursue a medical career. Being a medical doctor involves not just the passion of saving lives but also the perseverance and devotion to the rigorous study required t

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master the science and art of healing. I am proud to say that I am not lacking in terms of this, being an excellent student throughout my high school years. I am a consistent honor student, not to mention a member of both the National Honor Roll and the National Society of High School Scholars.

My devotion to studying is evident from my having earned awards for perfect attendance despite my many extracurricular and leadership activities. Of course, the study of medicine is not just about learning but also about doing. As a member of our Medical Careers club, I have participated earnestly in various activities that brought me ever closer to the medical profession. Seminars that we have organized and attended made us very aware of what to expect not just in the study of medicine but in its practice as well.

Hence, issues about patient non-compliance, medical insurance restrictions, and modern medicine limitations are not foreign to me. During summers, I would spend my time volunteering at doctors’ offices as well as taking medicine-related extra classes to further broaden my knowledge. I have also had hands-on experience as a research assistant at the Alexian Brothers Medical Center and Loyola University School of Medicine. As a research assistant, I learned a lot about the intricacies of conducting medical research.

The experience broadened my perspective of the profession beyond the hospital wards and made me realize that there are doctors who save lives by simply studying diseases and identifying their cures. As I apply for this program, I am confident that I definitely have what it takes not just to finish the course of study but more importantly,

to persevere and succeed in the profession that I have chosen for myself. I am inspired by many experiences and strengthened by years of academic rigor and extra-curricular involvement; these make me more than ready to take the next step in becoming a medical doctor.

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