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Describe the hardware and software used Essay Example
2927 words 11 pages

I am working for a design company that needs to advice new staff on what is required to work in the industry. I will produce a report that explains the role of the following in producing and editing digitalWorking with graphic images requires suitable hardware and software to produce the best results. The hardware used […]

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Computer Data Storage Computer Peripherals Computer Software Hard Disk Drive
Touchscreen Essay Example
379 words 2 pages

Touchscreen is an electronic visual display that can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area. The term generally refers to touching the display of the device with a finger or hand. Touchscreens can also sense other passive objects, such as a stylus. Touchscreen is common in devices such as all-in-one […]

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Computer Computer Peripherals Computer Software Consumer Electronics
Photocopying Machine Essay Example
516 words 2 pages

Photocopying is a quick and cheap process of reproducing documents or materials. Mostly, photocopying process is with the use of dry heating called Xerography. Photocopying Machine The photocopy machine a worldwide used electronic machine which are useful both in school and offices. It can be used by a person to reproduce even much volume of […]

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Computer Peripherals Electric Charge Electricity Electron Optics
Assembly Program Analysis Essay Example
462 words 2 pages

My involvement in the group project was to write the assembly program. I wrote Instructions to enable the computer to communicate with the controller and do specific tasks, e. g. move forward, left or right. In the very early days of computing, a computer could only execute instructions such as machine code, which were instructions […]

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Computer Computer Peripherals Computer Programming Software Engineering
Computer Assgnment Essay Example
3096 words 12 pages

Utilizing Tablet -an Input device that enables you to enter drawings and sketches into a computer. A digitizing tablet consists of an electronic tablet and a cursor or pen. A cursor (also called a puck) is similar to a mouse, except that it has a window with corsairs for pinpoint placement, and It can have […]

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Computer Computer Peripherals Computer Science
Computer Systems and Various Parts Essay Example
3394 words 13 pages

A computer system is made up of a variety of internal and external components, describe the components and their function, how they communicate with each other and what different types are available. ) Computer systems recently have essentially been split into three categories in terms of hardware. There is the basic build, which accommodates smaller […]

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Computer Computer Peripherals Information Age

Popular Questions About Computer Peripherals

What are some popular computer peripherals?
Computer peripheral examples Digital camera and digital camcorder. Joystick Keyboard Microphone Mouse Monitor, touch screen, projector, or other display devices. Printer Plotter Scanner Sound card
What are the different types of computer peripherals?
There are four types of peripherals:Input Peripherals: Those that allow entering information into the computer.Output Peripherals: They are used to observe or reproduce the information contained on the computer.Mixed Peripherals: They are those that can be used both to enter information into the computer and to take that information abroad.
What are computer peripherals used for?
There are three different types of peripherals: Input, used to interact with, or send data to the computer (mouse, keyboards, etc.) Output, which provides output to the user from the computer (monitors, printers, etc.) Storage, which stores data processed by the computer (hard drives, flash drives, etc.)
What are some examples of computer peripheral devices?
Examples of peripheral devices include the keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer, scanner, USB drive, webcam and headphones. Peripheral devices connect to the central processing unit of a computer and provide the it with input, output and storage capabilities. A keyboard, scanner and webcam provide input to the computer.
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